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So when I got pregnant in 09 I was overweight 180....

So when I got pregnant in 09 I was overweight 180....gained 50 pounds which put me at 230 when I gave birth. After a yr of hard work I got down to 130!!! And kept it off for five years until I got pregnant last year. I gained a lot again and have lost most of it. I couldn't breastfeed my first but was able to breastfeed this baby for 5 months! Now with all of the weight gain and loss I'm ready for a tummy tuck and a breast augmentation!! My first appointment is June 9!! Super excited hoping to get surgery sometime in july.

So excited!!

So went to my appointment yesterday went very well!! Love the doctor and his staff can't wait for July 20th! I'm getting b.a. tummy tuck and lipo for my back and flanks!! I'll try and post some before pics for you guys!!

The countdown begins!!!

30 days until surgery! Super excited!! I go in 2 weeks to put my money down and pay for my surgery :) then 2 weeks after I go in!! I can't wait. Hubby got time off to help with the kids so we are already to go!

25 days!!! But who's counting lol

I took a couple of pics so you guys can see my before and after.

So excited I can't stand it!!!

Does anyone else have a countdown on their phone like I do!! Next Monday(the 6th) I pay for the surgery, and have to get my blood work done!! Then just two weeks after that I get my surgery done.

Happy forth!

I'm so excited almost there!!! I will post monday after my appointment when we pay for everything and I go for the blood work.:)

Overnight nurse? ?

Did anyone have a overnight nurse after mommy makeover? My doctor requires on just curious how it all works. Do they stay at your house all night? Or to a hotel or aftercare surgery area for the night?

Alright all ready to go!!!!!!!

Got my meds, had to get 4 they cost me 150, not to bad. Some were covered by insurance a little,some not at all. Signed all my paperwork and got my blood work done. We payed in full and everything is good to go. I will have a nurse take me home and stay with me overnight at home. She will either stay until 6 or 7 am then leave or take me to the doctor for a check up. I feel kind of werid having someone stay with me over night in my home but it sounds like it will be easier on hubby and I.I'm so happy I finally will look as good as I feel!!!!!

Happy birthday to me!!

Went I got some comfy zip up jackets and sweats. Doctor said zip up and buttons downs are easier after b.a. to put on. Also went and got some iron and miriex to start taking before surgery, that way its in my system already. I'm so excited we are all good to go over here!!!!!

Results are in!!

Blood work came back good! We are good to go! Super excited, wasnt to worried but you never know. Just counting down the days now.

Almost there!!

Ugh so excited, I can't wait!! Spent the day cleaning the whole house since hubby works mon-sat next week,so he helped out waching the kids whIle i cleaned. So everything is nice and clean. Next Sunday we are going to go to the store then going to meal prep and juice so we all going to be all set. ????

So close!!

I'm so excited I can't stand it!! I've done everything around the house,my school work ahead of time,and got all my meds/supplies. I just want it to happen already!!!

Today is the day (finally!!!!)

Alright ladies today is the day I'm going in wish me luck! I'm leaving in about 45 min!! I'll try to update as soon as I can! Gl to all the ladies going in today!

On The Flat Side!

Well every thing went well I got 700cc! Bigger that I was expecting but he said they will look good on my body. Pain isn't bad, but I can't breathe very well at all. Every hour I almost pass out :( I have a oxygen mask on now so doing better.my blood pressure kept dropping to 86/55 but I'm much more stabble.

In the hospital :(

So I couldn't breath all night and my blood pressure was very low 73 over 40, but my nurse kept saying of its ok. So this morning she was getting me up to take me back for a check up and I stood and passed out, my husband had to catch me and put me back in bed, then he called 911. I had to get two bags of blood and now have to stay overnight. They couldn't believe my nurse didn't have me come sooner, they said all my veins were flat. I'm doing OK now.

So 3 bags of blood,3 bags of fluid, and one bag of iron

And I'm home. I actually.came home last night and i am going back later today to get everything checked out I hope everything looks great. Pain is pain I can handle that but the weakness from the the blood loss made me so weak and tired with the pain of course. If I don't move I'm not in any pain so that's good. My back feels brushed from the lipo my boobs hurt slightly underneath my stomach doesn't feel to bad at all. My discomfort is mostly the tightness in my under body cause me to not being able to breathe.when I went into the er my blood pressure was 74 over 35. When I left last night it was 109 over 60 I feel alive again. 3 blood transfusions I hope so. Try to post pics soon. Just always make sure if you feel something Is wrong always go in don't wait. I think that is why it was so bad. My er doctors and nurses said they have never seen someone come in that bad before. I got labs done 2 weeks ago and everything looked good. I guess my body just didnt do well.

Belly button folding over?

Does anyone else's bellybutton look link and like the skin around it is going to fold overy itself? I have to put coton balls Inside to make sure it doesn't lay over itself self? I don't feel like this is right.

Day 6

So I tried to take a shower last night and yeah it didn't work out so good. I took off my binder and completely lost my breath. It wasnt like before with my blood lvl it was like I was pulled in to tight. I'm so depressed I don't mind being in pain, I would take pain over this. I'm almost a week out and I can hardly get out of bed, I cant shower apparently, so now what :/

Post op week 1

So went to the doctor my heboglobalan lvl went up more which is good, but with 3 blood transfusions it should be a 17 and it's an 8 :( I feel a lot better so that's good. He said once I'm all heald up he wants me to see a specialist. Boobs looking awesome. I talked to him about not being able to take off my garment and he said because the surgery he does he pulls sooo tight it's normal to take longer to be able to feel right without it. He said give it a few more days :( I really just want to shower I feel yucky!! Once I can stand and take a full shot I will.

Sotry about the no pic!

Im just so tired by the time I take everything off I don't feel like it. Anyways doing better every day! Pain is going down energy going up so all is good. I go in tomorrow hopefully to get drain number 2 out!!. When I went into surgery I was 149 the next day 165!! Today 153 so thank god for that swelling is going down. I'm super brused from the lipo my skin is yellow bleh! But overall much better:)

Post day 10

Feeling good. Everyday I use less pain meds and move a lot more. Still can't fully shower because I'm still so tight that being out of my garment standing up takes my breathe away. So I rise off then wash my hair in the sink. I saw my regular doctor today and she reassured me that my lvl is normally around 10 or 11 and would never be at 17 like my ps said!! So my ps was off by a lot and freaked us all out for no reason. I was a 8.8 today and she isn't worried since I just had major surgery. Went to my ps office also they said I'm healing nicely, I get my other drain out Tues not sure y not today....I think someone was to busy...anyways glad I'm started to not be such a pain in my hubby butt and can get in and out of the car and bed alone also did some laundry. The only thing that sucks is after doing all that I am TIRED!! I hit a wall and i am done. My hubby took a pic of my lipo back so I have one new pic.

2 steps forward and 10 steps back....

Well today started off well, until I got out of the car and my drain got pulled on just a tad and I got sent into horrible pain. Had to go over to the doctor and get it removed. OMFG!!!!! WORST PAIN YET! Not only that, I had my compression garment off for a while and yup almost had to go to the er again because I started to black out. This sucks :/ I don't regret doing it, it's just so dam hard. I expected pain, soreness, etc. But this is to much I'm so exhausted!


Anything else!!
I pulled a muscle on my left side, so it's like day one all over again. I can't walk, eat, hardly wipe. :( this is so hard. I'm so tired of things going wrong.

Thank god for my husband

He took another week off from work to help me with the kids. Well really to help with me. I'm still a mess and starting to become emotional. I know it's not helping but when you chose to do something like this and it doesn't work out right, you feel like it's all your fault. My boobs look great. My stomach and lower half of my body is all black and brused still :/ I'll post a pick but no one scare me please. I talked to doc and he said it's normal....also I'm still on pain pills which I hate taking but if I didn't I would be able to get out of bed.

2 weeks

So yesterday was 2 week post and Im finally feeling better. Today has been good, Ive been moving pretty good all day. Took a shower and washed my hair ahhhh! So nice. Pain has gone down a lot. I'm still super super super swollen. I love my implants!! My left one looks awesome my right one needs to drop a lot! Over all finally feel like we are taking steps forward towards recovery.

Week 3

Well I'm getting around better, pain going down, boobs are almost completely healed yay(still super high)!! BUT my swelling is very bad still and I'm draining a lot of blood still. Since I got my drain taken out early (because I got it jammed getting in and out of the car to much) the trama mixed with it still needing to stay in in causing me to bleed out of my drain holes :( so now I've been having to be in my garment 24/7 with a binder and huge gauze pads on over the holes. ( my poor hubby has to change them every few hrs.)it's rough, I don't regret it i just have to let myself heal. It sucks you want instant results but sometimes it takes longer.

What now!

My scar looks like it's opening up :( great anything else!!!! I'm so over getting all of these curve balls!!! Maybe one set back or two but really this is like number 10,Im just tired of it.

Scar update

Since I got so many questions thought I would post update.
I sent a pic to doctor he said looks normal and not to worry....
I see him again Monday.
I keep gauze on the open holes because those are orginal drain holes and they are STILL BLEEDING....doctor says it's old blood from when I jammed the drained and got it pulled early.
Trying to stay with doctor through this but it's getting hard to trust him with all of these hiccups.
The insion doesn't hurt at all.
I'm feeling better over all out of bed moving around.
I'm in two compression garments and a binder all day.
Boobs look awesome and are 95 percent healed.
:( I'm hoping I don't end up looking worst than before with my tummy. It looked bad for so long I just want what I was promised.


I took a picture of my new girls they still need to drop a little more but I love them.
I also love the new curves I have from the back lipo.
The tummy swelling is going way down, but my insion looks very bad still. The right side is healing well, but the left side where my drain was is still not looking good. I see my doctor again on Tuesday. He said he can't put a stich in because my skin is to soft. So I have a badge over it and all my compression.

So one month in....

And I have mix feelings.
Things I'm happy about:
I love the shape of my body!
I've lost 6 pounds already!!
My boobs look awesome. Better everyday!
My inner leg lipo was totally worth it.
Things I'm not happy about:
My healing process with my tummy. It looks horrible, I'm in 2 garments and a binder 24/7 and still am bleeding...a lot.
Doctor is seeing me every week and says it will get better. Let's hope so.
I'm still in pain. Taking 2 to 3 Norco a day.
If I do to much in one day I'm soooo tired the next few days.
Still hunched over, some days are more sometimes less.
Still laying on my back(sucks)
Most of all I can't enjoy my new body yet it sucks!! No cute bras or trying on clothes!!
I have one body shot and one of my Insion :(

Just a little update

So my insion doesn't look much better but it finally looks like it's not getting worse! I think it's making a turn to start healing, hopefully!!!
My boobs look better everyday. I'm so happy with them. Can't wait to buy bras and wear normal clothes again :(

Few pics

Just a few pics of the girls and my garments.

Insion update!!

So went back into the doctor today and he said all of my protein and vitamen intake is paying off! He said it looked much better, thank god! He used his tweezers and picked some yucky stuff out of it (yuck!)Now we are packing it and just letting it dry out and heal. Next week if it drys out he said we might start wet to dry treatments. He also said I don't have to wear my full c.g. anymore and I can just start wearing my tummy one which means.........I can go buy some new bras!!! Whoo hoo!!
He said my tummy is still about 50% swollen still so can't wait to see what it will look like.

Vs wireless bra

Best thing about wearing a bra now....when I take it off my boobs still look the same as when I have it on lol
Right now I'm a 34 dd but I feel like I might be a tad smaller at a 32? Not sure but I wanted a bigger bra right now just to be comfortable in it.

Well still swollen but

I finally fit in my size 5 jeans! Yay I haven't fit in them in almost 2 years.
I'm still very swollen so maybe I will be a few sizes smaller!!

So it's been 2 months...

And I'm still kind of going through it all I guess you could say. Like I've said before my boobs look and feel great. I'm about a 34 dd or in some strapless a ddd. My insion on my stomach is still healing sorta. I've been packing it twice a day with gauze(and the solution) and it's finally starting to close. It will probably take at least another few weeks to a month. I go back to the doctor next week so we will see what he says. I went to a blood specialist yesterday and he said i seem fine but he wants to do some tests and get me started on iron treatments because my lvl are still low. My back hurts more than anything it feels very tight and stiff.My stomach feels tight in my insion area which makes me still not able to stand straight up. Im also very swollen everyday even when I wake up. I'm wearing my garment 24/7 (just the one that goes from my stomach to my knees) and a binder to bed. When I wake up I'm slightly better but still very swollen and puckered on my sides.
I'm hoping I'm just normal soon :(

Blood specialist....

So I forgot to update and tell you all that I did go see a specialist last week since I had so many issues after surgery. He said he doesn't feel like anything is truly wrong but is going to have me come in 4x a get so iron bags. Ugh! He did blood work also which seems ok, but i haven't talked to him about it yet. All of my numbers were on the lower side, but I've always been someone on the lower side of things, so who knows. I go today for my first bag of iron.

Yay good news!!

So I'm healed enough to get surgery to close up my insion and fix the scar!!! Plus big plus he is going to do some lipo on my tummy no charge! I'm a little nervous, but in my heart I trust him. Wish me luck ladies. I have my surgery date Oct 12th 3 Weekes from monday!

Some pics before I get closed up and lipo on my tummy

I've been pretty depressed about posting pictures, but I know this could be a learning experience for others so here it is 10 weeks out.

Sorry didn't add all the pics!!

Got my blood work back for surgery on Monday!

My hemoglobin is a 13.8! That's higher than the first time I had surgery, I'm so happy its not only normal but is higher than before. I'm still nervous to go under and have surgery again but at least my body is good to go. My insion is almost closed on its own and I'm just ready for this all to be closed up and over with. I can't believe it's only a few days away. I will keep you guys updated. Wish me luck....we all know I need it!

Well tomorrow is the big day...again.

Wish me luck ladies tomorrow is the big day. I finally get to close and fix my scar, and get the finishing lipo on my stomach. I weigh 141 with my implants of course ;) so I can't wait to see what I will weight after this surgery. I'll take all the prayers I can get! ????I got one more bag of iron after my blood was done last week so my hemoglobin should be even better than 13.8!

Alright here we go!

Ok, I'm all checked in and ready to go. Wish me luck! I'm super nervous to be put under again, but everyone is saying it should be a quick easy procedure....let's hope!

All done and back at home.

Feeling good, my insion Is burning a little bit but other than that I feel good. I go in tomorrow to do the check up so I'll see what I look like then. I'm in the awful garmet again!!! Noooo lol but whatever it takes to get this healed and over with!

5 day post

So I forgot to mention I did get to drains put in, he wanted to make sure I didn't develop any fuild build up. I got those removed yesterday because they weren't draining much at all. So yay!! Everything is going normal and good, thank god. I will try and post some pic tomorrow. I'm super swollen from the lipo but, been there done that lol.

New and improved scar....

Here's two pics of the new scar. He did my lipo thru my belly button so it's a little funny looking right now.
Palm Desert Plastic Surgeon

Alright ladies here it is my review. It's been a long journey for me, I think I've experienced it all. If I could go back I would do the surgery again. It was the best decision I've ever made for myself. I love the way I look now. I know many people including myself questioned my doctor but he was with me every step of the way anytime of day or night. The only thing I regret is the nurse I had! I feel like 80 percent of my problems were because of her that first night. If she would have addressed my issues sooner maybe things wouldn't have got so bad. Who knows. I didn't like the fact that she slept while I was gasping for air. Or the fact that she did her makeup while I was fighting for my life it felt like. How my husband had to call 911 and not her. Back to my doctor. He is very understanding, and takes his time with me every time I come in his office. His staff is awesome as well. I'm glad that I had them there for me when I was going through all of this. Dr. Mo always made sure he was available for me anytime I needed him. He fixed up my scar and now I'm almost heald and am feeling better.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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