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I will be having Breast Augmentation on the 2nd...

I will be having Breast Augmentation on the 2nd with Dr. Delange. I was very impressed with his staff, facility and his bed side manner. I had been to a couple other physicians and knew that I was in the right place the minute I met with Dr. Delange. His assessment was perfect with the type of lifestyle I live and what I wish to accomplish look wise for myself. I cannot wait for these two weeks to fly by!


So my surgery got pushed back another week, no anesthesiologist available, so ill be having it done on the 9th. I still go in Tuesday for my pre-op...I was really looking forward to Friday! :/


Meds were perscribed, final questions were asked and we are ready to go! I did a lot of google-ing after my consult and we decided on a "over" the muscle approach and I couldn't remember why, so that was my big question. As capillary contraction is at a higher rate...and that scares me (.02% to 1.2%). Dr. Delanges approach will be perfect. After discussion, I lost 30 pounds last year and my breast size drastically reduced as well as sagged. If we were to go under the muscle (I still have quite a bit of boob: B cup) I would get a "snoopy" face affect and the would essentially hang over. Going over the muscle and the the fascia will pull them up for a natural lift without the snoop...ok, now I'm satisfied :) I also got to try on sizers, as I didn't do them at my consult. I knew I wanted big, but my height and shape I'm able to hold a lot more than I originally thought. To get the look I'm desiring I'm looking at a 600-650cc. This will give me the fullness, natural lift and size I want! So Friday it is....AND, wanted to throw on there, if your having trouble finding before and afters I searched Beverly Hills PS and found what I was looking for. Friday here I come!!!

Tomorrow is "B" day!!!

Final call from anesthia and my PCC and I'm SET! 11:30 is my scheduled appointment time...can't come fast enough, I hope I can sleep! Farewell small depleted breasts HELLO TA-TAS!!! :)
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