61 and Having Them Removed After 37 Years, Left One Ruptured and Silcone in Under Arm Lymph Node - Palm Springs, CA

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I have been doing a lot of research for a good...

I have been doing a lot of research for a good ex-plantation doctor, I found one and after my MRI my doctor (GP) recommended me to another one who reconstructs for cancer patients, so I will be seeing him first ( no cancer). I will have to have the lymph node removed at the same time....not happy, but will be happy to have them out of me soon. When I first had them put in at 5'10" 120lbs, I was pretty small and I waited till after my first child in hopes I would fill out....NOT! I get slight burning feeling in ruptured breast and have pain when I left my arm above my head. I have put on weight since my 20's about 35lbs, I have put on about four inches in my bust size. I had implants to balance me, I believe when I started I was a size 34c I am now a 38c. I am so glad I found this site and the women sharing their journey and photos, it has taken a lot of anxiety away. I am still in the start up stage, I checked with my insurance and they have said if it invades another body part my surgery will be covered. My cost I will not know till I have my first consultation. Once I know when my surgery is, I will post pre photos etc. I will keep you posted. Has anyone else had theirs rupture/herniated and get into lymph node?

My Befores

The side view one looks like it is lumpy in photo, it's not, just shadow. They have become larger since menopause and not comfortable.

First consultation tomorrow

So excited to see Dr. Hymes tomorrow he is a cancer reconstruction doc, but my GP doc wanted me to see him because of the lymph nodes being invaded with 37 year old silicone. It will be good to be in his system cause when I have mamo's after explant I am sure there will be some spots and he will know about them and radiologist won't think it something else. It is possible he will either say my PS along with a general surgeon can take care of my implant/lymph node removal or he can do it, he has from info done explants. I can't wait to get them out the left one is burning more by the armpit...not fun but I have much gratitude for my health and this to shall pass.

Had my doctor appt. today....So happy

I hope I can type as fast as I am thinking without to many typos....I went and meet with Dr. Hymes, he spent 1 1/2 hours with me talking and exam, he answered all my questions and showed me past patients (he reconstructs breast for cancer patients) and I felt so at ease with him. I do have the one lymph node that is very large that has to be removed full of silicone. My implants are ontop of the muscle and the whole implant will have to be removed. He did say they can clean out as much as possible but there will always be some left, the old silicone is like goowie (my word) not like the newer silicone. He said I have enough breast tissue and I will have a lift also, spoke with my sister on that one and she knows me said to have it done. I have my pre-op July 2 and surgery should be two weeks after that. I am sure there is more but my brain is on over drive. It was weird after he messed with the left breast my ruptured one my shoulder pain kicked in.. it's going to be interesting..stay tune fellow tata's explanters.


I had my appt. yesterday, all went well. He will also do a lollop lift. His office will be calling next week to give me my surgery date, he did say if by chance a cancer patient needs surgery I will be rescheduled, which I told him I totally understand. I feel really comfortable with this surgeon and his work I am very blessed that my GP recommended him. He will also do an incision under the armpit to remove the large infected node. Boy each time he inspects that node my arm and shoulder bothers me....can't wait to get date...Have a fun July 4th everyone.


Hi everyone, well waiting on approval from insurance...ugh! The burning in armpit and pain in left arm is increasing. I just want this all behind me. Has anyone else had these symptoms with old implants rupturing and silicone in lymph node.

And so it goes

Had the appointment with new general surgeon about the lymph node, very excited and starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Have appt with PS, they are trying to get me in earlier then the 25th so then both docs can coordinate to do surgery back to back, which I am hoping can be done. The thought of going under twice does not appeal to me and taking the wind out of me. The arm pain has increased, it's weird I can type no problem but constant burning in chest, armpit, pain shooting whenever, not as much strength as in right hand....not fun. I've put on over 10lbs just want all this poison out of me....soon, very soon.

Surgery Date Sept. 14th

Well I will be getting the lymph nodes removed first on the 14th, I can't take the pain and want my life back. I will see the PS like I said on the 25th for consultation. We will see how I bounce back from lymph node surgery and then set explanation date, I just want this poison out of me.

Lymph node removed

Had surgery yesterday to remove the silicone infested lymph node and doing great. So far the pain in my arm has not resurfaced but the GS said he feels pain is more from implant rupture, time will tell. I only needed half of a oxycodone last night and now taking Tylenol. I have my appt on the 25th with the PS and hoping to have these poison bags out of me by Oct. GS will run tissue biopsy to make sure not lymphoma or breast cancer which I am not worried about, the rupture was in the line of fire of lymph node..lol. So one down and one surgery to go...then celebration.

Stitches out

So I had my stitches removed from the removal of lymph node surgery yesterday. Speaking with the doctor the lymph node was filled with silicone no cancer, it measured 3.0 x 2.4 x 1.3. He has referred me to a orthopedic doctor about the shoulder, oddly after the surgery I have more movement and not as much pain in arm/ shoulder. GS said lymph node would not be reason for pain in the shoulder. I see the plastic surgeon today and also get xray on shoulder. For me it might be just coincidence on the shoulder/ arm but everything is happening on the left side where I had the rupture.

Had consult with PS excited

Met with PS she is awesome, with my implants so old she did say she cannot say how much breast tissue will be removed till she goes in to remove. I know I will be flat looking after looking and having these tatas for 37 years, and have faith from seeing others on this site of my journey a head. I did ask her about if needing a lift she said to give myself a year to heal and fluff, I may be happy with my results. Surgery will be in three weeks because I have been taking 600mg Motrin for shoulder pain...ugh...lol. She answered all my questions and very caring lady....so excited to get these poison bags out of me. I am so grateful to have found this site and all of you ladies sharing your journey.

Insurance covering explanation need info

Has anyone on here have ChampVA covering there explanation.. So many PS want pre-approval first, and CVA does not to it, they say just submit.

Got my date for explant...woohoo

Well November 17th is my big day, excited, scared, etc,etc. To have these poison bags out...reclaim myself. It has been such a blessing to find this group and to know what I will face and look like. My left ruptured breast is my biggest challenge, having the one enlarged lymph node removed months earlier. So tired of the burning sensation, so tired of being tired. Next year will be amazing with all of this behind me.

Update...I had my pre-op yesterday

So surgery date will be Thursday not next Tuesday. So excited, Thank you all for sharing your journeys, makes it less scary knowing what others have dealt with. Dr. Quardt is a sweetheart and I can't wait to write my review when I'm done...feeling good, feeling blessed, feeling comfortable.

Woohoo, Im freeeeeeeee

Had explant yesterday, came home in compression bra and drains. I slept off and on with pillows propped up and ones on both side like a chair, overall slept well, woke up ever three hours which I then drained my drains only 20 ml. Chest is sore like a bad muscle ache. I am grateful the left ruptured one encapsulated it self after rupture, the right one ruptured just as she pulled it out about an inch still inside. No scrapping just flushing, so it will be interesting to see my tatas at post-op. Over all I feel great and so happy to have the 37 year old bags of poison out. I will post photos after post -op on Monday of what the girls look like.

Post -op and photos

Got drains out, my gosh I look so old in the photos, I had to crop them...lol. But promised photos. My left nipple is shy...lol Doc said since the drain came out they should puff back out but she is having me massage and pull on nibble...gag. I am in awe of my size and know I still have swelling, very happy.

Day 11 after explant

Well noticed some change with intention, I massage daily. Really no pain now.
Palm Springs Plastic Surgeon

Excellent, I can not say enough about her and her staff. They worked with me first with my insurance and then with a Trust I found since there was a huge question on my insurance if it would even cover my explantation, Dr. Q is a sweetheart, very caring and professional, highly recommend her. She is located in Rancho Mirage, CA

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