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I have been on RS for over a year...FAITHFULLY....

I have been on RS for over a year...FAITHFULLY. Unfortunately I'm unable to upload my pictures from my EVO. I wanna thank all of my bbl sistahs for sharing their experience. They have given me the courage to have this procedure.

Although I'm not using one of the doctors listed. I'm condident in my. Surgeon. I'm scheduled for tomorrow @ 9:00 am. Hopefully I will be feeling good enough to post. I wis everybody luck, happy healing and a speexy recovery. Gonna get some rest for tomorrow. ALL PRAYERS ARE APPRECIATED!

I'm 19 days today, I'm back to my old self...100%....

I'm 19 days today, I'm back to my old self...100%. Sorry, but I'm unable to post my before and after pictures....I have an EVO phone. My surgery went well, I didn't have drains and a DEEP sedation, not general. I'm not sure if this is why I recovered so fast. I am 5'8 and weight 144lbs. I had a little stomach due to 2 pregnancies. My stomach is completely FLAT, but my buttocks does NOT have the VOLUME nor PROJECTION that I was expecting...actually, I'm the same size pants and panties. I still don't fill out my pants or shorts. Dresses, flat as an iron board...UGH! Unfortunately, I had butt implants 10yrs ago, which had to be removed 2 days later, I accumulated a $150,000 hospital bill and almost died. My ps told me he wasn't able to inject a lot of fat due to a lot of scar tissue. I wish I had known this, I would have NOT had the bbl procedure done. I had seen and read so many blogs on RS from ladies smaller then me, receiving 700-900cc in each cheek. I was wishing for the same results...just my luck and wishful thinking. My ps has offered to do a 2 round...but I'm unsure if its worth it. 2 of my sister and myself had the bbl procedure on the same day, different city. Their butt are triple my size. My family could not believe that all 3 of us had the same procedure, I was ASHAME, embarrassed and upset. I'm not sure if I'm going to leave my body as is or go for round 2. Really don't have the funds nor time to take off from work. I wish everybody luck with their bbl procedures. Oh, the make me heal vitamins gave me headaches, so I discontinued them after 2 days pre op.

I am 32 days post op. I am feeling GREAT! I have...

I am 32 days post op. I am feeling GREAT! I have been contemplating IF I should go for a round two. I have been trying to GAIN weight, hoping that the fat will go to my derriere. Lol. Again, wishful thinking.. its going to my stomach.. I have a post op appointment Monday, so I will discuss my options; possible 2nd round. This time I will take wish picture. May have been a lack of communication the first time. I didn't take picture, only told the doctor what I wanted. I will update regarding my appointment. Good luck to all my bbl sistahs!

2 round bbl

Looking for a Dr. for round 2. Last and final procedure.

Consultation with Dr. Ortega

I've had an consultation with Dr. Mel Ortega in Miami. I'm so excited and satisfied with his advice on sculpting me. I didn't feel rushed, he examined me and explained everything. I am definitely choosing him as my surgeon. The patient coordinator is knowledgeable as well, disnt pressure for money, showed me the dr available dates and a few of her personal before and after photos. My experience was over all good. It was mention that dr. Ortega is cheaper at CG then at Spectrum, does anyone know WHY?

Present/current photos from round 1 bbl

Sx April 2015

Sx April 2015...2 weeks post op

Sx April 2015...2 weeks post op, loosing volume FAST! ????

disappointed and frustrated

Still loosing volume! Ugh

before and after...i'm STILL swollen!

NO difference!

2 days shy from 3 weeks...less volume than i started with!

So dissatisfied...???? I contempted on round 2 for 3 years. Canceled then rescheduled 3 times. I almost walked away and forfeit the $3500, because I was so NERVOUS from having another selective surgery. I hope I'm not being negative, not my intentions. Just sharing my journey. Unfortunately, I can't advise anyone on what to do...I did everything recommended on RS and my coworkers who'd had the procedure done with hasan, fisher and ortega. All 9 of them looks GREAT, hardly lost any volume; even the 4 who weight was less than me. Per the operative report, 1600 cc's was removed and 800cc's was injected in each cheek; I thought 800cc's was a lot...but I'm reading rs sisters are receiving over 1200cc's each cheek. Maybe i need 1200cc's and over; I'm sorta tall/5'8 or maybe my age is a factor...idk. Wishing everybody the BEST luck!

Thanks for the DM's...very ENCOURAGING!

THANKS for putting me back on track, I have been directed to read 5 posts, ALL were DEVASTATING rs journey's. My heart going out to you'll..im so sorry for pain and experience. They've encountered serious medical issues. NEGLECT. Yet they continued to post their journeys. I SINCERELY THANK YOU FOR REACHING OUT TO ME...I also APOLOGIZES for being upset and disappointed with my results...TRULY sorry. I shall pick up and move on as you all have. I have added ALL of you to my prayer list, it could of been me. One has to be mindful when having surgery. The exact SAME doctor can give DIFFERENT results; a lot of doctors are CONTRACTED with these facility's, work at multiple facility's and in the state of Florida the doctors don't have to carry malpractice insurance; all those additional hospital visits, wound clinics, missed time for work, follow up with another PS and the mental stress...is NOT the original PS responsibility. Not to mention all of the games the coordinator's play, working on commission. Also, Recovery care is just as important as preop. Be in control of your own care, don't settle or make excuses for these places. This applies to myself as well, lesson learnt. Thank God it wasn't fatal. Again, thanks for taking the time out to reach to me, bringing me back to my senses; selfish of me. Smh! Everyone be safe and blessed!
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