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Been wanting a breast aug since I lost my baby-weight...

Been wanting a breast aug since I lost my baby weight after my son I was 215 and lost down to 139. Ill post before pictures.. So far I am very paranoid that something will go wrong I'm 7 days post op still in pain breast are extremely tight and sore. I was a very athletic person with lifting weights before the procedure so I'm wondering if that's why my chest muscles don't want to relax at all, I also get constant muscle twitches. My PS has me wearing the bando through the night and on and off during the day. I wear it snug but not super tight cause then it's a pain I can't bare. I'm worried they want drop properly my left is more swollen and dropping a tad whereas my right is smaller and not at all dropping! Terrified of CC and additional surgeries I'm just still in a ton of discomfort and limited range if motion. I went through the armpit so that is still very very sore. I'm a stay at home mom with a toddler so that's been a challenge. ill keep updates coming I see my doc Friday and I'm nervously anxious for that.

10 days

Well this morning I managed to take my first shower alone and drying my hair on my own my pain level has went down enough to tighten my breast band across the top. My appt is in the morning and I'm anxious to hear if they look okay or not. My right bicep is extremely tender so that'll be something I ask about. My left breast seems to be running about two days behind my right in regards of swelling , tightness, and soreness. I can't wait till I can return to the gym being sedentary is killing me!!! But as I've seen by so many the end result is worth it!

Doc today

I love meeting with my doctor he eases all my worries and doubts as I wait for dropping and fluffing! Such a great doctor!! And I love I always meet with him personally to explain new massage and stretching techniques! Feeling much better today on day 11 finally don't feel like a lump of pain :) hoping to be just about pain free by Christmas and back to driving and taking my toddler out to the park and beach again by janurary 1st! Longer recovery then I expected but well worth it in the long run! Can't wait to shop and get back to working out I'm still 6 lbs heavier then pre op but my diet hasn't been all that great. My dress fitting for my wedding is mid feb so getting back to the gym will be a blessing! Hope all the other recovering ladies are doing well :)

Incision scars on day 11

Doc has me putting vit E cream on them.. Hope they heal nicely

Day 12

Well I feel much better my chest muscles are still very tight and implants are still high I wear my band as much as I can but my left breast is still swollen and the band hurts sooo bad and irritates the swelling hoping it goes does soon (fingers crossed). I want to get out of the house so bad with this BEAUTIFUL Florida weather but I don't think I can handle my two year old in public yet because I still can lift him or make quick movements. Sitting on my porch and admiring the clear skies is about as good as it gets for now!! I have managed to get down to 144 from last week weight of 157 if like to be 140 tho so healthy eating choices is my only weight loss option at the moment! Hope all your ladies are having a good day and recovering well can't wait for week 6 just about 4 weeks left... Time seems to slow when your counting haha

Ahhhh bordem

I think I could probably go out tomorrow but honestly I'm nervous to go out with my toddler and over do it so in trying to wait till after Christmas cause that will be day 17. I'm also noticing nipple sensitivity in my right breast but the left is still puffy from swelling and can barely feel it hoping that comes back. My breasts are still super hard and really hoping they soften and look more like breasts soon and not so pointy! Ahh idk I'm nervous they won't look right or won't drop properly!! Can't wait to get out and get my mind off of boobs boobs boobs its really driving me nuts!

Finally went out

So today on day 13 woke up to the worst morning boob and thought oh no it's gonna be a painful day but to my suprise as soon as I began to move around i felt better! My two year old started going a little nutty this morning amc I couldn't stand it any longer so we went for a walk to the store about a half mile away to get choc chip muffins and water! (So unhealthy) ugh! But anyway the walk went great and was relaxing. My hubby is taking me to a movie tonight to lift my spirits and get me out if the house for some adult time I'm very excited!! I'm not sure what ill wear due to the fact that all my clothes are snug and ment for a flat chested women lol anyway hope everyone is ready for the holiday and healing well :)

Finally 2 weeks

I feel great! Finally able to wear my elastic band without horrible pain so now I can really tighten the girls down lol. I feel like I could go for a nice long intense sweaty workout, ugh how I miss my workouts! I can't wait but now only 4 weeks before I can do that! I decided to jump back on my diet today with my wedding only a few months away I really need to be more aware what I'm shoving in my mouth! I have been 200 lbs twice in my life so when I eat bad I tend to put my belly on rather quickly!! My doc won't let me do any exercise other then walking until my 6 weeks he said he would rather see me fully heal then over do it so I was disappointed by that but ill just take my son for a long walk each day during his lunch and he can eat while I walk lol.. :) I might even get out of the house today to get my sons hair cut before the holiday.. It's funny how I get excited over the littlest things now that's I've been shut in my house for nearly two weeks haha. Sorry for all the rambling but I'm a stay at home mom with few friends and no one has had plastic surgery sooooo it's difficult for them to understand the process haha oh and ill post two week pics later :)! Good luck ladies with your healing IM FINALLY seeing the little light at the end of the long tunnel

2 weeks

Ill get a better pic with my arms down later I find pics are the best to watch for changes!! I do have to admit tho I used to COMPLETELY avoid nude breast pics cause I was so embarrassed of them and even tho they are high I love snapping pics of them and having something to show for it :)

Day 17

Feeling just about back to normal.. Still not lifting much and not taking my toddler out yet but doing all my normal chores throughout the house and snuggling my son FINALLY!! Now I can't wait for my chest to soften they are still so so so very firm I've noticed some dropping and need to get a pic soon with my arms down to really compare! Hope everyone had a great holiday or starting their holiday today :) happy healing to all!

Wish they looked better but time will tell

Sure ill love the end result and I love them in clothes but nude not so much :/

Can't wait for Monday

Lucky me I have holidays during my progress so this week is flying by! I have noticed dropping but the tops still bulge very unnatural but I'm hoping with time and my strap super tight at night that'll change! I still haven't drive any where kinda nervous it'll b too tiring on my chest with my toddler but I'm going our Sunday with my Nana and ill b doing all the driving to ensure I can handle it lol! Kinda babying my recovery but I'm nervous to pull something and then drag out the recovery time! I'm getting married April 4th and need to be back in the gym full throttle by mid jan to tone back up before my dress fitting!! AHH so exciting yet stressful :) sleeping on my side has been going well but I can't move to much cause if my implant moves I get a horrible sharp pain so hoping with more healing that subsides I see my PS the 8th so I'm making my list of questions haha! Can't wait to run and have hardcore leg days again all in good time I guess at least I don't have to do much chest focused lift days anymore! I've been waiting for the ladies to soften before I do any shopping as well! My bust is 38 inches and my strap size is 32inches hoping that doesn't change much as swelling goes down... My PS has my 24/7 bra less and all night with the strap I'm hoping that doesn't effect my cleavage too much he said it because I'm riding so high gravity will help a ton! Commmme on ladies drop and soften soon!!!!!!!!

Finally 3 weeks

Thank goodness three weeks has come! And this week is New Years so time will go by fast :)! I am worried I slowed my healing because during holidays I always drink a little with my family.. But idk? Also I find that by the end of the day I'm so sore I can barely touch the ladies. Not much more dropping or softening I'm hoping week three brings more softening then anything so they can FEEL like boobs again they are still standing at attention and super firm! My scars are healing okay but in my right scar is a white hard piece anyone know what that is?


Can't wear a sports bra yet boobs are still pretty hard and doc wants me braless but I found a before pic of me in a sports bra and a pic now of a workout shirt can't wait to get back in shape tho

Photo update

Kinda worried that they look weird for a little over 3 weeks!! Please give opinions ladies!

Doc appt 4 week

I love my doctor I always get so nervous the longer I go without seeing him that something isn't right and I go in and he listens and eases all my nerves!! I'm right on track and still dropping I'm cleared to jog, cleared back to the gym on the 20th and can go bra shopping in 2 weeks!! AHHHH FREEDOM lol the last four weeks have been long for me and mentally challenging.. But worth it! Doctor Ross really knows his stuff and had no issue listening and explaining EVERYTHING to me!! He is wonderful I even recently referred my friend to him! Yay for beautiful boobs!!!!

almost to week 6

this week i returned to the gym and i am back on track with all my normal routines. I have been slowly increasing the intensity of my workouts. My breasts do get tight but not unbearable and after about 20 min post workout all tightness is gone. I will up date pics on Monday since that is my official 6 week mark that every women cant wait for ! It marks the date of true FREEDOM! In my option my breast have dropped but the right is still about 1/2 in higher then the left. They are softening, they move alot more when i bend over and jump so that's very exciting. Hope everyone is healing quickly :)
Palm Harbor Plastic Surgeon

Amazing surgeon! A friend of mine referred me to Dr.Ross and he listened to my needs and gave me opinions on sizing and profile types. At my consult I took my son and he was a HAND FULL the staff was wonderful and helped me keep him occupied! My only complaint was my after sugery care by a nurse there was very poor. She never showed me my new boobs after surgey and didn't bother offering me crackers OR ANY food after my procedure as instructed to do so by my surgeon... she rushed me to my car without allowing me to finish my water I could barely walk as she held me up to get in my car with my fiancé it was later in the afternoon and the head nurse and surgeon had checked on me and left for the evening so I'm guessing she rushed me so she could leave! Again this surgeon and rest of staff still deserve all stars but that one nurse was terrible! All my follow ups have been with Ross directly he is caring, understanding, and most of all reassuring! I'd recommend his skill to anyone!

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