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I am 22 years old and weigh 166. I have been yoyo...

I am 22 years old and weigh 166. I have been yoyo dieting since I was 15 and always end up back at 166. I have probably spent thousands already in an attempt to lose weight, and would probably spend way more than the lipo in the future. So I figured that I would win this war of the weight now and save myself the headache and vicious cycle of weight loss. I live in FL and am always in a bathing suit or cute summery outfit, and I want to look good and be confident. I hate jiggling when I walk or having my thighs rub together.

I am getting my arms, bra roll, abs, love handles, entire thigh areas, and banana roll for $9,000. Apparently Smart Lipo Ultra is more expensive, but I really don't care how expensive it is. Is there anyone out there who has had Ultra? How much did you pay?

The doctor said I will be in surgery for 5 hours. I am scheduled for 4/23. I need to get it on a Saturday, and my doctor is making a special exception for me. Who wouldn't for a $9,000 operation??

Hey everyone!! I had my smart lipo ultra done...

Hey everyone!! I had my smart lipo ultra done yesterday!!! They said they couldnt do my arms because it was mostly skin, not fat. And they only tightened my bra roll area because there was no fat there either. I thought any area of my body that I could grab was, fat, but apparently not. Anyways, this is how my experience has gone so far.

Day of procedure: I got there at 7:30am. They gave me my medicine (which I was nervous to take because I've never taken Xanax or Oxycodone in my life), and I changed into the paper underwear and bra. The doctor marked me up and put me on the table. The worst part is the numbing shot. I have 3 tattoos, but that still hurt just as bad. After that, the second most painful part happened: the tumescent(or however you spell it) fluid. This hurts soooo friggen bad. Once it is all numb, then he used the fat melter and sucker on my abs first. It tickled a little by the hip bone, and hurt a little as he got closer to the ribs. It was really funny because he did the right side first, and I could tell the difference from the left side. It looked like a hill! After my abs and part of my love handles, he flipped me on my side to finish the lovehandles. I was disgusted with how much fat came out of those babies. Next was the bra roll. First he tried the fat sucker, but nothing came out and it hurt (which is a sign there is no fat there). So instead he tightened the area. Then for the worst area EVER: my thighs. This hurt like a b*tch. I had my banana roll, outer, and inner thigh done. Every single part of the procedure on my thighs hurt. He said that since I have so much muscle, it hurts to separate the fat from the muscle. I was like whatever, just suck it out! The most fat came from my outer and inner thighs (I was face down and couldn't see the banana roll fat). I really had to pee, but he said the only thing I could do was pee in a bed pan. I changed my mind and decided to hold it. When it was all finished, it took about 4 hours. I don't know if I was high on drugs or what, but it did not feel like 4 hours, and I was awake the whole time. He said most people fall asleep in the first 30 minutes, but not me! So afterwards, I had to stand up as the fat and blood and whatever else comes out dripped down my body and the nice assistant cleaned it up. She bandaged me all up. Then I had to get butt naked in front of her as she put the garment on me. My fiance picked me up and we went home. I changed the dressings when I got home, then I watched tv and fell asleep for 3 hours. I pretty much parked my swollen @$$ on the couch all night. I took a sponge bath and push more nasty stuff out of the wounds. Then my fiance put all of my new bandages on.

That night: I went to sleep on plastic and a towel. I could only sleep on my back, which I usually do but I like the option of switching positions. At 3am I really needed to pee, but I couldnt get out of bed! After some moaning and groaning, my fiance woke up and helped me.

Day 1 afer procedure: This morning, I got out of bed all by myself! My whole body is sore, but my abs are the worst. It is hard to stand up straight and it just hurts really bad. I have no comparison for it. Some people relate it to being sore after a workout, but I think it is much much worse.I have one more Oxycodone and one more Xanax. I must use them wisely. I am figuring that the pain will only get better, so I better take the Oxycodone today. I am staying home today in my garment and underwear and will probably sit on the couch ALL DAY AGAIN!!! More updates to come. I want to wait until I can see a real difference before putting pictures up. I can tell a difference in my stomach because I can see my vag!na, but I am still pretty swollen.

Day 2: I have been so sick of laying on my back,...

Day 2: I have been so sick of laying on my back, so last night, I tried rolling on my side to sleep. It hurt at first, but then I went to sleep. My drainage is tapering off now. I am using bandaids on my back, and 1/4 pieces of pads on everything else. My outer thighs are still draining more, so I am using half pads on those. I went to the dentist today for 2 fillings. I drove and I am going to the supermarket later (after I can feel the left side of my face). Not gunna lie, its a little hard covering up this garment when I live in FL and its pretty toasty outside. I bought long maxi dresses and cardigans, but you can still see the front of the garment. I have taken two bird baths already. They aren't painful at all. What does hurt is the spot where the tape ripped off my skin. I was amazed that hurt instead of the holes in my skin. Go figure! I am seeing a little bit more of a difference today. More updates to come!

Dr. Salvador

Dr. Salvador is such a great doctor. He makes you feel really comfortable. He puts on music and makes a lot of jokes.

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