Boob Job on Tall Thin Girl - schaumburg , IL

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Decided on 375 cc's i am a small a cup at the...

decided on 375 cc's i am a small a cup at the moment, i will add pictures in the future, i promise. lol i am really tall, 5 foot 10 but really thin 105 pounds so im a bit worried that the 375 will look small or crazy large, im not sure if my height or weight will play a bigger roll, i will keep u all updated (:

wish boobs

before pics

i will have before pics up soon, i only have a week or so with them so i want to take pics in all kinds of cloths soon before theyre gone

before pics in my two favorite swimsuits

pushed up with eyeshadow contour

more wish boobs

more wish boobs


got all the meds and the bras today, I'm a 32 and could only find 34, maybe it will fit from the bloating? I got coco butter also, forgot the ice packs tho, should have made a list lol. The total wound up being $100 for everything pretty much.

nervous about the outcome

i have been looking at other really thin girls and i have got to say their results are scaring the hell out of me, they look like far apart soft balls under their chest, super scary results are kinda the norm on really underweight girls and im starting to freak out , im a cam girl and am topless for work alot.. and if they turn out horrible i may have a huge dip in my income. ( i didnt tell the ps this , but im not thinking i should have, maybe if he knew my job he would put a little more tlc into how theyll look)

scared ):

i just saw a bad review on my ps that was from only 6 days ago, she mentions not getting aftercare pain meds, and being woken up at the end of surgery and being able to feel the ps finishing up the surgery. my friend got her boobs done by him years ago and that reminded me that she said the same thing, she woke up at the end. ive never broken a bone before, have no kids, no teeth pulled, no kidney stones, whatever, me and pain dont know eachother very well so im super scared now ): i just hope its worth it

less than 24 hours away

started taking the antibiotics and putting stretch mark cream on, scared of the pain but im just trying to be positive (:, my ps said hed call before surgery and hasn't , eh o well, wish me luck guys (:


didnt know it was supposed to be two weeks without alcohol before surgery, i thought it was two days , i drank on sat. for my friends birthday, i puked alot of it out ( lol ew) so im hoping ill be alright :/ it still was like three days ago , so i hope it wont increase my bleeding risk to much :/

boob day

i got the markings on me then went into this little room with a weird shaped chair in it, then the needle was in, the doc was sweet and funny, cuz i was super freaked out from the needle i asked it it was out yet and he laughed and was like "no no its in there for the long hall till its all over lol " dont remember going to sleep it was so quick , after the rest was a blurr just remember waking up at home in not much pain. my mom said i was stripping in the car to look at my results in the back car mirror!! lmao

meds help

pain meds dont often work much for me but these help, i was shocked by the pain id say a 6 out of ten and im a wussssssssssssss lol so ladys please dont be afraid, u got this (: sleeping was alot easier then i thought too i just tried to sleep the first few days of pain away, much easier expierence then expected

idk if its the meds

but im dizzy and wobbly but dot feel high like many others say they do, im also having major trouble spelling txting n typing, maddd brain fog, kinda annoying

results/pain really likeing... no loving the result aready

there is a gap uz i have one naturally but i dont mind still think it looks great, incisions hurt most as of now, no nausea or loss of apatite but weakness for sure, pics tomorrow (:

after pics

dirrerence in just a fre days


im incisions r starting to hysrt so bad like theye tearing open, im sure they arnt but owch ):

spelling mistakes from meds

sorry im so dam wobby and foggy ):

sorry for being gone for so long

o gosh where to start haha, well the pain was really easy.. i was totally shocked , my period pain is worse lol tmi sorry, im at like a week in a half they hurt a bit here and there but the pain is like a one out of ten, it can get higher in the incision site at times, maybe a 5 or 6 at times. just started massaging them, he said i wont be needing a strap to push them down. sometimes i feel like i went a little too big and the high profile look is too much on my skinny body, maybe just the booby blues? hoping still some swelling ? lol i do like them tho. ive been cleared to where any non wire or push up bra hmm... im trying to think if im missing anything, everything went great i would recommended him totally , you get ice packs that can also be used as heating packs if you microwave them which i thought was awesome... the only slightly down side i would say is the scars tilt up a little bit ... .like they slope kinda ... if that makes scene... ill post pics.. last day of pills so there is probably rambling and spelling mistakes left and right sorry haha... more pics soon (: already referred my doc to three other girls . hes super nice too, i may come back for another thing or two (:

tilted scar

after pics in before outfits and other outfits

booby blues

i feel like i went too big ): finding stuff to fit is gonna blowwwww ): when you are tall and thin, go with the thin side and choose less cc's if your not going for a huge look

old lingerie

lingerie that once made me feel manly, now fit perfectly!!!



the incisions hurt still, he told me the left one would hurt more, and holy crap it does. its the incision thats kinda slanted. its a bit more red too but doesnt look infected or anything. i never ice them, but did today n it helped a bi., i was out with my friend all day and they feel kinda sore, i dont think im ready to be out and about just yet. they are getting a tad bit softer but still feel like rocks to me. look wise they are pretty much the same. i see him again in 3 weeks ( sorry if youre a grammar nazi lol, i can be a lazy typer very often)


some girls say they go crazy sensitive? well im one of the girls that are like full numb, slowly getting less numb as time passes but no extra sensitivity at allll for me


getting a bit more squishy, but i was impatient and rubbed them a bit to hard today and got sore ): as of right now they look different from each other ( which i know is not uncommon at this stage) but i tried to smoosh the one that leans towards my armpit more in to match the other one... owch, im sure they will sort themselves out tho. my doc said rub them like twice a day, but i feel if i go like a hour or two without rubbing them they feel like rocks, after i rub them they feel alot softer... i wonder if thats weird.. is it like that for anyone else?? until i rubbed them to hard today they were finally starting to feel more like a part of me, like i didnt notice them quite as much, like when i wake up they feel like rocks under my skin.. but today they felt better when i woke up. i hear of girls straining to hard all the time and being fine so the soreness doesnt worry me too much, i just have to be more patient with the dropping , fluffing, and evening out of them is all. but i really wanna know if its normal for them to feel like rocks after not rubbing them for like two or so hours.. i feel like there is NO WAY i could only rub them twice a day like my ps said. i hope over rubbing cant be bad for them.. does anyone know??

feeling less blue

feeling less down about the size... now just feeling impatient about the softness and dropping and stuff. but i do feel like my mood in general is kinda down, kinda like when its that time of the month... im crying at the drop of a hat, like commercials are even making me cry lmao!!! or at least get teary haha, its probably unrelated and just because of other girly things but still, bad timing lol

thankfully i see my ps on tues

does this look like capsular contracture to you ? i feel like at one point in time they were far more symmetrical. I'm rather nervous about it and cant wait to ask the ps what he thinks ):

stupid spell check

sorry spelling mistakes left and right it didn't change the words like it said it did :P

worth it so far

its been like 4 or 5 months now, and id say its worth it so far, i just want to give it a full year before i change my "not sure" title but feeling rather happy (:

6 months

so it was 6 months on the 1st of oct. and they still kinda hurt, i feel like it all started when i got a much harder mattress, they have hurt for like a month straight, he said if they still hurt at 6 months to contact him.. but i have read on here that unless they feel hard or are red or hott to the touch or anything that it should be normal.. some say little pains here and there can last for two years.. so im not to worried.. just annoyed... re reading the old posts i did saying they seemed to big make me laugh so hard now haha... i wish they were like 100 ccs bigger now lmao, i got sized and was officially a c cup.. i really wanted a d so i was kinda disappointed honestly lol i wear the bombshell push up bras and even sometimes contour with eyeshadow still, so i guess im in that group of 90% that wishes they went bigger haha i still wish they were a bit more soft and felt more natural too. if silicone is this weird feeling i cant imagine how saline would have felt on me.. dont regret that choice. Ill update again if anything changes. im doin fine and happy tho (:
Barrington Plastic Surgeon

Christopher V. Pelletiere, MD the "answered questions" is marked down a bit cuz im shy n feel like i didnt ask as many as i should cuz im just a timid girl so nothing against him, he was great, wait times wernt horrible, average to any doctors times really, i like his personality , he is very charming and does beautiful work, ive recommended him to three girls already, i also left phone responsiveness blank for now because i haven't had to call yet

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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