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I'm a 41 year old divorced mother of 2 kids...

I'm a 41 year old divorced mother of 2 kids (9&8). Breastfed both.
My issue has always been not so much the fact that I'm small chested but that my breast are very asymmetrical ... I understand in every body part one side is always bigger than the other but for me it's a bid difference as you'll see when I post my pre-op pictures. I have an A and a B- which were never really perky.
I have been joking and talking about having this procedure done for YEARS, all my close friends and family have heard me and it's always been in half jest, half serious. I could never afford it before and, even today, I'm afraid of the pain and consequences.
Well here I am now .... it's a few hours countdown. Very like me I got side tracked and started reading the opposite side of the procedure where women are talking about "explantation" and all the complications and issues they've had and how much they want to remove their implants and I'm second guessing myself.
I've already paid for the procedure, it's non refundable, I can't change my mind just because. Plus I've wanted this for sooooooooooooo long. I'm very torn.

Please wish me luck and pray for me!

I am 41 .. I'll be happy if the implants hold out until I'm in my 50's.


Its done, I've pushed the worries out and all in all I feel good. Keeping up with meds have felts mostly pressure than pain. My post open is in an hour and I can't wait to get the bandages off!!!"

My before pictures

There are my before the op pics

2nd day post op

Still keeping up with meds, hasn't been too bad. Bandages came off yesterday but I didn't really get to see them, my friend did and says they look nice. I went with silicone, under muscle, nipple incision. 310ccs and 365cc I believe she said. Pics to follow. Just one showing cleavage.
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