33 Years Old Upper & Lower Ab Liposuction June 3rd & Inner Thighs June 13th- La Jolla, CA

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Three days ago I had my upper and lower abdomen...

Three days ago I had my upper and lower abdomen done at Pacific Liposculpture. Rod Davis is a PA with quite a bit of experience under his belt. I chose hime because he was honest, friendly, professional, and does the same procedure all day long. I would prefer to have someone who is very skilled and judging by his reviews and before and after picture he is very skilled.
1st day- I was very nervous and barely slept prior. About 30 minutes prior to my procedure they gave me a Valium. It was so helpful, I almost fell asleep during the procedure. You are awake and the worst part is the numbing. Which takes about ten minutes for your abdomen. I like being awake because I know whats going on and being an RN myself I have seen professionals act a bit unprofessional when a patient is not awake or heavily sedated. I also understand how the numbing work etc. After the procedure I was bundled up in adhesive foam, maxi pads, netting, and a size small garment. That was not fun. The foam has been the worst part for me because it gets itchy and I am also interested to see whats under it. There was zero pain the 1st day.
2nd day- Pure Hell. I slept two hours. I called Rod and he suggested holding off on the steroids as they were most likely causing my insomnia and moodiness. It would have been nice to have a sleeping pill and some valium to ease the symptoms. I took these after my breast lift and it was a breeze. I wasn't in pain so I didn't fell the Percocet was needed. Tylenol and ice works wonders! The lack of sleep oh my goodness I was not a nice person! I didn't take the steroids the second day and the second night I did sleep some. I have taken quite a bit of benadryl to help with the itching. Benadryl, tylenol, and ice awesome!
3rd day- I felt sore so I took Percocet. I went and had a blow out at the mall in UTC. She did a great job and it felt so good to have clean hair! I also went to Nordstroms and bought three cotton maxi dresses with matching cardigans. I also got sweat pants, pajamas, tank tops, and other various items to keep me comfortable during recover (my thighs will be done next week and I'm having my breasts lifted in July) The garment is really comfortable and a maxi dress or a maxi skirt with a tank top really helps to cover you up. Go with a lot of black so if you leak some fluid its not a huge issue. I didn't try anything on I just bought cotton stuff in size M. I didn't want to leak all over their clothes.
Day 4- Yah foam comes off today and I can shower! I have some bruising by the incisions and they do sting but I use a cold compress. I do take my garment off to wash it (should have bought two) I lay flat as often as possible unless I'm sitting in the car. I do stand to clean the house and I plan on potting sunflowers today which I will stand at a high table to do. I am also getting a chemical peel. I figure I have so much procedures ahead of me with recovery I might as well look like a monster all at one time. I should look superb for our Mexico vacation in October!

I chose to do these things after quite a bit of weight gain post injury. I herniated two discs in my back which sent me into a massive depression. My ex husband fed my emotional eating which depressed me even more. I was in bed so much due to pain I lost all my muscle. I was very fit prior to my injury. After my divorce I gained some more. In October I met a wonderful person who totally helped me put everything back together. After some weight loss we decided lipo and a breast lift was a great reward. I have 20 more pounds to go but I actually feel quite small after this procedure. My dresses are a medium and my sweat pants a small. I can't wait to have my breast implants removed and my breasts lifted as I will breeze right into the s/xs sizes.

I will post some photos after my foam bandages come off.
I will post a before of me in some shorts so you can see the tummy pudge and inner thigh issue

Post five days abdominal Liposuction

Some bruising, swelling, and pain today but I feel amazing. I was having a lot of trouble sleeping so Rod called in a prescription for Ambien. I slept amazing last night and today was able to frame and hang some pictures. Ice works wonderful for the pain as well as Tylenol. I'm still leaking quite a bit but it's tolerable. I will continue to stick with black maxi dresses for the rest of the month! Removing the foam yesterday was very difficult, I recommend having someone help you as I got extremely light headed. What a relief when they came off though. I can't believe how flat my stomach is! I purchased some clothes at Nordstroms that I never in a million years would have prior to the lipo. If you choose to do lipo definitely set aside some money for shopping. You will want a new wardrobe!

Six days post abdominal liposuction

The pain brought me to tears today. I got in the shower and the incision on my left side started to burn like fire. I am very tired and sore today but the swelling is actually decreasing. I plan on just watching Netflix today, I am not sure how women manage to go back to work after a few days? I feel awful!

Sunday Post Op Abdominal Liposuction Photos

I can't wait for my inner thighs on Friday! I'm also nervous though because this hasn't been easy. From what I have tea the abdomen is the worst.

Sunday Photos

Let's try again...

Monday June 9 th Breast lift consults scheduled for this week & next

I woke up with a horrible headache today and my upper back was so sore! I am guessing its from the straps of the garment. The Ambien has been such a life savor, I am sleeping like an angel. Yesterday I spent the day in bed watching Orange is the New Black and icing every hour. I pushed myself way to hard on Friday and Saturday. I believe I did something similar when I got my breast lift ten years ago. I went crazy with shopping and wore myself out.Its hard not to do when you are excited though!
I have a lot less leaking today and my swelling has reduced even more. I have very little bruising which does concern me as I am afraid I will just wake up one day covered in horrendous bruises. I do take a lot of herbs and drink green drinks so who knows maybe that is helping? I just have one bad one on my left hip which looks like I was in a car accident. Totally not a big deal but my left hip and incision are very tender and the incision stings in the shower. My belly button has a lot of swelling and is hard. I massage it a little but its very tender!
I think all I have the energy for is a bit of grocery shopping at Trader Joes. I think it would be a good idea to get a ton of pre made meals. I feel terrible that my SO is taking care of the entire household. We have 5 cats ( three foster kittens), one dog, one teenager, a garden, and a whiney me. I am considering hiring someone to come in a clean for the next month? My family is very far away and I just moved to La Jolla so I have very little resources.
I have scheduled my two consultations for my breast lift. Dr Marin and Dr Singer. Dr Marin is on Thursday and I am very excited. His reviews are wonderful and his office looks beautiful!
Dr Singer is on Tuesday and he came recommended by the gentleman who does my tattoo removals ( this guy is 56 and looks 35… amazing).
I am very nervous about the next month or so. Its a lot of changes and I don't want to be to much stress on the household by being out of commission.

One week healed!

Today has been a better day! I have been able to go to the bathroom and I slept about ten hours.
Here are some things I have learned:
-buy plenty of paper tape and maxi pads (not the kind that stick to the plastic but the kind with the paper and not with wings)
-have an extra garment for when one needs to be washed. It does not feel good to be out of my CG, I find it increases my pain!
- Stool Softner, probiotics, yogurt, and warm tea. The pain pills constipate you…bad.
- Baby wipes, you can't shower for a few days.
- Buy a pack of blow outs, 3 for $90 at Blow Pop UTC, at least have bombshell VS hair when you are leaking fluid on your sheets.
- Ice packs are awesome and don't underestimate Tylenol.
-The steroids made me crazy
- Have someone help you take your bandages off and also the first time you shower. You are of no use to your loved ones with your head cracked open on the bathroom floor. Go slow when taking the foam off, really really slow. Do not have it to hot either, this causes vasodilation and could also make you pass out.
- I did a big clean the day prior to the surgery and I am glad I did. I tried to mop my floors and it only increased my swelling and pain.
- I should have done it on a Friday because my SO works long hours during the week. The first couple days you really need someone around.
- Stay positive and this site really helps your whole recovery.

Inner thighs/knees tomorrow

I am so nervous about my inner thighs tomorrow! The recovery from the abdomen was really rough. I also hope that its the right choice to not be doing my outer thighs as well? We shall see!
No more drainage from my incisions.
My garment is getting a little to big. :)
Foster kittens are keeping me busy. Last night one of them curled up with me and we watched Orange is the New Black together. How cute is that?

Inner thighs and outer thighs done!

What a relief to be all done with my procedures. I am wrapped up like a sausage but I am so happy right now I don't care. We decided to skip the inner knees and go with the outer thighs. I really don't have much fat on my knees. If I feel there is a bulge I can always go back in six months time. Who knows maybe Ill want my flanks done for Christmas.
The outer thigh numbing hurts like heck. Oh my gosh!!!
He wasn't to happy with a line that is forming on my upper abdomen so we went to an XS in the garment and he instructed me to lay down more. So Netflix it is and I hired someone to come and clean the house tomorrow. I really have no good excuses to do anything but rest now.
Boobs are in one week! Yeah!

Inner and outer thighs day one


Inner thigh update

I feel so much better! I kept my legs elevated all day yesterday and only got up to go to the kitchen and tidy a bit. I completed Orange is the New Black. Good show! They are pretty bruised and swollen, I definitely didn't handle the numbing as well as i did with my tummy. My tummy is still pretty sore and decided to swell in random spots. I make sure to massage it.
Rod Davis is great, I had to text him today for some Diflucan. Darn antibiotics! He called in a prescription for me and I am so thankful. How cool is that he took the time out to call in a prescription for me? I am also feeling so much better about the whole thing. Oh an draining is way less. I have not been draining much today. They did put me in an xs garment though and I feel its way to tight, makes my legs throb a bit.
Final verdict… Inner thighs and outer thighs are way easier than tummy. I will probably get my flanks done in a few months. Had I not paid all at once I probably would have chickened out on the thighs but I am so glad I didn't!

Shopping Day!

I just can't believe it. Not only do I fit into pants for the first time in years, I fit into a size small! I know I shouldn't be shopping until like six months from now but I just can't help it. All my clothes are so frumpy. I want to show off this super cute figure I know have! BCBG has some super cute outfits!
Oh and I finally pooped today. Its been like five days. You get so constipated with the pain killers and it hurts to sit on the toilet. TMI!

Day five Inner and Outer thigh liposuction

Very sore today with a lot of hip pain. Laying in bed all day with my feet up. Kittens are keeping me entertained.

Pain and swelling

Lots of pain and swelling today. I have noticed my feet start to swell up as well.


This is definitely a process. I have three incisions still draining on the back of my legs.The drainage is pretty significant today I rarely have the pads totally soaked but they have been. Hopefully this is a good sign it is about to stop! Its is such a pain because I can't see them to well! I just want to be able to wear all the cute pants I bought from BCBG. I will either leak onto the nice material or you can see the bulges from the pads!
I have worn the crap out of one black maxi dress and one black maxi dress. Everything else hang patiently in my closet with tags still on.
Still have pain in my stomach and legs. I still don't understand how people return back to work so soon.
I bought a different compression garment from the PS who just did my breast augmentation and I love it. I don't look like a sausage and it has actually helped decrease swelling, i truly believe the other one was way to tight and has caused significant bruising and pain.

Sore inner thighs.

The bruising has reduced, I still swell and so do my feet. I feel like I am the most sore in the morning. They want to out me in a smaller garment and I'm not okay with that. I feel the original one was to tight and that is why I bruised so badly and I'm still having a lot of pain.


You bloat out of nowhere. Oh my goodness I look like I am pregnant. The recovery from liposuctions is a lot worse then my recent breast lift with breast augmentation. If you are going to do liposuction be prepared for a very long recovery.

Before picture

This is a few years old but I have always been self conscious over my stomach so its not easy to find any pictures where I have exposed it.
Rod Davis PA

Rod Davis was honest, caring, and answered all my questions. We discussed the risks and listened to my concerns. His staff is very sweet. I prefer to email, when I have had questions the girls have emailed me back right away. You are also given Rods cell phone number and encouraged to ask lots of questions. I went to four PS before using Rod. I felt he had the most experience with Liposuction and also very good reviews.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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