450CC HP revision done !!! 32DDD-34DD

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So I had my surgery February 17th and I was...

So I had my surgery February 17th and I was originally really nervous that the pain was going to consume me and I was going to cry after it and hate my results. I'm day 3 post op right now and have to say I haven't needed pain meds or much assistance with anything besides getting out of bed. There is no real PAIN just a very high uncomfortable level. I feel like I have two boulders sitting on my chest. But it's getting a little more bearable as the days go on. I visited my PS today and he said everything is on schedule and looking amazing and Monday he's going to teach me the massages. I did everything so quickly but so far I am happy with the results. Since I'm posting after my surgery I'll still attach pictures from my wish pics and what not.

Tomorrow marks two weeks.

My healing process is going pretty well. I was able to return to work with no problems and at my one week appointment everything was looking good. I am able to sleep on my sides now with no problem. And feel no pain normally just some tightening towards the top of the implant after a long day.

I am a little bit worried though. I am noticing my boobs have gotten closer together within the week and I am nervous they will or are starting to look too close together? I could very well be paranoid but what do you ladies think ? Am i over reacting?


So I've been super paranoid that I'm going to end up with a "uniboob" because my boobs are getting so close together after only two weeks. With that being said, I set up an appointment to see my PS tomorrow even though my next appointment wasn't until the 25th. Really hoping I'm just paranoid and that once they drop they'll space back out a little bit.

A before picture might have helped.

I didn't just have my implants. At the same time I had a fibroadenoma removed and also had my nipples reconstructed. I absolutely hated them before.

Sigh of relief

My PS said I had absolutely nothing to worry about my boobs are a 10/10 and they're healing great. He said they weren't originally super far apart so putting a bigger implant in of course made them a little closer.

I also got biocorneum for the scars. It was a little bit pricey so I'm hoping it really works. $85 for this 'medium' size. But I trust my PS so the $85 should be worth it.

More boobs

I cannot wait until the swelling goes down and my nipples are finally healed. The PS said there is still a lot of swelling and also liquid from where the fibroadenoma was removed. They aren't so swollen today so my boobs look great. The only thing I'm not happy about is that I believe I'm slightly allergic to adhesive/bandages and since I had the strips on for two weeks around the bandages started breaking out which you can see in the pictures. One nipple has so much feeling while the other is slightly numb but slightly has some feeling. So weird.

So sore.

As soon as my PS took the bandages off my nipples today and I put my sports bra back on my nipples have been so sore. The pressure from the bra makes the incision so sore. And when it gets cold my chest tightens up. It's the absolute worst.

16 days post op.

I'm still having trouble believing I'm 16 days post op. Right now I'm still not satisfied with one of my nipples but I'm just hoping it has to do with the swelling. How long until you ladies realized your boobies getting softer and more natural feeling ?

Just a before/after in my favorite bathing suit top

This is my absolute favorite bathing suit top and I was worried I would have to get rid of it after my BA but my boobs just fill it out a little more and there is no need to get rid of it!

Sore nipples...

So my nipples are still sore and itchy where the incision is. I'm still assuming it is from a slight allergic reaction to adhesive. Instead of itching I do a little pat, it doesn't help much but it's better than itching the incision area. My nipples look so weird because of the incision so I cannot wait until they heal it is making me anxious. I started using the scar cream today and it actually smells really good which was exciting for me! 2 times a day. Hopefully they heal soon. Did any ladies have their incision around the nipples? Id love to see your results.

Healing process

One of my boobs is healing faster then the other which I know is normal especially considering the fibroadenoma that was removed which caused a lot more swelling in one boob. My nipples look so funny. I can't wait until they finish healing.

3/10 marks 3 weeks post op.

It's crazy how day by day I see different swelling/changing in my boobs. I'm trying not to look in the mirror at them too much but it's so hard. I'm so judgmental and I am trying not to judge them so harshly because I know they are still healing.

Itchy nipples

so tomorrow marks one month post op. My right boob is still taking it's time healing and now my nipple is very dry and itchy. I've read other places that this is normal and part of the healing process but has anyone actually experienced it? I haven't read about it in any reviews. I went and tried bras on and was really excited although I of course didn't buy any!

Happy One Month Boobversary to Me

Today marks one month since I got my BA. And I will admit it has been a rocky road. No, I haven't been in pain. No, I haven't been uncomfortable. But the healing process is taking a toll on me. Last night I was absolutely hysterical because one was bigger than the other. Today one is bigger than the other but it's NOT the same one that was bigger yesterday. This tells me they're still healing and I need to calm down. But having to think about possibly having to do it again and miss work when I paid so much money to get it right the FIRST time makes me really emotional. I'm very pessimistic and I have no patience which is probably my biggest downfall. I think I just need to "woosah" and let the healing do it's job and WORRY in three months. Or even at my 1 month appointment that is coming up in April.

More boobs.

I love the days when my boobs DONT look super swollen and crazy like today.


The more pictures I take the more confident I am that it's all the healing process which is making me feel like one boob is bigger and rounder than the other. This picture definitely helps me confirm that and makes me a little bit relieved. Pictures day to day definitely show a difference. Sometimes I think I'm crazy because one boob looks bigger one day and the next day the other one is bigger but I have to slow down and remember one month of healing is not enough and they ARE still healing and one boob had more done to it than the other. No one else REALLY notices the difference until I tell them which is probably a good sign. I just need more patience.

Please hurry up and drop, heal, whatever.

I feel even less confident in my boobs now that one has started to drop while the other hasn't. I know it's the healing and that was going to happen but it's making me super paranoid that the other hasn't even started to drop. It's kind of just sitting there like , "I'm my own boss you can't tell me what to do". I take pictures every day to see if I see a difference but right now I don't even want to look in the mirror. Please start dropping.

Today is a good boob day

Both boobs feel nice and soft and squishy and natural. And they both look like they're the same size and they are both really round today ! We are healing pretty well!

Anyone else notice swelling for a long time ?

I'm pretty confident the fibroadenoma made the healing process for my one boob a nightmare. I'm wondering if any of you wonderful ladies had a fibroadenoma removed at the time of your surgery and how the healing went? My one month appointment is in the beginning of April so pretty soon I'll have some real answers. I'm sure it's nothing to worry about but it is so annoying ):

Still sitting high ????

I have no pain anywhere in my boobs. I can sleep on my chest if I wanted to and my incision doesn't bother me either. There is a hard spot under each of my breasts but other than that everything is soft an squishy. However one is still sitting up high. I don't know whether to be worried or not. It makes that particular boob look bigger in pictures but smaller in person if that makes any logical sense. I'm still just thinking it hasn't dropped yet. And I'll be able to find out for sure soon because I see my doctor next week. Hoping all is well and my one side is just healing a lot slower. Fingers crossed right ?

Getting there; slowly but surely.

So anyone that's been keeping up with my posts knows that I've been worried about my boobs being uneven one being bigger than the other and so on. With that being said I had my one month appointment and the PS said I am healing beautifully. I feel guilty because he asked if I loved my boobs and my first response was no because of the unevenness and looking a little bigger/smaller. I could tell that my PS was frustrated with my response which is understandable but I am actually growing to love my boobs. They are FINALLY starting to heal and look the same size and level. Reverting back to my before pictures he showed me that one nipple was lower than the other originally (I never noticed before) and now they're even which I guess with bigger boobs I would have noticed. So I'm happy about that. They're soft and squishy and feel naturally for the most part. I can feel SOME scar tissue that I am still doing the massages on. But other than that I'm at about a 7.5/10 on the love scale and going up daily with the healing process. The best news from the appointment was that I can wear underwire bras which was really surprising to me because it's only been a month and a week. I didn't argue though...

I took my guilt with me to Victoria's Secret and tried their new very sexy line on. I wasn't satisfied the bra I loved made me look like I had terrible "back fat" which was really only because of my terrible posture but posture matters. I had trouble finding any bras in my size and for the heck of it I had someone size me... 34C.... WRONG.

A 34C band is too big by far. I have been wearing 32D even though when I was originally sized I was told a 32DD which I'm believing by the way my boobs pop out of the cups. But needless to say I am still on the bra search. One thing about being small... They always had your size available at the stores.

Comfortable in my skin

Totally starting to enjoy my boobs more and more now that they are more even.

Boobies in clothing!

Someone requested to see what my boobs looked like dressed up. I'm not sure if these are the best pictures but this is what I was able to take! These are all in a bra.

Contemplating having them bigger?

Originally I was supposed to have 400CC during my surgery the PS said 400CC was too big and it was squaring out so he went with 350CC. Originally I thought I was going to like the size. Lately I feel like they are not nearly as full as I wanted them to be , they don't look big from the sides and I feel like they don't look big without a shirt. They look good clothes but I feel like they could be fuller. I'm just wondering what everyone else thinks? Do they look big ? Do they look too small?

Slightly aggravated/confused/ in my feelings.

As most of you know from my last post I've contemplated having my boobs redone. I started thinking I shouldn't mess with them after everyone's comments. There's plenty of reasons myself I don't want to have them redone such as being out of work again, having to heal again, the bloating process, not being able to take care of myself, what if I get a uniboob, and of course what if I still don't like them? On the other hand I've paid $7900 and I haven't fully been satisfied since the very beginning, if I can have them redone why not if I'm not satisfied. The pain also wasn't that bad either so I'm not worried about that. I just don't think my boobs are full enough. And they fit in 3 different size bras some better than others. When I went to Victoria's Secret last they said I was a 34C but I can wear a 32/34 D or a 32DD no problem. I feel like the C and D bras are a little small but they are also push up bras. I am obsessed with the VS very sexy line and also the temptation bras as well. But why did I pay $7900 to go buy more push up bras? I keep trying to find different shirts/tank tops to wear and see if that makes a difference and I still feel like my boobs look small.

Originally I wanted 400CC and the doctor didn't like how they looked when he put them in so he went to 350CC. My next appointment is July 11th and I'm contemplating asking what 375 or 385CC would look like if 400 didn't look good. But I'm really nervous about having this conversation after our last meeting.

I just don't know what to do right now. Maybe I'm just being too picky.

Thought process

I spoke with my aunt about coming with me the next time I go to see my PS and talk to him about my thoughts because as I said before I wasn't too happy with his response about how I felt last time. My aunt got her breast done not too long ago and I think bringing her with me will be a good choice. She thinks that it's not so much the size I don't like as it is the profile. All I know is that I don't feel they're full enough !

My mind is made up.

My next appointment is 7/11 and I am going to talk to my PS about having them redone. I want my boobs to be more full and a big reason I had them done was because I HATED my puffy nipples and even after surgery they are STILL puffy so that also helped me make up my decision.

I think I liked how my boobs looked when they were still swollen. I originally wanted to be a FULL d and like I said I'm NOT full enough. But now I think I want to be a DD.

Feeling impatient!!!

My next appointment isn't until 7/11 and I am 100% certain I want to have my boobs redone. Looking at my original wish pick (look not size) mine look nothing like it. They literally just look like round balls on my chest. Now don't get me wrong they don't make me feel hideous or less feminine or deformed they just are NOT what I want and I don't know if I can wait until July to discuss this with my PS. Ugh. I'm so impatient.

So impatient

Now that I finally made up my mind about having my boobs redone. I'm probably going to call and get my July 11th appointment moved up. The more I look the more I see how uneven my nipples are which I had to pay extra for. So I'm definitely going to call. I'm tired of waiting to give them more time. They're not going to get bigger over time. Plus since my boobs aren't how I want them currently I think I've been obsessed with wish pictures even more than I was before I got the original surgery. And I know he can give me the results I want because he did my friends surgery and she has the look I want. I think he just wanted to look too natural and not go too big but by doing that I think he just went too small. I want side boob!!! Lol and MORE volume up top.. The noticeable part of the breast.

Appointment day.

My PS still loves my results but I told him I don't still. They don't have the full roundness I want and projection that I want isn't there either. He said we could do a revision but he thinks they are perfect. So the finance lady came in and said it'd be an additional $2300 and I told her that's insane because now I'm paying for the results that I originally asked for. So she is going to try and get me a better rate at $1400 which I am okay with for results I will like.

September 12th.

I haven't been very happy with my results for a while now. I didn't get the whole "side boob" look I wanted or the cleavage either. I want my boobs to be very round up top and they're just not and I don't want to wear push up bras to achieve that look. I also hate my nipples STILL which is a little disheartening considering I didn't that that would be a difficult fix. But all that matters is that I'm getting it redone. Hopefully these results will be better than the last. I want fuller volume up top so were going to 400CC high profile vs 350CC moderate. I also don't want my areolas to look like giant hills when they aren't hard. The original surgery in my opinion just made my areola bigger to me which I'm also not a fan of but I am hopeful everything will get resolved.


Ladies how would you rate your revisions? More or less painful? Or about the same? Also how long til you were up and running again?

Feeling a little depressed

I had my preopp today and I'm just regretting my entire decision to get my boobs done in the first place. I wish I could rewind time and save all this money. I can clearly tell my PS does not like the fact I want a revision and want to go bigger. He doesn't try to hide it or if he does he doesn't do it very well. After our talk today I was told my nipples can't be "fixed" anymore but having bigger breast MAY help. Informed that I would be having local anesthesia so I'll be in and out which I was pleased about. But as I was checking out he came up to me and made another comment about going bigger and when I said yeah that's what I want he just stared at me. And the front desk girl said "it's personal preference" and he gave her a dirty look and walked away. I obviously insulted him in some way and I feel bad about that. But I paid WAY too much money for this. I'm just hoping my final results will be satisfying. I'm nervous.


I have been fairly nervous about the revision thinking maybe it was a bad idea, maybe I'm being unrealistic, maybe I'm trying to go too big. But today came and I got up and I went. It was a slower process than before because I was awake and I had to take some Valium and get two shots in the top of my butt lol. I was literally talking to everyone the entire time. It was the weirdest feeling of my life though because he had to stretch my skin and it was literally the most annoying pain but it wasn't unbearable. I got up and walked out and I'm feeling pretty fine right now. I feel like they already look so much better. I'm happy right now and the plastic surgeon was so nice today.


So I've been in and out of pain since the valium wore off and I've also been nauseous. I just took 2 pills and immediately after threw them up ): but I can get up and sit up all by myself. I just can't turn to much. I think the hardest part was sitting on the table with my skin being pulled and tugged at and then puking. I'm NOT a fan of puking i burst out in tears every time, it just makes me feel absolutely disgusting. But other than that I'm doing pretty well. I can't wait until they start healing to see if they'll give me the look I want in clothes. I feel like I already like them better and they don't seem much bigger but they seem big enough especially from the side.

350 MP vs 450HP

I hate this part of the healing stage where one is more swollen than the other so one looks a lot bigger ???? I can't wait til they heal. The PS had to stretch out the "capsule" so I'm assuming healing is gunna be awhile. Ladies who had revisions how long til they dropped and fluffed again ?!

Out and about today

Treating myself a little before I go back to work tomorrow and I have to say I love how my boobs look today.

Finally worth it

After my revision and going to high profile I finally like how my boobs look. If I wouldn't have done the revision I wouldn't have been happy so it was absolutely worth it to do.

Unfortunately, I did get some hard scar tissue under the revision scars. But the tops are very soft and squishy. I have what I believe is my finally visit with my PS tomorrow so hopefully he can give me some ideas on how to break the scar tissue up. And my "cute Victoria's secret" bra collection is completely out the door. I didn't take into account that getting my BA would make my bra selection less cute. It almost makes me not want to buy a bra anymore. But unfortunately my hard nipples are a dead give away so a bra is still a must ):

One silly question I have is do you lady's feel your implants when you play with your boobs ? When I'm laying down poking at them and squeezing them I feel like I can feel the implant and before the revision I don't remember feeling them.

Also did anyone have any crazy break outs around their boobs after their BA ? As soon as my BA was done my chest broke out really bad in what appeared to look like pimples but they never became poppable or got any type of head (tmi I know. Sorry) they're just red. No itching or anything. Just not cute. Wondering if anyone had a similar experience.

Such a long journey so far

It's been a while since my last review. I was super happy with how my new girls looked. I've had a couple visits since then which have had my anxiety on high alert. One of my implants is a little harder than the other and I generally thought nothing of it. I just thought it was scar tissue and that was my luck. But after an appointment I had about a month and a half ago the doctor told me one of the capsules was hard and wrote a prescription for me. I can't remember the name of it not but it is supposed to normally help with asthma. (Not singular) and then I went in to see him again about a month and a half later which ended up being a few days ago. The doctor said that the implant feels better and wrote the prescription for me for another two months and I go back in one month to be checked on again.

The implants still look round and no mishapes so far but I'm just worried that if this medication doesn't work I will have to have yet another surgery to correct the issue. On top of that I had to wait for the medication to come in because no local pharmacy actually carried it.

I've had a very long journey with these girls and it's not yet over and of course on of the implants looks like it has a dent in it ????
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