47 Yr Old Mother of 3, Saline Implants 10 Yrs Old, Deflation and Capsular Contracture IV - Palmdale, CA

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At the age of 47, 3 children / 4 yrs apart / all...

At the age of 47, 3 children / 4 yrs apart / all breastfeed, I had a BA with Saline Implants 10 years ago. My breast were nothing more then a nipple on a chest. Since March the leftside deflated and the rightside is capuslated. Till yesterday, insurance finally agreed to remove both implants & capsulectomy . My live in boyfriend, one who claimed my daughters on taxes, said we would do the replacement...well, I was prepared for him to flip flop and I'm going with the removal until I can do for me again!

Insurance company approved Capsulectomy

I finally got approval for a Capsulectomy on both breasts from Anthem Blue Cross. This has been on going since March. Now I learned ps does not want to do the procedure unless I have the implants replaced. The doctor feels I will not be happy with the way I look without the implant replacement. I am devastated...I have two daughter's that I want them to except who they are and love them self from the inside out. My reasons for the BA 10 yrs ago I explained to them. I can not afford implant replacement nor can I chance a reoccurrence of a Capsular Contracture. The ps does not want his name on something he knows I will not be happy with...it's my choice and my decision...I would rather look as if I have nothing then to look like I do now!
Now to have to start all over finding a ps who takes Anthem Blue Cross and the approval...I wish I had never done the BA in the first place!

Consultation with new ps on 7/9/15

Since previous ps would not do implant removal and capsulectomy without doing an implant replacement I have an appointment on 7/9 with new ps. I emailed all my docs and pre certification from insurance company as well as mammogram and ultrasound results in hopes to a speedy sugary date!

Implant removed and capsulectomy

Dr Matthew Malamet Encino,CA is amazing ! I had my implants removed and capsulectomy performed on both sides. I will go see Dr. Malamet in the future and will refer to everyone !
Valencia Plastic Surgeon

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