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I'm 31 with horrible Melasma. I have followed all...

I'm 31 with horrible Melasma. I have followed all the reviews on here with a passion and have decided to post my treatment progression for others to view. Posted here are my before pics. I will continue to update as I move through the stages of treatment. I appreciate all comments and feedback. Please also feel free to leave any comments on how you personally are treating this horrible condition. My history of Melasma is potentially unique and I am not quite sure what that underlying cause is but I believe it is a mixture of all the below:
- open heart surgery at 4 yrs old was given mass antibiotics and medications
- growing up on the beach with minimal chemical sun protection
- doxycycline from 15 for acne (5yrs)
- joined military at 17 (still enlisted at 31) and posted to the tropics, a lot of our door strenuous exercise with no sun protection (adrenal fatigue)?
- Yasmin at 18
- Noticed Melasma on forehead at 26 wasn't bad, had no idea what it was and ignored it
- pregnant at 28, forehead worsened but still didn't bother me
- mirena at 29 but it sent me on an emotional roller coaster and I had it removed after 2 months
- Pregnant at 30 Melasma went crazy, cue my obsession.
My lifestyle pre Melasma was physically fit but unhealthy. I have always been slim but never 'toned'. I smoked up until my first pregnancy and was addicted to Diet Coke, energy drinks and chocolate. I feel all these factors combined have added to my horrible mask. This is just a little of my history as I believe there HAS to be some kind of underlying connection and someone may be able to relate to my experiences

Mask application

I had the mask applied at 1630. Prior to my therapist checked my skin and explained all products/procedures. I'm a little foggy on what she said as I got quite emotional with the woods lamp diagnosis, apparently my Melasma is dermal and quite bad, especially on my upper lip which is a thick band of colouring. I was praying my mask was mostly pregnancy induced and had hopes it would spontaneously resolve. Not so, the therapist believes it is extreme sun damage from childhood and my moustache to actually be PIH from waxing/IPL (can PIH lay dormant for months before coming to the surface)? I was also told my skin is type III borderline IV and to leave the mask on for 8-9hrs.
Firstly my face was cleansed with a strong smelling cleanser (degreasing agent)? Then dried and the mask applied. It didn't sting at all, was very light and felt fine. My biggest issue was getting myself from the salon back to my car when everybody was finishing work... People stared at the crazy lady with brown gunk all over her face! I had a little fan to hide my face behind but perhaps I should have prepared with an umbrella. I decided to err on the side of caution and keep the mask in for 8hours. By then I had had enough and it had started to crack and peel anyway plus I was also exhausted and just wanted sleep! I could also start to feel a slight stingy sensation/itch, nothing too uncomfortable just annoying. Removal was easy just warm water in the shower, it came off like wet mud. Again not uncomfortable to remove. Straight after I applied the factor K and went to bed. I've added photos of just after application, just before removal, after removal and when I woke at 0630. My face is red almost a bronze red. I definitely won't be going out in public today! My anxiety is also through the roof, I can clearly see how much darker the Melasma patches are and I'm praying I have not made this worse at significant cost!


I though I would add a photo of all the products I was given to take home along with the maintenance instructions. This morning I followed the AM routine and the sunscreen is horrible, I think it reacts with the other products it goes on patchy and flaky. However I will continue to follow the instructions religiously. Photo of post product application is also attached. Please note I am only red not flaky/peeling what you can see is the sunscreen that flakes and peels upon application

40hrs post

Still tomato red and consistently following the aftercare procedures but have noticed some slight peeling. No pain, a lot of tightness and more swelling a slight itch ever now and then but not too annoying. Forehead looks and feels like I've had Botox/fillers. Can still see my hideous Melasma under the redness

Day 3 peeling

Still extreme redness, almost bronze. More peeling present. Mostly around my mouth/nose, a little on the apples of cheeks and a touch on forehead. I can still see my Melasma under the redness and I can even see a couple of darker areas that I don't think we're there before. Hoping it hasn't bought out more pigment.

Day 4

Most of the major peeling is gone, just flaky and spot peeling in the outer edges. I have to go out today so I ditched the issues sunscreen and applied colorescience even up SPF 50 (mineral) and ASAP powder, I look slightly bronzed. Although up close you can tell. I'm still fairly red and under that redness I can still clearly see my Melasma. I'll keep on persisting and pray for a cure. Attached are photos of me and product.

Day 6 photo

I have colorescience even up SPF 50 on I find the tint tones down the redness a lot!

Day 12

Still slight peeling and I ended up with a split lip from the constant peeling, still completely worth it tho, this is my upper lip now. I'm inly wearing tinted sunscreen invisible zinc) this is the first time in a long time I can leave the house without makeup!!! This has definitely worked in lightening my Melasma, it is still there but so faint I am the only one that can see it and purely because I know where to look. Ignore my hairy lip, I'm too scared to wax or even shave it and im thinking id rather a few dark hairs over the permanent pigment. If anyone has a suggestion in non invasive hair removal please let me know xx
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