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I've always had thin short eyelashes and wanted...

I've always had thin short eyelashes and wanted more. I don't remember if I first heard about latisse in a tv ad or at the dermatologist office. It was one or the other. But it's been a few yrs and I'm ready to try it out. I've been hearing good success stories about it Been wanting to try this for a while. Hopefully it works.

day 1

Got my latisse today. This is going to me a long process. I hope it works. I'm impatient already. Lol


I know it takes at least 4 wks for noticeable change but I'll be tracking weekly the first 4 wks then biweekly after that.

better photo

The previous pics were taken with the front facing camera of my iPad. This photo is with the rear camera of my phone with flash. Much better

2 wk

I think I'm starting to see change



end of wk 4

There's little change noticed on the pics, but I definitely see it when I look in the mirror. Never before could I see my eyelashes looking straight into the mirror. Now I can easily. They have gotten longer and I've noticed new lashes coming in. Can't wait for final results

wk 6

I missed application the whole weekend. 3 days
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