Lower Abs Need Help - Palm Harbor, FL

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A bit about me: I'm 53, 5'5" , 146 lbs...

A bit about me: I'm 53, 5'5" , 146 lbs. 40x31x38 I am a non smoker & non drinker. I have been vegetarian for 38 years. I have had a poor body image since 11 yrs. old. I have ALWAYS hated my lower pooch. I was an overweight child and at 12 was 162 lbs. At 15 I was up over 200 lbs. When I turned vegetarian at 15 , I dropped 50 lbs. very fast and felt "hot" for the first time in my life. In my 20's I learned how to eat right and worked out hard. I got down to 130 lbs. and 7% body fat. I did 500 sit ups a day and still had a big lower ab pooch. ARRRRRGGGG!!! I still workout moderately and eat healthy. I have learned to love myself and am a pretty happy person. After reading alot of reviews on RS I realized I could get some fat SUCKED out!!!! Yeah! I choose Dr. Tenenbaum for his excelent ratings and great reviews. BornAwesome's review really helped me decide. I called to make a consultation appointment which was on the 16th of May. He was very professional , the staff very attentive, and beautiful office. Of course Palm Harbor is a georgeous city as well. I called today to shedule the surgery on June 16th, 2016. I paid $999. and am waiting for the pre op instructions. Can't wait.

In the meantime

I have been doing cardio, gym and 200 sit ups everyother day.
Down2.5 lbs.

I got my shapewear in mail!

$8 aliexpress

Getting nervous

This is a big deal.
I am just getting lower abs done to see how it does for me.
If it goes well I will get more areas done for sure.
I really would like a mommy makeover and have the funds now to do it, I still want to start small.
I have been having dreams of the procedure and I admit, I am nervous.
I can't imagine what the dolls go through before their extreme makeovers.
I admire you all and respect you all for what our journeys are.
I got my pre op orders and more supplies.


I am making my own ab board and lipo foam. Some say you don't need it but some do.
I say why not!
I am super excited.

2 weeks to go!!!

Going to get cleaning and chores done before then so I can have time to rest and heal if I need to.
Going to fill my antibiotics and pain medicine 2 days before proceedure.

Night before lipo!!

I am excited and nervous.
I hope this helps my pooch so I can proceed to get the other areas done.
I will take antibiotic in a.m.
Surgeryy is at 9am... update you tomorrow!

Have to Reschedule

I woke up with flu like symptoms.
I called and they said I could reschedule.
I am so sad.


Talk about being bummed out...waiting for decades to see fat gone in lower abs and then I got sick!
They say everything happens for a reason....I trust God's will and the process.

July 26th


Today Is the day!!

Not sick!!!
Better not be....geeez
Took antibiotic. Sooo =eady.
The office is 1/2 a block away so no problems getting there.
Yes ...only about pain. I am a wimp.
Checking in at 7:45.
Until then...

All done!

It was fast,easy and painless.
He and his staff are kind and caring.
I am thrilled.

Day 1

Swollen as expected

Starting day 4

I am sore...
But the swelling has gone down.
I can see progress.
Ivwear my faja 23 hrs a day


10 day post lipo
Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon

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