21 Years Old, 5'5" 140 Lbs, Breast Augmentation

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After a couple years of research and...

After a couple years of research and consideration, I've finally decided to take the next step towards a breast augmentation. I had high hopes that my breasts would develop sometime in my early 20s, but I've been perpetually stuck at a 34A/34AA since puberty. I never expected it to have such a profound impact on my life and body image here, but like many girls considering this procedure, it's kept me from pool parties, sexy dresses, confidence, etc.

I grew up with a mother that constantly taunted me about it... asking me what went "wrong" and why my breasts weren't as developed as hers... telling me to eat more chicken (convinced that the breast enlarging hormones they use on poultry would somehow transfer)... and other disparaging remarks. Although I know she loves me, this has been a focal point of many body issues/eating disorders over the years.

Funny enough, she is strongly opposed to breast augmentation. I broached the subject to her a few months ago to get a feel on her opinion. My dad, obviously, has never made such comments, but I think he would be disappointed if he knew about the procedure. As such, I am terrified to tell either of my parents. I'm leaning towards telling them after the operation, but I'm also worried that something might go wrong on the table and I'll lose the chance to be honest with them later. Any advice?

Another thing that worries me is that I only went to one consultation with one surgeon before booking my pre-op and surgery date. After doing hours of research on RealSelf, I haven't been able to find another surgeon in the area capable of my desired results. The surgeon was very knowledgable, kind, educational, and patient. I do not feel I will be able to find a comparable surgeon, but I am still worried since many girls recommend visiting 3-5 surgeons before making a choice. Thoughts?

My boyfriend supports my decision, but he comes from a very modest background where people simply don't do this kind of procedure unless they're heading towards the porn industry. I am nervous about the result looking and feeling natural, because I want him to enjoy it as much as me.

I truly feel like this is the right decision for me. I've been thinking about this procedure for years. When one of my favorite Instagram bloggers got a breast augmentation, it really inspired me to go ahead with the process. Even though I am a student, and this will be difficult to fit in during the busy semester, I am SO excited to finally have boobies/wear sexy bralettes/rock plunging necklines/buy my first bikini in 11 years.

I'd love to hear from you girls! Drop me a comment :)

21 yrs old, 5'5" 145 lbs, 375cc moderate profile

Today, I had my breast augmentation at 9am! I came out around 11am and stayed in the recovery room for an hour before heading home. Initially, I had chose 360cc but after being stricken by the Boob Greed God, I called in yesterday and had a 375cc implant overnighted to the surgery center. The 360cc was 12.75" in diameter and the 375cc was 13" in diameter. The nurse said the wider diameter would give me more cleavage without too much projection like high profile implants.

The entire staff was SO nice. The anesthesiologist, nurses, and Dr. Vistnes treated me with so much attention and care that I want to come back! I was amazed at how supportive and caring they were throughout the entire process.

Waking up from anesthesia was a weird experience... I couldn't open my eyes and kept shaking even with a toasty electric blanket on. I felt no pain or pressure on my chest, and even five hours later feel great!

I'm all wrapped up so I have no idea what they look like, but they feel a little flat. I'm not nervous though and have faith that they will be beautiful.

I ended up telling my older cousin, mom, and brother... though I don't think they knew I was being serious. I guess they're in for a nice Christmas surprise!

I'm so happy and still shocked that I actually committed to doing this. I can't wait to shop for new bras and bathing suits. I've been insecure about my chest for so long, so I'm really excited to watch these babies drop and fluff!
Dr. Vistnes

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