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Hi ladies, After years and years of wanting...

Hi ladies,

After years and years of wanting boobs, I've finally started the process of making that dream a reality. I've consulted with 4 different PS and decided on MY PS! Just put down my deposit this week and started the countdown. T-minus 48 days! :)

Pre-op Stats:
116 lbs
BWD: 12.5-13 cm

Choosing my PS!

I decided to add some sizer photos from my first consultation and my last consultation. I ended up choosing the last PS I met with. I felt like she gave me the best recommendations and was actually very genuine and as a woman, understood what I was looking for. the first doctor suggested that I should go with High Profile silicone unders via transaxillary incision. After seeing 3 other PS, i realized that HP/transaxillary was something I DID NOT want. 3 other PS suggested mod or moderate plus based on my wish boobs and the intensive research I did on my BWD, I would have to go over 400ccs to accommodate my breast diameter. I did not feel comfortable with that volume. I teach fitness classes and the last thing I need are huge boobs in my face or in the way. and that's another reason why i chose against the armpit incision, i felt like i need to have some range of motion in my arms sooner than later. plus, the PS i chose has great before and afters where the under the crease incisions are hidden. i had voiced my concern of not having much of a crease and her response won me over. :)

i am torn between what size to go with. when i tried on the first set of sizers, i loved the 345 ccs natrelle inspira sizers. they were HP so not sure if the different profiles make a difference when you place them in your bra to try on. when I met with Dr. Lim, she had me try on natrelle inspira 330ccs and 360ccs moderate in a surgical bra which didnt do much. it felt like they were drooping. hahaha

based on my bwd, i could go to 375ccs as you want to stay pretty close to that number. but of course, when i see that amount of ccs on someone else, i think it may be too much. but i have to remember that i am starting with barely anything so it would look completely different. i know that moderate is what i wanted from day one so i feel at ease with that profile. i definitely want it all: projection, side boob and cleavage!!! My PS reassured me that i will be getting a little bit of everything with the natrelle inspira moderates but would be proportionate to my frame. one of my fears is to look top heavy...


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i wanted to add that after meeting with all 4 PS, i went back to the first PS because it was between him and Dr. Lim. i felt like he was the one but needed more clarifications based on the feedback from the other PS. I knew i didn't want HP so went back to try on moderate sizers with the coordinator, whom was amazing but i really wish i could've met with the actual surgeon to discuss my concerns so that kinda sucked. after that visit, i was more comfortable with making my decision to not go with this particular PS but with Dr. Lim. One thing that stuck with me was the fact that she didn't leave me with her assistant or coordinator. She sat with me as I tried on sizers, asked me questions to actually get to know me and answered my emails within 24hrs if not sooner. I know that i'll be in good hands during my surgery based on her reviews and how comfortable she made me feel when i pulled out my list of questions. I probably could write a whole review on just her and my experience with her thus far so i'll save that for a different day. :)

More PREOP pictures

Countdown: 43 days!

I can honestly say that I'm super excited to have surgery but riding along the worry train. i keep reading explant stories or hearing about how other girls' are going through boobie blues. i know that these feelings are normal but i keep thinking about all the what if's. this is the first time i've ever had surgery or gone under and i'm feeling a little nervous about everything despite being excited. trying to stay positive about the whole situation and remind myself that this is something that i've ALWAYS wanted. i can't express the first time i tried on sizers, i didn't want to take them out. i couldn't believe how different it felt with them in the bra. i loved the way i looked. when i was getting the price quote from the coordinator, i kept saying how i wasn't sure about it (again, nerves) and she said, "girl, you didn't want to take them out, you are more than ready!" and she's right. i am READY!

PreOp - September 22, 2016

This is my second time around posting this because I forgot to press save and then somehow lost the post. GRRR!!!

here we go again....

just came back from vacation and realized that I am 11 days away from my BA! :) :) I had my PreOp on thursday and honestly, I can't wait for the day to finally be here. Don't get me wrong I am nervous as hell but I've wanted this BA for as long as I could remember. Probably 15 years. I can't even imagine how nervous I will be the day of my surgery. Thank god it is the first surgery that morning at 8:30AM!!! After I had signed my life away, I paid my remaining balance off!! That is when it really hit me! I am a believer in signs from the universe so as I was writing the check, one of my all time favorite songs played which totally made me feel more comfortable with my decision. It was the same song that played as I waiting during my consultation with Dr. Lim. As silly as it sounds, hearing that song helped me decide on Dr. Lim (obviously her experience and expertise weighed heavy on my choice) but I truly believe that universe is always listening and will give you signs when needed. And that was all I needed. :) Call me cuckoo, it's okay!

During the PreOp, we took a ton of before shots and then settled on sizing. Again, I tried on the 360ccs inspira SRM (smooth, round, moderate) implant and loved the way they looked. Both Dr. Lim and I decided that we would go with the 375ccs as I will lose some going under the muscle. She said most people always wish they went bigger so I trust her. I love the fact that she is not super pushy on size but reassured me that I will be very happy with my choice as it would be very proportionate and will not get in the way of my work. I did bring up my concern about the base width being a .25cm wider than my actual BWD and she said that they may be slightly closer together because of the swelling but that should go away and I will not be left with uniboob. Fingers crossed!! Considering that I am starting with practically nothing, I really hope that I will have some cleavage. I don't need anything over the top so I'm totally okay with having to wear a push up bra when I need to.

I was given the list of DON'TS prior to surgery and I was really surprised at how short the list was. No aspirin or aspirin based products 10 days before surgery. No jewelry or nail polish. No food or drink after midnight or 6 hours before surgery. I don't think I will have any issues with the food part as I'm pretty used to fasting however, I do like a big glass of water upon waking up so that might be a problem for me.

And of course, I had to email her to clarify on some things I read that were NO-GO's prior to surgery...I was told that you could not apply any lotion, moisturizer or chapstick the morning of. She gave me the okay for all three and even said I could come with a full face of makeup if i wanted to. Did I mention that I love her? I probably won't show up dressed to the nines but I will definitely use my lotions and chapstick! There is nothing worse than dry skin/face/lips! I also asked about deodorant and she said that it was probably a good idea. Hahaha. I just love how laid back she is. I read that some PS ask you to wash in antibacterial soap the morning of and she reassured me that it wasn't necessary that they will give me a good surgical wash. She mentioned that she tell hers patients to maintain their routine self care that morning to help them feel more at ease and less stressed. Love that about her! As if I needed more reasons to love her!

I was also given my prescriptions and will get them filled next week. I'm hoping Kaiser will fill them without any problems.
Percoset - pain med
Valium - muscle relaxant
Colace - helps with BM, constipation from pain meds
Phenergan - anti-nausea if needed
Diflucan - yeast infection med (I ALWAYS ask for this when given an antibiotic as a precaution)

I started taking probiotics and eating pineapple as if its going out of style as I read it helps with bruising. I've read that some have taken bromelian & quercetin during recovery, I haven't made up my mind on these. Totally open to hearing what everyone else has used that has helped them.

I picked up a few recovery items like heating pad, bendy straws, baby wipes, coconut water and crackers. I know that I am missing a few things and will pick them up sometime next week. I bought a neck pillow and will use a body pillow to help with sleeping. I can basically fall asleep in any which way so not sure I will need the wedge pillow or husband pillow. We shall see how it goes....

I think that is all for now. I will add some pictures of 345ccs rice sizers that I made. I really like the look of these and hopefully my end result will be close to this. You just never know with sizers. I've shown a few people and most say I can definitely go bigger so hopefully 375ccs is the way to go.

Forgot to add pictures.

Out with Old, In with the New

I am 3 days away from surgery and all I can think about is all the new tops/bras I can wear. I really hope my surgery goes smoothly and that I recover properly. My boyfriend and I will be going on vacation to Playa del Carmen in December so I hope my new boobies will look normal by then or at least not so high. I can't wait to fill out my bikini tops.

Just bagged up all my super padded bras. Some still with tags unworn. My PS gave me a handout for a place that takes donations of gently used bras for women. What a great idea! Going to drop them off during my month of recovery. I can't believe I only have 3 more days to go with my small bras. So surreal!

Update on my BA!!

I do appreciate having the extra options available. :) yesterday. ????

I wouldn't say I was groogy from the surgery but definitely woke up with pain. 8-9 for sure. They gave me some morphine and fentanyl during and then right before I left. Luckily I had packed my percs and some crackers to take for cAr ride home.

Been in and out of sleep, waking up to just pain in my chest, usually my right boobs. This strap that they are making me wear is totally irritating my armpits so I try to loosen it as much as I can. And then switch over to my VS wireless sports bra.

Overall the surgery was a success. I have very minimal Bruising except for underneath my breasts. Just put some arnica cream on my sternum and hopefully I can shower tomorrow! Washed my hair the night before surgery so I'll be good for awhile.

Haven't been too hungry, just snacking on crackers and bread. Few pieces of pineapple. And some chipotle which I couldn't finish.

Hopefully day 3 will better!

Day 3

Pain has started to subside. I can random pains here and there. Definitely more movement in my arms. Haven't been able to sleep throughout the night yet as I wake up with pain from needing another dose.

My PS gave me the okay to double up my dose of percs and Valium to help with pain at night so I can sleep. I find that I can go with just percs through the day but towards afternoon I need something to help relax the muscles. ICE has been my friend. Hahaha. I also have been using arnica cream on the top of my chest to help with swelling which I find is helping. I thought they would be much higher but surprised to see that they aren't in my collarbone. No bruising at all. I will have to say that I find myself super itchy not sure if that's from the anesthesia or just wearing this surgical bra and strap. PS said I can actually go without either and start wearing a stretch my lace bralette or even go braless. Not 100% sure I want to do that just yet but slept without a bra and with the strap at night to help accelerate the dropping. That thing is just soooo itchy. As of now, I can get myself out of bed and use the bathroom, wipe and do all my daily routine things, sadly I haven't been able to poop but did the day before surgery and haven't eaten much so maybe there's not much to come
out. TMI! I'm going to try some yogurt and probiotics today,maybe that will help move things along. I don't feel over the top bloated so I'm Happy about that. Incisions look good and not too long. And I still have feeling in my boobs and nipples! YAY! The incisions are covered in waterproof strips so I can shower. What a difference taking a shower does!!!

Bought a wireless VS sports bra Tuesday in a 32C and it was just too small and uncomfortable.

Had to exchange it for a 34D. The girl
Who measured said that I would end up being a 32DD once the swelling goes down. But I know that VS is all vanity sizing so I'll end up probably being a 32D in a Normal bra. 32AA to 32D! So can't wait! So much for being a full C hahaha! first day was by first the worst day so glad that is over and done with.

Day 4

Finished my last dose of percoset and I am so happy since it made me super itchy. It did take the edge off the pain but the itchiness was not worth it. I'm switching over to Tylenol and then Tylenol PM to help me sleep through the night. I haven't slept through a Full night yet. :(

Still icing and wearing my strap. I got the okay to go braless or strapless however, I feel more comfortable wearing the strap at night and wearing some type of sport bra bralette during the day if I'm out and about. I do find myself extra tired during my outings. Nothing over the top but just nice not to be to cooped up in the house. My BF is visiting from Canada to help me so I'm sure he is enjoying getting outside.

As far as having a BM, I'm going on day 5 without one. But I also haven't been eating the best foods. Going to try to eat some oatmeal this morning with a banana. Maybe that will help. Fingers crossed.

Still feels surreal when I look down and i see
Boobs. They are still high and weird looking but I think they look great if I were to compare them to what I've seen on here. They are sitting a little wide just like my natural breasts so I'm Hoping once they d&f they'll get closer together.

Bought a 34C wireless sports bra from VS before surgery thinking that's the size I wanted. Nope I was wrong. Had to return it for a 34 D, which is still quite tight. Gal who
Measured me said I might end up being a DD?? But that's at VS which means I may end up a full C OR D. And that was my goal.

Day 5

Just realized that when I started this, I was looking at getting 360ccs/375cc natrelle inspira mods and ended up 415 hp! So far I am loving them. Just waiting for them to drop and fluff! I haven't lost any sensation in either breast or my nipples so sometimes putting on shirts can be quite sensitive. Arnica gel has been really helped with my soreness and ice has been my best friend!!

Week 1!

I realized I tried writing the last post when it was day 5 but then forgot about it and it posted it today which is actually one week!

Recovery has been pretty easy since day 2. Pain has subsided and I'm completely off my pain meds and muscle relaxants. I tried taking Tylenol extra strength but it wasn't helping much so I switched over to Aleve which has helped tremendously!

I was told that I didn't have to wear the surgical bra or strap but decided to wear the strap at night to help accelerate the drop process! I actually started breaking out in a rash BC of it which took me awhile to figure it out since I was on so many meds I thought it was from the Percoset as that could be a side effect. Also, didn't realize that acetaminophen can cause a skin rash and you're not supposed to take Tylenol PM with any other acetaminophen products which I was doing. Was able to see my primary doctor and dermatologist and turns out to be contact dermatitis from the strap/bra. Was given a topical ointment to apply twice a day and have to take an oral allergy pill in the morning and night to relieve the rash and itchiness! Going to take a break from the strap though. Hopefully gravity will do its job and help drop these babies down.

My boyfriend had to go back home and he has been a godsend during this process! I don't think I could've made it without him. So having him leave today has been really emotional for me! ????????????

I've been able to get out every day since day 2 so that's been nice! Thought I was going to be bedridden for much longer than I have been but I think getting out has helped me recover. Haven't dealt with any boobie Blues or mood swings from the meds so pretty thankful for that! Made a few visits to VS to get bras to wear but haven't found one that is comfortable since I'm still swollen. I bought a wireless front zip bra in a 34C that I had to exchange for a 34D! ???? also bought a few soft bras from tjmaxx but have some difficulty getting them over my head so have resorted to bralettes. I find myself wanting to buy all the bras and I just need to refrain since I still don't know what size I'll end up being! Happy if I end up being a 32C/D!

Week Post OP update

Can't believe it's been over a week since I had my surgery!!! I seriously just love having boobs even though they are still very high and tight. My PS said I had really good chest muscles so it was going too take some time for them to release but she wanted me to start massaging them. I found that it's more comfortable in the shower with the hot water running down them but I'm going to try to do it as much as I can. Mexico in December so I need these babies to look on point in a bikini! Hahaha! She removed my stitches and I'm so happy with how small my incisions are. The steri strips left quite a bit of residue so I've been trying to gently get it off before I apply my scarAway strips. She said that I should use those to help flatten and diminish the scar. I know I probably will have a scar since I scar pretty easily but whatever I can do to help minimize them, I'll try! I am 100% certain they will be hidden under my crease!! Yay! She said everything looks great and will see me in a month!

She gave me the okay to start lower body but said no lifting yet and to not do any ab work. But to listen to my body and make sure that I don't overdo it. Trust me, I teach 36 classes a month on top of my own workouts 6x/week! This break is definitely nice. I'll probably start using the dreaded treadmill next week. And back on better eating after this weekend! I gained about 5 pounds since surgery but she reminded me that the implants are probably 2 pounds! Good to know!! Your body actually works a lot harder when you're healing so totally not worried about it!

Sleep is getting better. Still sleeping upright. Haven't had a bad case of morning boob yet since I still try to ice them off and on through the night. They are definitely much more sore and tender this morning since I drove all day and had to start massaging. I took an extra day off to allow myself more time to regain my energy and just relax!

I'm still taking Aleve in the morning and evening to help with some of the discomfort. Hoping that I will be able to just do the evening dose. Rashes are getting better and I'm hoping that I can try to start wearing the strap again over my shirt at night! I just want them to drop already! The struggle is real! Such a waiting game! But I'm so happy with my results already! Life is just better with boobs! Happy Friday!


Watching my boob progress is like watching water boil! Trying to not get obsessed with the drop & fluff process BC I know I have a LONG ways to go. My sisters came over and were checking out my pics from day 1 to now and they noticed a huge change. Less square, my left boob is starting to round out while my right one is still higher. I am right handed so that would make sense! I definitely feel like the massaging as helped. I started wearing my strap over my shirt at night since my rashes have gotten much better.

Did over an hour of walking on the treadmill yesterday! Amazing what those endorphins can do for you! I kept it at speed 2 with the incline at 5 and my heart rate hovering between 90 to 112. So happy I have my rate monitor with the chest strap as the readers on the machines are inaccurate. Going to try to hit the treadmill again. Maybe for a little bit longer today!

My scars are getting better. Residue is starting to come off and there is a little scab on one. They are slightly raised so I'm adding a little pressure when cleaning them to break up the scar tissue. Probably add the scarAway strips today after my shower.

Heading back to my nanny job today after almost 2 weeks off. Hopefully it'll be an easy day. I do a lot of driving back and forth so I'm pretty nervous about that. But it will be good to get back to work! All this time home, I've been online shopping! So hard not to with new boobs!!

Tried on all my old bikinis and let's just say some are definitely questionable but look so much better with boobs!! Once I've dropped and fluffed, I will post some before and afters! Also, found some old bralettes that were too big that I was going to donate but now they fit!! And they are much more comfortable than the ones I just bought. Wish I remembered I had them sooner! I bought a lace bralette and wireless front clasp sports bra from VS during the first week of surgery were slightly too tight then but now are fitting much better. The swelling must have gone down which I am happy about. I am still icing and using arnica gel daily and coconut oil to help keep them moisturized. Fingers crossed for no stretch marks!!!!

Hope my first day back to work goes smoothly! Not sure if they mentioned anything specific to the kids about my surgery. They know I was having surgery though so it'll interesting to see how the day goes. Hopefully not awkward! Hahaha

Happy Monday! xo
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