29 Years Old, 286CC (L) 339CC (R), 32AA to 32C. A Very Happy Patient of Dr. Angeline Lim :D Palo Alto, CA

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I recently underwent a Breast Augmentation...

I recently underwent a Breast Augmentation procedure with Dr. Lim. If I could give 10 stars here I would definitely give it to Dr. Lim at Duet Plastic Surgery. If you are searching for a plastic surgeon, you can stop here, I highly recommend Dr. Lim and Dr. Weinstrab!

The great reviews you see on Yelp and other parts in the Internet are TRUE. It's very hard to describe how amazing these surgeons are with words but I will try!! I am a very happy patient and can't be gladder that I had Dr. Lim as my surgeon.

* During the Research Phase*
After researching a lot about this surgery, I decided to go ahead and make some consultations appointments. I consulted 3 plastic surgeons in the Bay Area (including Dr. Lim) and had 1 email consultation with a super popular and famous surgeon in LA.

It was very clear to me that Dr. Lim would be the one for me after consulting 4 surgeons.

I picked Dr. Lim because of many good reasons:
1. Respectful to patient's privacy. They don’t post their patients' before and after photos online so the whole universe can see the patients’ bodies. You can check out their photo albums at their office and I can assure you that their works are excellent! I can feel that my surgeon tries to protect my privacy and do things that are of my best interests.

2. Professional, knowledgeable and yet caring. I wasn’t planning to find a female surgeon. I have to admit that in my mind, there was an unconscious stereotype that male surgeons would be better. But after meeting Dr. Lim for the first time, my impression completely changed. Dr. Lim was very knowledge. She went through all the questions I had (and I asked a lot of weird ones), and yet she patiently answered all of them. During the whole process, I learned a lot about the options for me and was very well informed about the results that I could expect. She did some measurements on my body, told me about the asymmetry that I had, and brought in some sizers based on my measurements and expectations. She knew right away what I wanted.

Also, these surgeons were trained at Stanford. That did give me more confidence. ?

3. Affordable and reasonable pricing. I didn’t pick Dr. Lim because of the pricing. But after getting 4 quotes, Duet Plastic Surgery was in fact the most affordable one for the same kind of implants. That being said, these surgeons didn’t compromise on the quality. It was a good value for money for their skills and the service I got.

4. Quick and detailed email responses. After my consultation, I emailed Dr. Lim a couple of times with long lists of questions. She replied all of them within one business day in great details! I am impressed!

5. Passionate about their works. This was the first surgery in my life. I would be put under sleep to relay on someone to contour my body. That gives me more confidence in Dr. Lim as I see how passionate she is about her profession. She has been to a mission trip (or maybe a few) to China to help fix Children born with Cleft lips! It is lovely that these surgeons are willing to serve!

6. Two Board Certified Plastic Surgeons partnership. There would be 2 surgeons in the operation room. I believe that this would reduce the chance of any medical or human errors.

7. Their excellent reviews online.

*Pre Operation Appointment*
It was very easy to make appointments with Dr. Lim from the beginning to the end. Jolie and Gigi are the manager and assistant at their office, they were nice, efficient and welcoming.
During the pre operation appointment (2 weeks before the surgery), Dr. Lim told me what to do and what not to do before the surgery. She also gave me my prescriptions so I could fill them out before the operation. I tried on the sizers again but couldn’t decide on which size to go with. Dr. Lim said she would order all the 3 sizes that I was thinking about and I could take my time to make a decision.

I am very afraid of needles, and Dr. Lim told me that the anesthesiologist could put me to sleep with gas first before starting the IV. I was put at ease when I heard that!

*Day before my surgery*
The anesthesiologist called me to confirm my surgery time, and fasting rules. He also confirmed that he could put me sleep with gas. It was very important to me.

The surgery room called as well just to remind me about my procedure.

*Day of surgery*
I checked in at the surgical center at 1:30pm while my surgery was scheduled at 2:30pm. Soon after I check in, the receptionist directed me into a preparation room. A nurse came in to change me into a surgical gown, helped me to put some socks on for the surgery, checked my medical backgrounds and had me sign a consent form again. She also asked me to empty my bladder.

At around 2:15pm, Dr. Lim finished the last surgery and came into the preparation room to see me. She asked if I had more questions for her and I just said she could make the final decision on the size among the ones that I was thinking about. All I just wanted better symmetry and those sizes were pretty close together. I am very glad that I let Dr. Lim to decide. She knew what I want and fixed my asymmetry! Then Dr. Lim did some markings on my breasts and soon after I was directed into the operation room and I saw Dr. Weinstrab there as well. She was the second pair of professional eyes in the surgery.

Everyone was very nice and calming at the surgical center, I was feeling relaxed (I thought I would freak out). The operation room was bright and clean. The anesthesiologist gave me a mask and after 5 seconds I was in the best sleep ever in my life.

When I woke up, I was wrapped with bandages around my chest. I think it was about 4pm. To my surprise, I was not in pain! I felt that I was trying to wake up from a deep sleep and felt the tightness around my breasts. My skin was stretched a lot going from an AA cup to a C cup.

I was well medicated. The pain was very little and super manageable. I slept pretty well during my first night.

*Day 1 post operation appointment*
The next day, I checked in at Dr. Lim’s office at 9:30am. I was feeling very well. I felt pretty much normal except that I couldn’t lift very heavy things. Dr. Lim checked my process and said that I was in a good shape. I even toured around the Stanford campus after the appointment and nobody around me noticed that I just had a surgery done the day before! It was a good day and my friend and I had lunch around Stanford campus.

*The recovery process*
I can’t believe it. The recovery has been A LOT better than I imagined. All my worries before the procedure was just a waste of time. I worried about the pain, the size, the shape, and the complications. In retrospect, I was in great hands and shouldn’t have spent so much time worrying.

The scars are healing very well. I could start lifting my arms up since Day 2/3. It was amazing.

I am a few weeks post ops now. I love my result. I can’t thank these surgeons enough for this amazing experience. I love my new body. The implants have felt like part of me since Day 1. I am super happy!
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