Liposuction of Abdomen, Love Handles and Chest

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I have had extra fat on my chest since my teen...

I have had extra fat on my chest since my teen years, as well as fat stores in my abdomen. I was 280lbs when I was 18 and lost a lot of weight and gained muscle through resistance training. No matter what I did, my stomach would never go away.

At my peak physical shape, I had very defined arms, legs, back. Everyone asked to see my "six pack" but it was still flabby. After 10 years of battling with this, I came to a point in my life that I was through. I wanted to have a tighter flat stomach.

I didn't want a TT due to the hope that my skin will recoil.
I am not judging my results yet since it is only day 1 of recovery. I noticed a lump near my right nipple, I am not sure if this is fluid, breast tissue, or fat still.
At this point I am focusing on recovering.
Over 3250cc Of fat was removed.

I have the compression garment on now.
On Monday, 10/21/13 I had my chest done
on Tuesday, 10/22 I had upper and Lowe abdomen and also love handles done under local anesthesia.

I love this office, I love the staff. I don't think I have ever been made feel so comfortable by a group of strangers before. The whole crew is amazing, incredibly responsive and answered any of my questions.

I am eating a very healthy diet that involves a lot of vegetables and I am supplementing with several vitamins and minerals, known to help with skin laxity... Which is my biggest concern.

I am massaging the skin periodically, throughout the day. I was draining a lot in the morning during my first shower. I also became very light headed.

I want to post my real "after" photos once I can hit the gym and lift some more weights to help with definition.

I realize this is a process, but I can't wait to be able to get after it. My motivation is through the roof.

I read some can return to work the next day. In my case, I will not go into work this week. It really hurts getting up from a lying position. There are several Halloween parties this weekend, we'll see if I miss them. No worries either way.

So far I have only told my parents, sister, and two best friends. Unfortunately, I am a little hurt that one of my friends is against this, doesn't understand, I'd like him to just keep me company which we planned on, but instead he is giving me the cold shoulder. So be it...

I can list my diet, supplements, and creams I am using later. I hope the bad pain in the abdomen goes away soon. I'm sure it will, I can still handle it otherwise.

With regards to my surgeon, Rod Davis, extreme professional who takes pride in his work. I visited several offices, did tons of research. In the end I went with Rod because he only does Lipo. The reviews and post op photos speak for themselves.

I will post my before photos, and I will snap my after photos tomorrow morning before my shower.

I know my body looks different, the biggest question is how well will my lower abdomen skin recoil. I will do everything I can to help it.

Day 3 Post Op

So feels like my lower abdomen is bruised. There will remain SOME breast tissue under the right nipple, we'll see how it looks once I heal and pack on some muscle. I'm not too concerned.

I am still draining, I massaged morning and evening and it felt better. The actual abs are a little wavy, but maybe that is muscle underneath?? I don't even know, since I've never seen muscle show through my stomach

I will post better pre-Op photos when I get them form the office, those were like a month out.

Going Halloween. Shopping with my friends... Might be a mummy since I already have the garment ;)

Day 6 Post OP - Bruising

So it seems like maybe after surgery swelling is happening now? Because my stomach now looks like it "popped" and it's out way more. At least this is what I'm hoping because I looked the way my stomach looked like day 3, and I think it looks worse today I think that is normal and I just gotta be patient?

I believe I wore the undergarment too tight and I had bruising on my hips a lot. Perhaps its my body's way to bounce back. I will upload photos later tonight when my phone is charged.

Anyway, I'm going in for my first check-up tomorrow morning.

I will admit I did go to a club and danced a little bit. So perhaps my body is punishing me for that, although I hope it's not permanently! I like the way the stomach was flush between the hips and actually tummy.

Day 7 - Check UP

So Rod says I have a lot of swelling and as far as the lower abdomen I'm supposed to lay off massaging it for awhile.

There is some fluid there, and we think it's since the drain healed and closed really quick under the navel. Everything else drained a lot, except from there.
I will be going back next week, and seeing whether we need to extract the fluid or not or if it will be absorbed.

He says it's looking good, but I still have a lot of healing to do, and I should take it a little more easy. My bad... :)
Rod Davis P.A.

Rod explained everything thoroughly during the procedure. Any concern or question he gladly answered in depth. I felt very comfortable being in his hands. Letty, his assistant, is as sweet as can be and was incredibly helpful and informative. I emailed a few questions that I mentioned were not urgent and got a phone call 5 minutes later.

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