UPDATE*** I am 100% thrilled now :))))

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Typical story of lips getting thinner as time went...

Typical story of lips getting thinner as time went on....spent stupid amount of money on fillers that disappear before your very eyes....then discovered Perma Lip and the best doctor at the best price! I just had it done today and I love it already...very little swelling though I know that'll likely change tomorrow when I look like a silly duck and my husband & children make fun of me! I got a 5 on top and 1 for my bottom just so I can have back very missed pout. And this is forever....how fabulous is this?!!!! No more complaining girls, just get it done and you'll never worry about thin lips again????????????

Oh did they swell!

Sorry for all the question marks at the end of my initial post, I put a happy face from my ipad there but this forum turned it into ? Instead of :-)

Day 2 was bad but expected

Day 3

Still swollen but not as bad as yesterday so going in the right direction. Last night our ten month old baby kept staring at my lips it was funny. Then he kept grabbing my ice pack so my husband gave him another one to play with - he kept holding it up to his little lips copying me it was soooo adorable! I have no pain today but taking Advil to help with swelling and minor discomfort. I only took one pain killer yesterday and it made me so nauseous I'm done with them. I'll add photos in just a bit, they are all taken with my ipad and the camera stinks so kinda fuzzy pictures will be posted shortly.

Day 4

wow what a difference! no pain and much of the swelling has gone down. im still swollen on top and i hope it is actually swollen and not my actual results! im not panicking because most of the other women are still big on day 4, 5 & 6. im thinking by day 10 it is what it is....so by this friday ill either be in love or ill be back to the dr swapping my size 5 for a 4 on top! the lower lip is perfect but i only had a 3 put in there. maybe i should have done a 4 on top....time will tell :)


Day 7

So I had little reason to worry so much because my swelling went way down yesterday, yay! I had my post op appointment today and he said I was still very obviously swollen on top and now I know once that subsides my lip is going to be just perfect. The healing process takes a good 3 weeks he said so I'm just going to relax and have faith that this excellent and skilled doctor knows more than me!! My sister/ best friend thinks it already looks great and I will remain patent (yeah right) and post my final results with a photo when I have completely deflated! By the way I have no bruising no pain no chopping or peeling....just swelling. This has been a real easy recovery so if you're nervous don't be :)

day 10

every day that i wake up im loving my lips even more. i started stretching last night so i don't feel stiff and that already has helped. im still swollen in my upper lip/mustache area but it gets better every day!

Day 17

I am still swollen a bit on one side more than the other but every day it's less and less...it's hard to be patient when it's your face but you must and it does take a few weeks for swelling to subside on some people while others may have none by week 2. The way this is looking it's even better than I could have imagined! I still feel a tiny bit tight but I do the stretching and that helped after 1 day. In 2-3 days I'm sure I won't feel anything but totally normal. I do not feel the implant at all, I have total sensation when I kiss children or my husband, and when I catch myself in a mirror I think "wow"! My doctor told me it takes a good 21/22 days for all the swelling to go away so I will post on day 22 to let you know. The moment is see both sides are even I will wear red lipstick and feel super sexy :)))

went TOO BIG on top, swapping sizes

so its been 2.5 months and my bottom lip is just perfect (3mm) but i went with the 5mm on top and i just did not have enough lip space for it so it sits above my lip and its way too thick. so i went to see my wonderful doctor Ross yesterday and i am going back within 2 weeks to swap it for a 3mm implant. i know it may be too subtle but at this point i will be happier with "not enough" than "way too much"! my bottom lip could have handled the 5mm but my top lip was too thin i guess...plus my top lip protrudes a bit so thats why i think the larger implant was not the right match for me. but its all trial & error! the best thing about permalip is i have the control to swap or remove if thats what i wanted so i still highly recommend this. i look forward to updating my story in a few weeks, letting you all know how happy i am :)

Round 2 in 5 days!

i go monday to get rid of this 5mm and swap it for the 3mm. i cannot wait b/c i hate the "fake" look and i am very self conscience right now. but you don't know until you try & had i first gone with the 3mm, i may have decided to go bigger and been in big trouble! my wonderful dr gave me a HUGE discount and made this swap affordable. unfortunately i am not spending the money to do the twilight so i have to have the shots and that is the only thing that frightens me. i will update next week...

NOW I AM 100% HAPPY :))))

on monday i swapped the size 5mm for the 3mm and immediately the area above my top lip lay completely flat so mission accomplished! im a little swollen today but by friday i bet i look great. this top lip experience is totally different from the first round. clearly i made a sizing error but it was easily corrected. now i have a 3mm on top and on bottom and it looks beautiful. i realize i am reporting a little early...i could end up thinking there is barely a difference but even if that were true i will be happy looking too subtle than unnatural. but im expecting to be thrilled! once all the swelling has subsided and i have the full look i will report back. here is the bottom line with permalip: it is a fabulous and affordable way to get permanent plumper lips. do not stress about making a sizing error because it is only a matter of taking the time to swap them for a more appropriate size. if you have a top lip that protrudes a little bit, i suggest go for the 3 or 4. my doctor and his staff was wonderful and patient with me...if you are in the Tampa Bay area you must see Dr Ross!

It's perfect+++

Wish I had just gone with the 3mm from the beginning because it is a perfect fit! I had a little swelling the next day but by day 5 it was all gone. I look so natural - my top lip now shows more fleshy stuff which is exactly what my dr was aiming to do. My lip augmentation has been a total success :-)

My pouty lips are back, woo hoo!

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