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My journey. Hi ladies. I discovered this site...

My journey.

Hi ladies. I discovered this site about a month ago while trying to decide to do my BA. And like everyone else I got hooked!! It s amazing the exchange of info and experiences!! Very helpful and comforting.
So, I am 45 yrs old. 5 5", 118 pounds. Mother of 3 beautiful kids ( 26, 25 and 24)
I have always had small breasts, even when breast feed my kids and being honest never bothered me too much but time to time I thought it would be nice to have fuller breasts since I m barely an A cup.
Making a long story short, 4 months ago my husband and I were thinking about destinations for our vacation ( I always have the 2 firsts weeks of July off), and a little bit joking and a little bit seriously I told him: well, it s either vacation or boobies, haha. And he encouraged me to set couple of appt. and go from there.
I saw 3 board cert. PS with a lot of credentials and good reputation. I had a hard time deciding who to choose. Till finally I decided to go with Dr. Pillersdorf.
I scheduled my surgery for July 2.
Since this journey started it s been a rollercoaster of emotions but I learned this is a process and it s natural .
Thanks for reading... All the best for all of you out there!

My pre op it s Monday 17th!

My pre op it 's Monday 17th!
I scheduled my surgery a month ago and I can't believe I'm having my pre op in less than a week!
I just saw the doctor once, and then I scheduled it over the phone.. It seems that the nurse is going to be at the pre op. not the doctor. Is this the norm?
May be I should have gone for a second consult with the doc. Before scheduling. .. It s my bad. I didn't t ask.
I know he is going to see me for markings right the day before or the day Of the surgery. Any thoughts about this?
He uses a pain pump , that i have to have for the first three days;anyone know anything about it?
I call MD now for my medical clearance. They do all the tests there. Is $495 too much.? It seems a little pricy.
I thank all of you that can give me some advice here..

Countdown has officially begun...

Hi ladies!
So I had my pre op Monday.
Everything went well. The nurse was very sweet, professional and answered every single question I asked.
I signed all the releases and consents... She walked me through the whole process.
My next appointment it s Monday 1st, the day before the surgery
When I m gonna see the doctor again for markings and decide the size. Right now I think I want 325 cc, I m afraid the 350 is gonna be too big. I want a fuller
Look but slender at the same time, if this makes sense, haha..
Everybody say go bigger, go bigger.. Oh decisions decisions..
They want me to start taking multivitamins and vitamin C, 500 twice daily.
Need to buy gauze, antibacterial oinment (anybody can recommend which one) antibacterial soap.
Frozen peas, drink lots of water..
So, this is all for now.
I m getting very excited and anxious.
I spend a lot of time reading the reviews here for what I thank each one of you, it feels so good to know we can reach out and get answers, support and courage from so many people .
I will be posting my before pics. Soon.
Good luck and easy recovery everybody!!

Getting Ready...

So my surgery is Tuesday, I got my medical clearance, everything came out good.
I went shopping and got my sport bra, bendy straws, gauze, antibacterial soap,
antibacterial ointment. I still need to get frozen peas ( please don 't let me forget them!!) and some button down shirts. I m planing on making some soup and freeze it, My house will be clean and I m almost done ironing and organizing stuff and leave everything handy. my last day at work will be Saturday so I still have Sunday and Monday to take care of last minute things..
I go Monday morning for markings, so I will be a whole day with my surgery "tattoos" on, lol. and go over the process with the doctor once again, make sure we are on the same page as far as size and look i want to accomplish.Still trying to decide between 325/ 350 cc's I don t want to be too big. I want a fuller look but slender at the same time...anyways my PS uses sizers while performing the surgery, i m gonna have to trust his judgement.
I m excited, nervous, sleepless. What a mix of emotions!!! anybody else on the same boat?? Haha.
I can t wait to be on the other side... I don t know if I can take this a lot longer. All I can do is think about bobbies, and I m on this site all day long reading your stories and comments.
I will try to post some pics. this weekend before my surgery.
Good Luck to all of you!!! Easy healing for all the girls that are already on the other side.

Some before pics.

This is the actual me.. But Tuesday is gonna change, haha.

Almost there...

Hi girls!!
I had my markings app. Today. Spoke with the doctor and he is thinking 350 /375!!!
Showed him my goals pictures, and he said my expectations are very realistic comparing how the before and after pics I showed him were from girls with similar stats and look as I am.
Just taking care of last minute things, arranging my house so everything is ready and handy.
I m very excited and surprisingly not nervous ( yet, haha)
Good luck to all of you!!!! Easy healing everybody!!!!

Today is the day.

Today is my BA at noon.
I am up since 7. Can t drink or eat anything since last night...
I have to be there 11.30... This is going to be interesting..going to sleep and 2hours later waking up with boobies!! Yes!!
I hope everything is enough. Wish me good luck!!
Best wishes to everybody !!

Thank you!

I want to thank you all for the well wishes and prayers.
Heading to the surgery center now.
See you on the other side!!

I have boobies!!

Ok girls. Just to let you know ,everything went great. Surgery was a breeze.
Dome discomfort in my right, but nothing unbearable.
The doc went with the!!
For what i can see i think i will be happy.
Smooth healing everybody!!

How it went yesterday.

I got at the surgery center about 11.10, they took me right in. Had me change, put the IV, I m so happy with that I m not bruised , it looks just like a mosquito bite.
They ask what procedure I was gonna have.. The anesthesiologist came to say hi, and told me surgery was gonna take around 2 Hrs.
Then the PS came in. Did my makings again. Ask me again about which size I wanted, but he said he was gonna use sizers and took my goal pictures with him.
I walked with the nurse to the OR. Laid on the bed. They connected me to all the equipments to monitor my vitals and put some booties in my legs to help with the circulation I guess.
We were talking . ..i started feeling a little sleepy and then the anesthesiologist told me "sweet dreams".and I was out.
After, I recall him saying: you did great! But I wet back to sleep to woke up later in the recovery room.
They gave me some ice chips and crackers. When I was stable they called my husband in. But then my blood pressure drop so they held a little longer till I was stable again.
Then we came home. Laid in the recliner most of the day. I wasn t hungry , just very very thirsty.
At night I was able to sleep on and off. The girls were very sore and tight and my back was hurting.
Today I went to see the doctor for follow up. My girls are looking great. I don t have any bruises, they are very high and tight, thank God I can breathe better today, yesterday was kind of difficult because of the pressure in my chest.
I have a pain pump but I still need to take meds. They make me very sleepy so I have to take a nap. What is good is that when I am awake I m aware, they don t make me drowsy,
My doctor end up putting 375cc. I was afraid they were gonna be too big, but so far I like them. We will see when they drop and fluff.
It is all for now. Happy and easy healing for everybody!!!

My twins


This is my second day post op.
I had a good night sleep, waking up only to take my meds and go pee.
Still couldn't go #2 so I look 5 month pregnant...
Still not loving my results between being so bloated and my girls super high and tight is not a flattering look, but I know I have to give them time.
I m off the pain meds for the whole day. I m gonna take them when is necessary .
They make me sleep a lot and I don t like that. So far not pain today. Just soreness and tighteness.
Tomorrow I have to see the nurse to remove the pain pump. Let see how it goes after that.
I hope everybody is healing easily.

Forgot something

I have to say that the doctor, the anesthesiologist and all their staff were great. They didn't, t leave me alone even for one second. And later that day the nurse called me to follow up.
I don't have any bruises in my boobs and the incisions didn't bleed at all. Same with the IV . So I m very happy about that.

Scared tonight.

So tonight I was at home alone And wanted to fix myself Something to eat since I didn't eat much cause I wasn't hungry.
I started feeling light headed, my legs were shaking and my heart was beating very very fast.
First thing i did was sitting on the floor in case i was gonna faint.
Stayed there till i felt better. Then
I crawl to where i had the phone and called my hubby, but he didn't answer. I just stayed there sitting. I was very scared to stand up my face felt ticklish and my heart was pumping very, very fast. My husband called me back; he was on his way back home. I felt so weird and scared so i called 911. They took all my vitals, asked me a lot of questions. Fortunately everything was ok . My heart rate was a litlle fast, my blood Pressure a little low. The thing is that by taking so much medication that our bodies aren't use to, we need to hydrate and eat even if we are not hungry. So for those girls that are about to have their surgeries, PLEASE Take care of yourselves
I'm a little tired now. I need to sleep, but.i felt i needed to share this with you.
Good night all.


Hi girls! Sorry I haven t been posting lately.. Everything is good. Getting better and better everyday.
Last Friday I had the pain pump removed and I was able to shower, yeahhh!!!
Saturday I was finally able to go to the bathroom, with the help of laxatives for two days.
So like I said before everyday is an improvement so that makes me feel better.
I'm learning to like my girls. They are still high and tight. I can t wait till they drop and soften a little.
I m planing on going out today driving myself for the first time since surgery; let see how it goes.
Tomorrow I have an app. with my doctor. I hope I can start massaging the girls to help them loosen up .
I will post pictures soon.
Regards to everybody .

Some pics.

One week post op. app

Yesterday I went to see my PS, everything looks great. He removed the stitches.
I m healing wonderfully.
My girls are getting softer ...still there is a long way to go, but I m very patient .
So far I m very happy with my results, still the girls look hard and high but eventually they are gonna start looking more natural.
I m also very satisfied with my doctor, he knows what he is doing. He end up deciding the size in the OR. And I think he was right. I never had any bleeding or bruising and I believe his experience and the way he does the procedure has a lot to do with it.
I m heading out for a long weekend before I go back to work next week, I m so excited!!! My doctor cleared me for going into the pool so I m gonna be able to show off the girls.. Yeah!! He made me soo happy, haha.
I m gonna try and post some pictures when I m away.
Happy healing everybody and good luck for all the that are in the beginning of this process..

Two weeks

I can't believe it s already 2 weeks since I had my surgery!!
Everything is great so far!! I feel good , almost normal. I m not in pain, just some tightness time to time, but the ice pack is all I need.
I have to say, only the 5 first days were the most uncomfortable; after that I started feeling better everyday. I was never in pain. Only took pills for a day or two.
This past weekend I started noticing a difference as far as the swelling going down and they softened; sometimes if I m more active then the girls get "angry" at me, haha and I have to ice them.
I went away for the weekend, I was able to wear my old bathing suit (padding removed), and is so much fun getting dress, even in my old clothes.
Yesterday I went shopping for new bathing suits and I had a blast, the girl of the store as well. She was so excited for me!!
Today I went back to work. My job is not physical, so it went smooth. Nobody noticed anything, wich is what I wanted . It is very easy to "hide" them .
One more time, I m so happy I trusted my PS and he made the final decision in the OR, and went bigger.
This have been an incredible experience for me so far, loving my results. The girls still need to D&F but it is too soon yet.
I hope everybody is healing well.

Some pictures.

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