28 2 Kids Excited for Part 2 of my Mommy Makeover TT & BBL- Palm Beach, FL

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After having 2 kids, they have taken a toll on my...

After having 2 kids, they have taken a toll on my body and I want it back. Boobs... Check. Tummy... Coming soon. My initial plan was to get a tummy tuck. Then I thought about breast augmentation. So then I was going to do both together but I ended up going the breast augmentation first for various reasons. Now I'm 10 wks post op from that and desperately awaiting my TT.


Photos were taken in Nov 2013 when I started seriously researching MM. These photos were after dinner. Tummy skin doesn't look as loose in the pic than it actually is.

Surgery simulator

What's the plastic surgery simulator everyone is using?

14 wks 1day

So I ordered the body by Victoria wireless bra a while back in 36d which I figured would be to big because it's a fuller coverage bra and it def was. I finally tried it on in the store last wk. 34d was too small which I already knew but the sales lady insisted I try it on. 34dd they didn't have in store so I ordered one online I'm waiting for and 36c fits perfectin the band and the cups squish them a bit but still comfy. I'll see what works better when I get the 34dd although I'm sure the band will be too right, which I don't mind cause it'll stretch and I'm getting my back liposuctioned when I get my bbl


Please ladies, I need help putting together a post op supply list. And for anyone who has had a TT and bbl together, sleeping and sitting positions and supplies. Thx!!

need this belly gone

So gross

37 days left

Thus tummy needs to go

Got a vs card

So I went to the outlets today found these cute little dresses you know the one that's fitted up top, sleeveless and flares on the bottom. These r cheap everywhere now because they're out of season. ($12 american eagle outfitters). Anyways I went to Victoria's Secret website to see if they still have the one like that I saw but the sidecut and they didn't but they not only the secret rewards cards but you get 2 secret rewards cards so I couldn't refuse that offer. Plus bras ship free and free panty with bra purchase. I put a few things in my cart then it tells me you're preapproved for a card. 2.5 yrs ago I got this offer in the mail and threw it away because I didn't shop at Victoria's secret because they're over priced. But after havin my BA a few months before their semi annual sale totally messed me up. I bought so much stiff during that sale, but I got a lot of deals. I would get coupon after coupon and only ship when there was some sort of additional savings. Anyway couldn't pass up the offer this time with my new body in the works so I gave in. Imma get in trouble.... Lol

Great for bbl, tt or combo




Great for bbl/tt or combo of the 2

Wouldn't load yesterday.mlinks r in prior post.

Today is the day

On my way to surgery center. Will update A.S.A.P. PO

Surgery complete

Made kt to the flat size. Surgery took about 4 hrs. My belly burns like I did s
A million sit ups and Lipo areas r sore to touch but I'm ok. Relieved it's finally over.

Recovery going well.

Yesterday I completed my mommy makeover with tt and bbl. I was quite worried about recovery, mainly getting up and down and whether I coukd keep enough pressure off my butt and I bought the perfect item for that. Her is a link http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008GSY8JW/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1. The first few hrs after I woke up my upper abdomen whether the MR was performed was feeling very tight and was burning like I did a bunch of sit ups. Dr advised me when I woke up to take 2 Percocet every 4 hrs and I must say surprisingly hat has completely received any pain. I was originally supposed to get a pain pump but I didnt. To tell u the truth I don't need it so far. My butt was feeling quite stiff and firm and large but that has relieved and gone down some already. There was a lot of fluid and swelling. Very messy. Getting up caused some soreness but very tolerable and got easier and less painful each time. I've been waking up every 1-2 hrs and every time I had to pee and it was a lot surprisingly because I barely drank anything but I guess its from the IV. dr didn't put me in a binder, just a bbl garment that goes up to under my bust. Didn't want to much compression on my belly cause it can cause poor blood circulation. I'm so happy I finally got my tummy fixed I've been waiting doe quite a while. Bbl always icing on the cake. Congrats to Awake2014 can't wait to hear how your doing. Another member also had suery yesterday for a BA, can't remember her name at the time. Sorry. I've only taken 1 pic so far sitting her in the recliner which isn't so good but it's all I can do for now. My back feels really stiff and sore when I get up. I'll update again probably later with some more pic. Fm what I could see, my scar is pretty low and my bb looks like its in a good position.

getting better day by day

Omg. Just wrote a long review then accidentally hit back on the browser. I'll make this shorter. waking up in the morning sucks. I'm extremely stiff and sore on my lower back I can't imagine how people that get all over must feel. my tummy actually isn't bothering me at all. Last night I slept pretty well I woke up about 3 times just for a few minutes and went right back to sleep. My dreams are putting out about 25 CC's on each side about every 8 hours or longer. The bulb on my left drain keeps opening and not staying depressed so I have to keep fixing it. luckily my drains aren't coming out of the mons area I didn't want to hold down there. I didn't discuss that with my p_s so I'm glad at work out my favor. tomorrow is my first post op visit I can't wait to see what I look like underneath I know my scars is low because that's where the surgeon marked it. plus I was able to take a good peak and its in a good spot. looking forward to being able to stand up straight and take a shower.

First post op visit today.

Visit went well. PS said I'm healing great. My scar is super low and I have a cute little belly button. The stretch marks at were previously above my belly button are now right bellow the new one which is fine with me. A have a few at my sides but that's about it. I can't wait till the swelling goes down.p so I can get a better image id myself. I blew up this morning and it made me feel totally miserable. Other than that, I'm doing great no pain in my belly yet.

Wish I could stand up straight.

Excuse the dirty mirror. My butt felt huge and stiff the first night, then smaller and softer, now it feels huge and stiff again.

Post op Garments

These are the garments I purchased from eBay. Seller is marboston. Many styles yo choose from at a great price

1wk down

So I hit my 1 wk mark and it's true what they say; it does get much better at 1 wk. unfortunately today though I had a headache/migraine all day. It is now finally almost gone, just a little dullness. I slept in a perfect position all night with no measure at all on my butt and no strain on my back. That was the breakthrough with my. Back pain. It has been relieved by at least 50%. The little that i did get up today I was able to move around longer, didn't need the walker at all. I even got out of the recliner on my own about an hr ago for the first time. (Our recliners are hard to get out of w/o surgery. And I was able to adjust my pillows and sit back down. Everyone was knocked out and I didn't want to wake the hubby. This surgery is taking a huge toll on him as well. Anyways tomorrow I see my ps. Don't have to wait til next wk yay! I'll be getting my drains removed which hasnt bothered me(can't feel them) except for them not functiong properly. Will take more pics tomorrow at my post op. Goodnight, congrats and happy healing everyone. Now it's time for me to read the million emails from rs while I drift off.

1wk 2 days

Today marks 1wk 2 days. This is not going to be as good a review as I wanted as I have not been feeling well the past few days. Friday I was able to stand straighter because my back wasn't so stiff. But since I had a headache all day, I was in bed most of the time. Wed/Thursday my right drain collected nothing. I think it was clogged. My left drain during that time collected a golden color fluid. Saturday I had severe constipation. I was on the toilet for at least an hr trying to get it out. This happened one other time when I was pregnant. I was terrified that I would ruin my muscle repair. It was like giving birth to a blunder out of my butt. I got my left drain removed on Saturday because it wasn't functioning properly and the tube broke while the ps was stripping it. My right right drain is draining very little but it is still red. I think it is just the blood that didn't drain those 2 days that backed up. It should be removed army next appointment on Tuesday. I also had upset stomach for the remainder of the day and night after that massive BM. today I woke up very sore like after having worked out for the first time in a while. That type of feeling. I know this is result of all the strengt it took to move my bowels. I am standing straighter. The more I move around, the more everything relaxes and stretches out. The more immobile I am the more stiff and sore. I have been fortunate to not have any abdominal pain. My only pain is in my lower back which has decreased drastically. I am happy thus far with my results. I have lipo foam in my lower back and padding along my tt scar. That's why it looks that way. I didnt take pics w/on my garment because I forgot and wasn't feeling well. This is it for now. Will update at 2 wk mark.


Pics didn't upload. Trying again

new stretch marks

it's been 10 days since my surgery and I already developed new stretch marks. I knew this was going to happen, so back in July I bought bio oil too prep my skin to reduce the chances of that happening. unfortunately I did not use the bio oil and now I have no stress marks. So much for being able to wear bikini again. Not that I can't, I just wouldn't feel comfortable or like the way it looks like the stretch marks all over. Oh well. At least I have a flat tummy and no longer look pregnant. Sigh


So today I finally took a real shower with the help of my shower chair. (I highly suggest you get one if you don't have one.) I didn't buy one originally because I thought sponging would hold me off for about a wk until I could be on my feet long enough assisted. It's been taking longer then I thought to straighten out due to inactivity but after taking a nice shower today I guess it loosened everything up. Once I got the shower I was able to stand up straight without all the tugging. Plus I have this garment that's hard and painful to get into so it takes extra long to put it in without injuring myself. So I don't like to take it off if I don't need to. I ordered a different garment but it ended up being too small so I sent it back and am waiting for the new one. Sleeping in binder only tonight. Not up to putting that contraption back on


today I'm exactly two weeks post op. I never once got the why am I doing this feeling which I knew I wouldn't because I wanted this forever but I am disappointed that my progress thus far. I was hoping to be standing up straight by now moving about almost like normal but I'm not. Also I'm still very swollen and my belly. The past two days I've won my binder only since I've took off my compression bodysuit. The binder defin does not provide enough compression and my abdomen. I had that body suit on for 3 days straight without unhooking it and I took it off my waist was very flat and cinched. after moving about for the holidays I've gotten pretty bloated. Plus I'm only wearing the binder. I'm going out today to see if I can find some type of pull on high waist butt lift garment because I'm really not up to trying to put that other one back on is quite difficult.I wish the other one I ordered prior fit but it didn't have to return it and I have to wait for them to resend a larger size so that sucks.I have one more week off of work so hopefully that'll be enough to get me where I need to be. I just took some pics I should have taken some when I took off that body suit to show has conched in my waist really was I can't wait to the swelling subsides so I can see my belly.

more pics

Accidentally hit post. sorry these photos suck but it's the best I could do.

Drain free

Got my 2nd drain out today. I must say it was much more pleasant than the first time. It just felt slithery. Did not hurt at all. I did however had a mini panic attack leading up to it since it hurt the first time. I also got my stitches removed where I had my fat transfer. The stitches coming out didn't hurt, but the tugging on one of them did because the area was tender and the stitch was buried. One of my one of the spots scanned over and when the scab was removed there was a hole underneath. I wish I didn't see that. Will update later with pics


Pic as promised. Sorry no naked booty pics. Scar is nice and low and glue coming off. Back in my trap suit


Pillows I bought. The wedge for under my thighs keeps me from putting pressure on my butt and the long one for the groove of my back.


Saturday I got my second and final drain removed. Yesterday I began to experience more swelling than usual. After eating dinner extreme about it. I unhook my compression garment and I look like a balloon. This is the most swelling I noticed during my recovery. I was feeling very sick and tender back was achy. Every time I stood up I felt really stiff as usual, but also the past few days my incision kinda felt like it was wrapping open on the sides. More so a feeling like the glue was being ripped off. Anyways that always subsided after a few seconds. Last night after unhooking my garment, I left it on for the butt portion but put my binder on snug but not tight. When I woke up this morning all of the extra swelling, plus more had subsided as well as swelling and tenderness in my butt. For the first time I didnt feel extremely stiff getting up for the first time in the a.m. and and my incision didn't feel like it was ripping either. Still feeling a lot of tightness in my upper abdomen which is keeping me from standing up straight. I wish that part would just loose. Up already

bad selfies

The bulge in my lower back it's Lipo foam. I also have gauze wrapped around me


Here comes the swell hell again. I feel myself blowing up. My garment is getting tight around my torso. Time to unhook it, give my self a breather and out on my binder

22 days po

3 wks and I still can't stand up straight. This sucks. I have to go back to work on Monday and although I sit most of the day, the most I portent job is on my feet and the longer I sit the more stiff I become. I get ill get be getting up and down all day to stretch. In the photo I'm wearing Hanes wireless bra I bought from Sears for $7.99 last yr when I got my ba and a handes girdle I bought 3 yrs ago to wear on New Years eve. The only girdle I ever bought and wore a out twice. I got tired of the binder and I realized with my compression garment I cannot stand as straight. This is much more comfy and I've also removed the boning. I've ordered another one because the second one I received is still too small but I'm sure it'll be fine once the majority of my swelling goes down, so I'm going to hold onto it for now. I wish there was a store nearby that sold these things. Still have a lot of swelling

First day back at work

Today was my first day back at work and it totally sucked. I'm huge as hell. And I suffered from noon until 7 when I got home. Underneath my skin felt like super glue was on it and the surface of the skin felt like it was going to crack. I felt like I was in a super tight corset that was so tight it was going to push my guts up causing me to vomit them out. I could feel it in my throat. It was terrible. Stripped that thing off as soon as I got home so I could breath. Still pretty swollen. Waiting for it to go down a bit more the nice hot shower will hopefully help. To depressed to take pic

Getting better each day

Day 3 at work I felt really stiff all day suprisingly. I had that tacky feeling under my skin which was preventing me from standing up straight all day. I wore my lipo foam wrapped around my torso with an ace bandage that I put on the night before. It felt really good and comfortable. Yesterday I received an order from maiden form which included 2 Flexees fat free dressing tailored tank. $5 I ordered medium. It's supposed to be firm control but it's light on my torso and firm on my boobs. A small would be great for my torso but too tight for my boobs. Either way it's comfy and I can tuck my foam underneath which I did this a.m. I went to bed last night with just that tank on unintentionally and suprisingly was not that swollen this a.m. Another thing yesterday morning I took an Ibuprofen 800mg and didn't swell much so I think that helped. In regards to my butt, believe or not but it looks pretty much the same from the side. I tried to get a pic at that angle but couldn't turn all the way. So from the angle it was, it does show some of the result from my bbl. I only had about 300cc filled in the upper/outer part of my butt which gives me more fullness at top and enhances my upper hips a bit from the front. The projection is the same from the side. Pre and post survey 39/40 in. Oh and I'm wearing the maidenform tank in the pic along with boy shorts from them. Really soft. $1.49

1 Month

I've been meaning to update since Friday. I'm now 33 days post op and stI'll better each day. First week of work behind me, and although it's only Wednesday, I've had a huge improvement. I saw my ps on Saturday. First of all I placed steri strips on my inciosioj at 2 wks and took em off on Saturday 4wks). When I removed them, there was a tiny opening, about the size of a lipo or drain hole. That totally freaked me out. My worst fear regarding tt. Anyways the put bandage on it and it closed up just fine. I'm standing at least 95% straight now but I keep having to tell myself to do so. Ps said its ok to try to straighten myself up, I won't hurt anything. I had so much to say, but I don't remember what. I started coming down with something Monday night, it's going around in my house and family, but its tolerable. I go back to ps at 6 wks, then 3 mo, then 6 mo and so on. new garments arriving today. I have isn't worn on in at least a week due to sizing. Hopefully this weekend I'll muster up the strengt and energy to try on some bikinis I bought last yr just for my new body. Btw the pics attached were taken on 1/12/15 after a full day at work. Not as much swelling as usual.

photos taken yesterday at 6wks 2 days po

Yesterday and Saturday I woke up withat the least Amy of swelling since having this procedure although instill blow up just the same throughout the day. On Wednesdat I started trying self lymphatic massages and massaging my lipo lumps. On Thursday morning I started arnica tablets and since doing all this over had improvement. Still have tons of swelling though. Pics attached are first thing in the morning

more photos


6wks 6d

Woke up this morning pretty flat except for my lower back it was really swollen

more pics

photos I never posted.

It's been a few weeks since I've been on here. I've been very busy house hunting and I have over 1000 email to check from you all from the last 2-3 weeks. Things have been getting better. I still swell too much for my liking and my upper belly kinda pops out as the day professes and after I eat. I've cut my salt intake drastically, but that doesn't seem to be changing anything. I can pick up my daughter who is about 40lbs and sleep in my bed although recliner is still more comfy so I'm in that moat of the time. The pics attached are from a few weeks ago. I'll trust to post a ful review with updated pics by the end of the week. Thank you all for following my journey. Everyone looks amazing and I'm so happy on got my new tummy.


Still haven't gotten the chance R to update but I figured I'll post the pics I have. These were taken before and after at 6 wks post op. Since I have t been getting email updates since Realself updated its site and I e been obsessed with house hunting, I forget to check in on here.


1 yr po BA 4 mo po TT. I know I've been MIA. with real self not sending updates for a few months and house hunting I simply forget to come on here but know I'm receiving updated again so I should be getting back in the swing of things soon. Just a quick recap...

BA under muscle inframammary incision
Sientra moderate (mod + or mid-range in other brands) 380 cc

Bra size pre-op 34b current size 34dd, 36c, 36d depending on bra style and manufacturer

Pre-op weight between 122-130 diff scales. Lol. Current weight 137

most changes tool place with in the first 3 months. Lesser change between 3-6 mo. Very little change after 6 months only noticeable by myself.


Starting weight 140lbs. Went up to 150 most likely fluid retention. Currently 137lbs. Still wearing the same size. Tt was easy. Lipo ducked. Still a little sore in some lipo areas. A little soreness in butt. Will do a better review another time. Just checking in For now.
Stuart Plastic Surgeon

Click here http://www.realself.com/review/jupiter-fl-breast-augmentation-28-55-130-34b-36a-my-surgery-scheduled for what I said about the doctor before on my BA review. In addition to my main concerns were regarding my tt was lowest scar possible, and natural belly button which i have achieved. I am so happy to have met Dr. Lipschitz. He has helped me to accomplish my goal of getting as close as I can to my ore baby body. Thanks for everything and the flowers!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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