Explant After 2 Month and 4 Day's - Palm Springs, CA

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Hi Girls, Thought i knew is what i totally wanted...

Hi Girls, Thought i knew is what i totally wanted and i would be happy with the new look . the PS said to me " you will love them" - Not . i had them put in june of 2012 , when it was done i didn't feel too bad it's gotta be the pain pills. he told me he did put a little more in there and i trusted his judgement , i knew they were swollen and in time they will settle , but i just didn't like them ,i wasn't really even interested in looked at them. i just wasn't happy , then i was so scared to even think about what have i done , why did i do it but i did.

After about 5 weeks i think they started to feel heavy on me , i am 5' feet and weight around 110.i was so scared and depressed and wanted them out and call the PS , he was so surprised that i wanted them out i told him it's me not his Job, guess he just so... well surprised that how can i not like what he did he wanted me to wait for 1 month promised they will get settle and look more natural he even told me i will get more attention from men and if i get tips from my job i will have more tips, i did not like that commend and felt grossed with him maybe he thought he was funny,but i begged him that i have make mine decision, he gave me a date to have this- he said that will take him about 10,15 minutes to take them out but the date they gave me was abut 2 month i had to wait , i was even more depressed , i thought if its a 10 or 15 minutes why do i have to wait this long......and it would be a local not under general .i was so disappointed by his manner and where's the compassion that i thought i might get from them... so few days later i called another PS , got in , she happened to have time with in 10 days so i made the appt, and she said she will have to do it under general i was happy to have to not wait til Sep and have them out in 10 days she is a well respect and 30 plus experienced Dr , the other one is too but...he couldn't help me . then i started to look on line for in formations about the explant , i found a few sites that was so encouraging and helpful. i am thankful i didn't have to wait and had a better Dr. to do the explant .

i am 16 days as up today after mine explant , i am still a little depressed from the whole thing but am trying to move forward my family's helpful and supportive , i look at this site for encouragement and i have always like the way i looked but more isn't always a good thing.i just love my small ones so much more and hope to heal well and all us girls too , still get a little depressed here and there hope that will pass soon. wearing thin support bras but do feel the pressure from it hope thats a good enough support ?? xox

Just try to take the tapes off , its been 24 days...

just try to take the tapes off , its been 24 days as up today , i am such a woos!!! didn't take them off i'm thinking maybe i will keep them on for a few more days ,cause ,i know it sounds silly ,Dr. told me i can take it off early this week but the area was reopen for the second time in around 2 month so i think i'll keep them tape up a bit longer :) told everyone to be brave ,i can't even want to take the take off :( have a great day everyone xoxox

Hi girls it's been 7 weeks and 4 days, saw my dr....

hi girls it's been 7 weeks and 4 days, saw my dr. tuesday she said they are fine and i ask about the massaging the scare tissues she told me not to massage them cause she said it's invasive to the area and i forgot to ask when or do i need to do that later on ,but she did want me to just leave them alone and wear the support bra for a bit longer and she'll check again in 2 month so this is my info i know its so strange most of your girls are advice to do the massage ...... do you ladies have the tenderness around the area too ?? and the upper body strength i find i am still not as strong to pull or lift do you girls feel this too ?? if so please tell me , i take ibuprofen here and there and protein drinks , vitamins and food :) of course lol.... just to make sure the body is getting enough all that. i hope you ladies are getting enough proteins.sometime i just don't have the appetite when you have those down days...but reading the updates on all of us helps so much thank you girls :)
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