33 Yrs Old, 2 Beautiful Girls, 325cc/285cc Sientra Textured Round, Moderate Plus, Anchor BL/BA - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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Hello RS family! I am getting a much needed breast...

Hello RS family! I am getting a much needed breast lift with implants and contemplating a tummy tuck. I am having a mix of emotions now...as many of you know between the excitement and nervous feelings I find myself having sleepless nights, especially the closer I get to my surgery date. This is a procedure I've wanted for years, over a decade, so I finally decided to get it done now! I am a single mother so this week will be dedicated cleaning, grocery shopping and preparing for surgery. I can't believe it's almost here!

Pre-op Picture

I can't wait to say goodbye to these sag bags!


There are so many things going on in my head...originally my ps told me we were going with Mentor silicones so of course I do my research on them and read reviews....only to find out that he wants to use Sientra textured cohesive silicones. I just started researching and it doesn't seem bad but I need help from you ladies...if you have had Sientra please post a short review with your thought, concerns, etc. Also, I am on the fence with profiles... what are your thought on high profile and moderate plus profiles?

High profile Vs Moderate plus?

So my patient coordinator called me this morning-so glad she did! Because I was able to discuss my concerns with hp and mp; she told me that she would have the PS call me to explain....sure enough 15 min later he called to explain, so now I'm pretty confident with the moderate plus decision! One less worry down!

TOMORROW I say hello to my new twins!

Oh my...the days flew by and I can't believe tomorrow is my day! I've wanted this procedure over a decade. And now it's here. Still nervous, excited, and scared but I've been praying and placed it in God's hands. Please pray that everything goes as planned and for a speedy recovery.
On another note, I ordered bromelian and arnica supplements from amazon and have not received them as of yet. I am going to Walgreens to see if they have them.
My daughter (11 yrs old) is excited and plans to play to "Happy" when I'm finished lol.

Today I am going to prepare and cook 2 meals and finish cleaning... I gave my house a deep cleaning to prep for my surgery. Which took most of my time all week.

I forgot to mention that the PS office called to see if I could change my surgical time from 7:45 am to 7:00 am... I told them that it was ok. I will eventually get my rest later that day. I'm also excited to get out earlier also. I probably won't sleep at all the night before.

My boyfriend's mother is flying in from ohio to help take care of me and the girls...how sweet! My mother is also driving here from Orlando...also my sweetheart...she really can't do much because she has been having back problems from a recent accident...but her presence will be monumental along with her prayers.

On the full and perky side...with PAIN!

We'll ladies I officially have full and perky tatas! I've been in bed most of the day. Surgery went well and lasted for about 2.5 hours. I haven't seen them yet but from what I can see they are fabulous and I'm excised to really see them! My man is so helpful and has been doing a phenomenal job with taking care of me. I love him so much! The moms are excellent as well...they have been entertaining the girl and caring for them.
Ohhh my heavens...the pain is horrible! It feels like someone pounded and broke my chest...well essential that's exactly what they did! When does the pain subside? I can't imagine feeling this way a a week! I need it to stop...When will it stop? Lol...


Right After surgery...

More views...different angles.

Too big?

I have been feeling depressed for the last few days...so I haven't posted anything..., I feel like my breasts are way too big and shaped weird. I went and had my Post-op yesterday and my PS told me that my breast implants will drop in 3 weeks. So I guess it's just a waiting game. Is it too early to talk about revisions???

Bye bye Percocet...and Muscle relaxers!

I had to stop taking this stuff! It made me extremely loopy and I hate that feeling. Plus I haven't had a BM in 5 days! ???? I picked up some extra strength Tylenol yesterday. I will take 2 pills every 6-7 hours... It's Not much pain relief but at least I feel like I'm in control and not sleeping all day! PS says no to ibuprofen.

Enough said...this did it!

Beachin it...But no surfing for me :(

I've been taking surf lessons for the past 2 months. But of course I can't surf now...
I am at the beach with the girls, my boyfriend, and mother-n-law. They are having a blast...and surfing it up! :)
With saying that; how soon do you all think I can get back out there in the water and surf???...it's a great exercise!
Btw...today I am starting to feel much better...just a little sore but nothing big! I haven't felt this good since I had surgery!

Tape Blisters :(

So, it seems like I'm the only unfortunate one who got these horrible tape blisters. I'm currently using bio oil and raw shea butter on them to help heal and get my color back.

Nipple Sensations--one on...one off!

Currently I have loss of sensation in one of my nipples and hypersensitivity in the other. Even though I feel electric shocks going through both my breasts and nipples, when I touch the right nipple I still have no sensation. :( But I did some research and discovered that sensations can return within 3 months up to 2 years...it also discussed that electric shock feeling-- it stated that it may be the nerve waking up! Ladies please pray and keep your fingers crossed that all who loss sensations, will get our sensations back! This is important to our sexuality... Blessings....

Loving My Results

I am at a happy place now with my bl/ba! They are forming quite beautifully as most of the swelling has gone down and the are beginning stop drop into a gorgeous shape. I wish I could keep the size I'm at now 34 DD- however with only 14 days post op, I may still have some swelling. I guess I sound like the majority..."I wish I went bigger!" But all in all I totally love them and can't wait to see them when they are all healed! To my veterans-what can I expect from here on out? What happens when they drop and fluff...will they get bigger???


I can't keep my eyes off them...lol! Every day they are changing and forming beautifully. I am completely ecstatic over them! My PS told me right after surgery that they came out better than he expected-he was right! :D

Should I always sleep on an incline?

This morning I woke up with increased soreness and swelling in my left breast. I slept on my back but without the higher incline; could this be the reason? Should I always sleep on a high incline?

A Little Sneak Peak At My Scars

My scars seem to be very thin and flat! I had my 3 week post op on Thursday and my PS told me that everything is healing nicely. Also that my strips can come off on their own or on Sunday, but I'm cautious and just want them to fall off on their own as two have already come off. He explained that they help the incisions...so I want to give them as much of a good chance as they can get. I will see him in 3 weeks to discuss scar therapy, but from the looks of it I won't need much treatment as they seem to be thin and flat-unless this will change in time but I don't anticipate this...what have you ladies discovered with the scar progress over time? Also did you take off your strip or did you let them fall off and when???

Nipple Placment

My tape finally came off and I discovered my areola are not even. This is upsetting, they are about an inch off. I havey next post op next week and definitely going to bring this up. Is anyone else going through this? Or has had a revision because of this?? If so, please let me know what to expect.

Uneven Areola

Here is a better view, my right breast is lower than my left. I don't think this will correct itself...going to talk about a revision. This makes me sad... :(

Revision completed!

It has been a year and I have finally completed my revision to fill in my right breast with a fat transfer (from right hip) and slightly lift both breasts. As of today my breast look even and I hope doesn't change. I will update soon.
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