Liposuction of Abdomen, Flanks, Inner Thighs, Arms, and Chin

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I have been struggling with my weight for as long...

I have been struggling with my weight for as long as I can remember. At my highest weight, I hit 225lbs but thanks to my height (5'7") and evenly proportioned figure, it didn't look as bad. I was also easily able to hide the amount of fat with lose clothing. As I became more involved at my university, it started to dawn on me that I need to reduce my weight at least 70 pounds because I looked huge compared to everyone else and clothes were starting to fit poorly. I couldn't even properly go shopping with my friends because I only fit XL-1X. This was no ones fault but my own because of how much fast food i ate and the lack of exercise in my life. The realization of my unhealthy lifestyle brought me into depression. I tried dieting and working out but when you're dealing with depression, your motivation to do anything is at an all time low. My started noticing fast and decided that I needed a break so we booked our fight to visit my family in Pakistan. A few weeks before our flight, I started researching liposuction because I was not getting results I wanted from dieting (I definitely could have tried harder tho). My mom consulted with a family friend of ours and she offered us an amazing price that we couldn't refuse.

My Surgery Schedule:
3/29/13 - consultation
3/31/13 - liposuction done on my abdomen and flanks
4/1/13 - check up/compression garment fitting
4/6/13 - check up/stitches takes out
4/21/13 - liposuction will be done on inner thighs, arms, and chin

My Review:
First Surgery (3/31/13)
I arrived into the doctors office and was told to step into the clothes they provided. After changing, the doctor took pictures and marked my body for surgery. Then I was told to lay down and they started the anesthesia process. I have no idea when I went out because all I remember was them talking to me about what I was studying in school and next thing I know is I woke up in the recovery room. This being my first surgery ever, I was surprise that anything had even happened yet. I kept asking the nurse if my procedure was finished because I was in disbelief. When I came to my senses, the nurse asked if I wanted to use the bathroom. I said yes and she help me get up - this was a little difficult because the anesthesia was still wearing off - In the bathroom I realized it was kinda difficult to sit and stand because of the compression belt around me. I was also a little scared from the blood/drainage through my bandages, but the surgeon said that was normal. After the bathroom,I layed back down and fell asleep for a few more mins. When I woke up again, the nurse gave me some juice and told me I was free to go whenever I felt ready. When I got home, I didn't feel like moving because I felt very sore. I spent most of the day in bed.

The next day (4/1/13) I went back to the surgeon's office to remove the bandages and start wearing my compression garment. For the next few days, I looked at myself in the mirror and noticed a dramatic difference although there was still a lot of swelling and bruising. I was also very very sore, getting up and sitting down was such a hassle so I stayed in bed mostly.

Check Up (4/6/13)
Bruising and swelling has reduced a bit. And got my stitches taken out today! A lot of fluid has collected in my lower abdomen but doctor said that's normal and will drain out over time through the urine as I drink more fluids. Still very happy with results so far even though the soreness is bothering me.

Update (4/10/13)
Bruising is almost fully gone. Swelling still exists on the sides and lower abdomen is still filled. Also still pretty numb. The compression garment is definitely worth it because it brings a nice shape and reduces the bumps and swelling. The soreness had reduced a lot, it's easier to move around and get up and down.

Update (4/11/13)
Soreness reduced a lot that I could play badminton!!! Don't see bruising, still swollen on sides.

Update (4/12/13)
Wish this recovery was faster but it's only been 13 days post op. Lower abdomen is a bit discouraging (bcz of fluid and swelling), but doctor said I will see true results in up to 6months! I am so impatient!!!! I love that the flanks are completely gone. And waist looks significantly smaller! :D

Second Surgery (4/21/13)
*update coming soon*


Second surgery: Inner thighs, arms, chin (4/21/13)...

Second surgery: Inner thighs, arms, chin (4/21/13)

I arrived at the clinic around 10am (very hungry and feeling weak because I was told not to eat/drink anything after midnight). I went through the same procedure: put on the gown, got marked up, took pictures, then layed down on the surgery table. This time when the IV was out inside me, it hurt!!! And I felt like the sedation processes took way longer. I remember feeling woozy but I was in and and out as they were prepping me. I was so scared that something had gone wrong with the anesthesia and that I'd be able to feel everything. Next thing I remember was waking up and felt some pain (they may have been closing stitches) but i do remember as they were wrapping the bandages around me and trying to get my compression leggings on me. I think the anesthesia wore off faster than my first surgery..Then I remember being taken off the surgical table and put on a recovery bed. I felt very uncomfortable this time around because they wrapped me up like a mummy (full arms and full legs) and the chin strap was so constricting. I was very sleepy and could barely talk because my face was so numb/swollen. The nurse helped me up and put my clothes back on me as I waited for my mom to come pick me up. When my mom came, I had to pee really badly - this was a bit difficult/awkward because my thighs were sore and I had so many bandages wrapped around me that I couldn't properly sit on the toilet. Anyways, after the bathroom, I took a couple sips of water and they sent me home. I fell asleep on the whole car ride home. I was told to come back the next evening to get my bandages off and get fitted for my compression sleeves. When I arrived home I looked worse than I felt because of the way they wrapped me up so everyone at home was a bit shocked. I spent the rest of the day/night in bed. Sleeping was very uncomfortable because my arms and thighs were so sore.

I tried to walk around a bit but was very sleepy most of the day. The chin strap was bothering me so much!!!! I hate having to wear it. Anyways, 6pm rolled around and it was time to go to the doctor. When I got there I took my clothes off and got my bandages taken off. This was the first time I was seeing my thighs after surgery and THEY LOOKED GREAT! There is barely any bruising either! I was so happy with the result so far (it only gets better the doc told me). She reapplied small band-aids to where the stitches were and moved on to the arms. This is where I was a bit thrown off because I didn't see much difference. But the doc told me my arms were very swollen so I shouldn't worry. There is a few big spots of bruising too. I thought getting the compression sleeves on would make me more comfortable, but they are probably the most irritating things to wear because I don't think they fit properly. The doc said they sleeves give the right amount of compression but would not close in the back. They also dig into my skin where my armpits are. Anyways, next they checked my chin and to all our surprise, no bruising at all!!!!just some swelling. But I was told I still have to wear the chin strap. I am very happy with my results but wearing the compression sleeves and chin strap is the most annoying thing in the worlddddd!!! I wish they were more comfy. I'm gonna look into ordering sleeves that fit better once I'm back in the United States.

Soooooo annoyed of my sleeves and chin strap. I finally took them off for an hour so I could catch a break. It's easier to use the bathroom today but I have to be carefully not to fully sit on the toilet seat as it hurts from the soreness. I can't stop looking at how great my thighs turned out. I'll post pics soon!

Stitches came off yesterday. One stitch has yet to...

Stitches came off yesterday. One stitch has yet to come off tomorrow.

I may have spoke too soon about my thighs.. They looked great the day after surgery but after a couple days, especially now, it's harder to walk because I'm so sore and a lot of bruising has appeared and I feel like they are back to the size they were before (from swelling I think). I am hoping that it may be because I'm not wearing a proper compression garment, but it's too hot to wear one here and my flight back to the U.S. is tomorrow - that's when I'll wear a proper full body compression garment.

Tonight, I can also feel pain shooting through my thighs for a second or two. It seems to start from where the incisions/stitch were made on my thighs. I hope this will go away soon and not bother my too much during travel.


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE workout after getting surgery. I was lazy and didn't and am starting to notice it all come back. But most importantly there is so much lose skin. If only I had started working out early on, everything would have been perfect. I have to try twice as hard now! So please don't be laZy! No matter how tired you are so how busy, make time!!!
Dr. Muhammad Ali Rafique Mirza

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