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New and Beautiful Breast coming soonFriday and I...

New and Beautiful Breast coming soonFriday and I am so nervous. Had my pre-op and I actually got teary eyed! I thought I was a thug but this very to! LOL! Never had a surgery a day in my life so pretty anxious about the anesthesia. Tried posting some b4 pix but it's acting up. I've been saying goodbye to my breast every time I get undressed! So excited for them to leave and NEVER come back!

Well, the surgery is over and now comes the hard...

Well, the surgery is over and now comes the hard part...recovery. I am so glad I chose Dr. Lickstein as my cosmetic surgeon bc the man worked a miracle. I wish my b4 pix would load so u could see where I can't from and what my breast look like now. I had ultra saggy breast with a lot of fat on the sides which made me look really really wide. He took about two pounds of fat from each side to take off some of the width. Then he placed my breast the highest I've seen them since high school! I wasn't the the easiest to wake up from the anesthesia. The nurses said I was kicking and moaning like crazy. That was bc I got to my surgery late dealing with my mom! The recovery/healing process is a HORRIBLE! I'm not gonna even sugar coat it for u. I just thank God I have a wonderful Dr who was more than willing to come to the office when it was closed & on his day off to change my bandages and see how I'm doing. I mean I have an official post op appt on Monday but he took time out from his weekend to check on me. How sweet/awesome, right?! Well, I hope day three is a lot nicer than day one and two. TTYS

Post Op Day #4 and things are starting to look up!...

Post Op Day #4 and things are starting to look up! My first two days were absolutely HORRIBLE. Don't get me wrong, I'm not all roses are red but I'm not in as much pain as the first two days. My Dr want lying when he mentioned that if I can get through Day 1 & Day 2, it'll be a lot smoother. The leaking is a little gross but I know it's to be expected. The nerves in my nipple are trying hard to reconnect bc the sharp pain is a hint. I'm so glad I have friends and family keeping me in good spirits but the constant laughter can't be good. I can't wait for my breast to drop and heal but that comes with time. Results definitely a waiting game so I'm trying my best to wait.

Hi ladies! Today marks my Day 6 post-op and I can...

Hi ladies! Today marks my Day 6 post-op and I can honestly say...I FEEL GREAT! Don't get me wrong I still have pain spasms but I feel a lot better than Day 1 & Day 2! They should have a pill to knock you out till Day 3! LOL! Today my nipples got hard out of nowhere which is a great sign! My nipple wasn't removed which was a selling point for me to stick with Dr. Lickstein. I'm so happy I didn't lose nipple sensation bc I'm young and actually like my nipple sensation. Sorry if that was TMI. LOL! I really think taking Make Me Heal Pre-op and Post-op vitamin program helped out. It gets your body ready for the surgery and helps with recovery. Check out www.makemeheal.com for more info. Well, my next follow up appt is next Thursday and I hope Dr.Lickstein has some great news about my recovery. I think I'm coming along well and so happy I can honestly say that.

So my recovery was going great until today. I've...

So my recovery was going great until today. I've been itching like crazy! I thought the itching phase came later on in the recovery and within the first 10 days. I don't know how much longer I can take this even though my next appt is on Thursday. How did u ladies deal with the itching? I'll gladly take any suggestions.

So, I had a horrible itching moment the other day...

So, I had a horrible itching moment the other day but thank God it's over! Turns out I had perfume on one of my shirts I wore that day and it caused the itching. I guess my skin has gotten use to bring stripped of perfumes and oils due to me using the antibacterial soap. Just glad it stopped itching.
On a another note...My post op vitamins have worked wonders. My bruising is minimal so is the pain, swelling and etc. I have been using Make Me Heal as well as Arnica tablets. I found out about both from the website and other Plastic Surgeons. Ask your PS if u can use them bc it will reduce ur recovery as well as make a nice recovery. Ok, that's all till my appt on with the wonderful Dr. Lickstein. Such an HONEST yet sweet guy.

Had my follow-up yesterday and got some great news...

Had my follow-up yesterday and got some great news...Dr. Lickstein says I'm coming along great! I absolutely LOVE my results this far and he says that nothing really will change. My breasts are so perky and most importantly they are a single D! I used to be a DDD/E and I'm so glad to be apart of the itty bitty committee! LOL! Even tho I'm still in my 20s, it has been awhile since I've been a single D. I hit puberty around 9 and there was no stopping my breasts from growing especially when I gained weight. I'm glad these bad boys are under control now and smaller. The key now is to not gain weight or at least never go back to 265 pound woman I once was. I'll never see that woman again bc I hated how sad and miserable I was at that weight. I have about 30 more pounds to lose but I just hope my new boobs don't get smaller bc I would hate to get an implant so fingers crossed. Before I go, I have a funny story...So my Dr comes in and right out the gate he says u look great! As a matter of fact u look a while lot better than u did the first two days! I mean u look like death came over u but I'm happy to see that you're back to ur old self! LOL! Funny guy, huh?! At first, I was like Dang but I knew exactly what he was talking about bc I looked like pure HELL those first two days. Just glad to be out of the woods and moving along in my recovery. Hope everyone is having a speedy recovery! Happy results!

Hey ladies! My recovery is coming along fairly...

Hey ladies! My recovery is coming along fairly well and I'm truly happy with my results. I find myself staring in the mirror whenever I take off my garment. I can't believe how perky the girls are now! I mean about 3 weeks ago my breasts were literally laying on my stomach and now they are back in their rightful place. Still have some pain, redness, soreness, stiffness bit we are moving in the right direction. The skin glue had started to come off and it freaked me out at first. I thought something wrong had happened but then I noticed it was thankful just skin glue. With the skin glue disappearing, my incision lines are revealed and they are nice. When I researched other Cosmetic Surgeons, they had some pretty horrible and jagged incisions but not Dr. Lickstein! His precise incision was BIG reason why I chose Dr. Lickstein. The only concern I have is there are two stitches that are hanging out of my skin since they haven't fully dissolved. I addressed at my last post op appt but he said to see if it's still there when I have my next post op appt. I definitely will. As far as meds, I stopped taking the prescription pain meds and just taking Aleve and Make Me Heal Post-op vitamins. Well, Happy Healing and Speedy Recovery to all of u!

Hey ladies! I can't believe I'm about to be 6...

Hey ladies! I can't believe I'm about to be 6 weeks post op on Friday! Had a post op appt on Monday and Dr. Lickstein says I'm doing really good. He was impressed with how far along I am healing wide and gave me the green light to get back to exercising. Thank goodness because my muscles are so weak and I don't feel like myself. Plus I still have 30 pounds to lose to reach my goal. In November I have a tummy tuck with Dr. Salama who will also perform my BBL! Gotta reach my goal b4 November so wish me luck.

Loving my new smaller yet perky breasts!

I'm still loving my new breasts! Whenever I take off my clothes, I just stop in the mirror to stare at them and hold them. LOL! I can't even remember the last time all of my breasts fit in one hand. I absolutely LOVE my boobs! My nipples still have sensation and I love that! No complaints! I did notice that one areola is oval and another is circular. Then again no part of the body is exactly the same size/shape. Plus, I had horrific breasts before that had absolutely no shape. I'm at peace with my results and would do it again with Dr. Lickstein! I'm just curious to see if they'll get small when I start my intense workout. Only time will tell tho.


Hi Ladies,
I had the privilege of seeing my first yet favorite PS, Dr. Lickstein! He says that I'm coming along great and my skin heals very well. He also said my scars look above average. I had concerns and so did he about my scars around my areola . I go back in two months and off they're not better by then, he'll fix them. I just can't believe how everything is coming together. I mean he did an AMAZING job. I just have to keep up my scar therapy which is definitely a must. I told him how I'm getting a BBL and he was so cool about it. He warned me about the fat dying and other side effects. I asked him if he would do my aftercare since Dr. Salama's office is about two hours away and he obliged without hesitation. I LOVE DR. LICKSTEIN! Hope everyone is healing well!
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