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I just want to write a review about a topic that...

I just want to write a review about a topic that seems to not have a lot of people warning other people about the dangers of it. I had silicone injections 6 years ago. I have not had any serious complications that I can truly say were related to it and I thank God that I have not and pray that I never will! My friend and I went and had the procedure done by someone who we thought was licensed. We were both 19 years old and not Internet savy. We didn't have anyone to warn us about the dangers of silicone injections. I just found out months ago how dangerous they can be. I research everything now and I wish I had someone to warn me back then but I didnt so I am warning others not to get silicone injections. I have a 4 year old son who I have to be well and living for and I have been depressed and crying just thinking of what could happen and my heart and prayers go out to anyone who has received these injections and are suffering.

I wanted to write this review to people out there...

I wanted to write this review to people out there who have had foreign substances injected into their bodies. I hope this will help people who have been affected and also discourage any person contemplating injections. I received silicone butt injections 7 years ago when I was 19. The women I went to preyed on me and told me and a friend that the substance was medical grade. I was young and naive! I research everything now, but at that time I was not internet savvy. I just learned the dangers of this procedure about a year ago when I was researching the Brazilian butt lift. I was shocked and utterly disgusted at all the horror stories I read. I have a son that I have to be alive and well for, so I spent many many many countless hours trying to find as much research on the topic as possible. There is a lot of conflicting and very confusing information on this topic. Everyone's case is not the same, with that fact in mind, we have to be careful to treat our situations appropriately. For example everyone who is injected with silicone will not have life long or life threatening problems, but I would not take the chance if I had not already done it. To me its like playing rush and roulette with your life. In my case I have not had any problems that I can totally blame the silicone for. For example I have burning sensations on my butt but I also have a vitamin D deficiency right now that I am under the care of a neurologist for. This deficiency has caused all kinds of symptoms from burning in my butt, legs, arms, scalp, and not too mention pain. I could easily jump to conclusions and say that my symptoms are attributed to the silicone, but that would make me as naive as the day I let a lay person inject me. The first step is to rule out the cause of symptoms that may present themselves before hoping on a surgeon's operating table. I agree with the surgeons on here who say if your not having any symptoms to leave it alone. You can not run with every wind and doctrine. Meaning every surgeon that is ready to carve you up like a homeless man waiting for a piece of turkey on thanksgiving day can not be trusted. As I mentioned before everyone is different, and by all means if you can pin point your problems to the foreign substance than follow every measure that is logically reasonable to take care of the problem. I also want to address what actually happens when the foreign substance enters the body (butt, breast, veins etc). Lets make it clear silicone is not toxic, it is inert, so it does not release toxins into the body. If that were the case no one would be able to get "silicone" breast implants, or any medical devices made from silicone. I also hear a lot of people say they have foreign body granulomas. Technically when the foreign substance enters the butt or breast tissues or any part of the body where the tissue is involved the body forms encapsulation around it. This encapsulation is kind of like scar tissue, but the presence of the foreign body makes the healing process different, differentiating it from scar tissue. The encapsulation is the bodies way of saying "Houston we have got a problem!" The bodies cells identify the substance and perceives it as a foreign invader and traps it to wall it off from the rest of the body because it most likely has bacteria involved. The nodules that some people feel are the encapsulation I am referring to. This encapsulation can also cause pain, and not to be confused with an infection. If it were an infection there would be several hallmark signs, pain along with skin changes, fever, etc. To truly confirm a granuloma the nodule or lump would have to be biopsied (take part of it out) and tested for certain kinds of cells that granulomas consist of. Then we have the "big vein theory" I will call it to throw my sense of humor in. I have read an article where a women said, "I worry sometimes that a piece will break off and go to my heart." If the silicone is not injected directly into a vein it can not travel to your heart, lungs, etc, which would result in an embolism. Further more this usually only happens within the first 48 to 72 hours after injection, so as I heard one surgeon say, "if you are still here you should be thanking God that you are alive!" I know its hard and trust me I have cried over and over again, but I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, we all have to live and learn. I also believe that what does not kill you will only makes you stronger! For the people who are contemplating injections with "foreign substances" not approved by the FDA for humans, please do not do this! You think you will not have side effects, but take my advice as a warning! Before I go I want to also give some steps for those of you who are worried and do not know where to start.

First: Start off with seeing a primary care doctor, and explain to him what your situation is. If you do not have one you should try to get one. Do not be ashamed either, or made to feel you were dumb for doing this if it was a mistake. There are people who choose to smoke daily or drink alcohol knowing they have the potential to cause lung or liver damage and they have rights to see a doctor and be treated, well so do you!

Second: Ask the doctor to order a blood work up, which consists of a CBC, CMP, and a few other tests that can test the blood for inflammation in the body. I can not think of the names of them now, but the doctor will know. These test will also check to make sure there is not another health issue causing your problems.

Third: MRI of affected area. I had one done and it showed the silicone, but there was no damage or infection. I also contacted a plastic surgeon who I sent my MRI to. He was very open and honest. He advised me that if I did not have any issues pertaining to the silicone, I should not bother it, and I totally agreed with him.

I hope this has helped someone, and I pray for anyone who maybe suffering. My heart is with you, take care of yourselves, and vow to never be a victim again! LIVE, LEARN, AND PURSUE HAPPINESS! May God be with you all!

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