Having Lower Eyelid Surgery with Dr Noel S Tenenbaum - Palm Harbor, FL 12/13/16

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My eyes looks tired and has the dark circle after...

My eyes looks tired and has the dark circle after searching of what is best I decide to go for the knife.
Found Dr Noel S Tenenbaum an hour away for me and very cheap. That scare me a little bit so for now i pay for the lower only. I do need the upper also. Im thinking about it. He showed some pictures and didn't like one upper eyelid surgery and i do told him that.. his answer was that was because the lady was olderolder than me. Im working in Modeling industry so im scare to end up with ugly scars on my face. I can't cover that with tattoos!!
Ill keep u updated. Wish me luck.

6 days after upper and lower eyelid surgery 12/19/16

Hi everyone. Today I have 6 days after my surgery. I'm at the Surgeon Dr.Noel right now about to remove my stitches.
I had my surgery on December 13 2016 at 7:45am . I was very scare because it was with local anesthesia and I had a very bad experience before with it. But,everything ended up good it took the doctor one hour for the surgery I was awake all the time. I really hate needles so,I was double nervous. After my surgery my vision wasn't that bad. I live a little bit more than an hour and I had a ride back home because you're not suppose to drive. After few hours my vision went very blurry and felt my eyes burning. Next day the burning was gone but the blurry last almost 3 days. I made some videos and sorry for my English.

Stitches gone. 12/19/16 eyelid surgery

I have my stitches removed today 12/19/16 10:30am. It hurts a little bit yeah! I'm a chicken hehe. Im on my 6 days after surgery.
It was fun today the doctor maybe laugh. I told him sorry for being a chicken and he answered back. That's ok hun I'll take a good care of a chicken.. everybody is welcome here.lol
By the way. He told me that I'm healing very good and just don't forget to do not rub my eyes. He put tape on my top eye lids he said to leave it for 2 to 3 days.

Any questions sisters?? ????

Here are some puctutes..
Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon

Ill write my review after surgery. Hope they don't delete it.

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