Finally Something That Works! Obagi Nu Derm System - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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I just wanted to share with everyone my amazing...

I just wanted to share with everyone my amazing results with the obagi system. I felt I had tried many things for melasma and was feeling very discouraged. My dermatologist recommended this and I couldn't be happier. I'm 3.5 weeks through and the results thus far are superb. Unfortunately, it does not come at an easy price. The peeling is very uncomfortable and ugly to be honest. Sometimes my face burns when I apply sun block, and afte the exfoderm it turns red. There is some itchiness too. But I think it's a temporary price for something that I hope will be long term, even if it requires maintanence.

I need help...

So I did 2 cycles of the Obagi system and everything was going great. Then my derm said it was time to go on a maintenance system because the hydroquinone is not a long term thing. The new maintenance thing she gave me was the brightening complex called Lytera (SkinMedica LYTERA Skin Brightening Complex). However, this isn't working for me! I feel like my spots are getting darker again and I'm falling off the cloud that Obagi put me on. I was feeling so great about my appearance and my spots but now it's all going back. I don't know what to do. Does anyone have any suggestions? Ideas? I am trying to make an appointment this week with the derm to see what other options she has but I thought I could use some real experience advice and talk to her about any suggestions you may have. Thanks in advance!

Onto something new...

After the Obagi had fabulous results and I stopped using it, the spots came back. It's been a tough time dealing with it especially after all the peeling/redness/itching/tightness experienced during the Nu derm system. It's like...I went through ALL that and for what? :( As you may have seen, I have been looking for new ways to fight this. I tried Lytera with no success, I tried Brightenex for a month and finally gave in and went to the dermatologist again. They recommended Tri-luma. Which after 3 days of using it the marks are significantly lighter! It has hydroquinone which seems to be the only thing that works right now. But since my dermatologist has said that Brightenex is one of the best things out there...and I just need to give it time, I decided that once Tri-luma has worked to where I am comfortable, I will switch to brightenex which is non-hydroquinone and see if it actually maintains my results. I am also trying to see if this is an internal issue. I've done SO much research. New things are coming up but I am also trying old stuff. Most notably MSM, pycnogenol & supplements for adrenal fatigue. It may be that, it may not...but I will try this for a few months and see where it takes us. Good luck to everyone! I've experienced a lot of irritability and depression because of this. It's amazing how much this can affect a person and much more research and studies should be done on the subject. If I have good progress and I can narrow down a specific cause I will be sure to share with you all!
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