Turning 60 and Am Having a Stomach Liposuction with Skin Removal and Am Very Nervous! - Pennsylvania

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I have alrady had my pre-surgery appointment and...

I have alrady had my pre-surgery appointment and have paid for my procedure but now am freaking out. I have a bad habit of second guessing myself and I am doing it big time. I elected to have this liposuction with lower excess skin removal rather than a tummy tuck because I don't need a figure of a younger woman but just want my clothes to look nice and to feel better about myself. I had 2 C-Sections in the past and a lot of excess skin on my lower stomach above the pubic bone and of course, years of fat.

I am 5'2" and weigh 170 pounds. Here are my pictures. I know, yuck!


Two more days until surgery and nerves trying to settle

My doctor is a local doctor in our largest medical practice in town.. I don't know him personally but could not find anything negative about him on the internet. He has a nice bedside manner and tells me that I will be very happy with the results.

I was reading the reviews here for the last few months before making my decision which is why I now would like to share my experience with you. Do you think I should tell my Doctor that this is going be on this site?

I am now taking Boiron Anrnicare for 3 days which is 5 tables 3 times a day under your tongue that is to help swelling and they tell me it works great. I was told that this will be done under local anesthesia and I won't be put to sleep. It is hard to imagine but will be interesting to watch although they said I wouldn't remember much. I am to take a Valium one hour before the procedure. I assume to calm me down.

My procedure is called Liposculpture of abdomen with skin excision. He did mention that he would be strengthening my stomach muscles. It seems very similar to a mini tummy tuck but not sure what the difference is. He told me that if he just did the lipsuction, the bagging skin at the bottom of the stomach would be much worse. Similar to someone who looses a lot of weight fast. I do have a C-section scar as noted on the picture running from my belly button to my bottom of my stomach. They told me this would have to be cut open but would be much smaller. I will up having a scar in the shape of a T and that is not comforting either.

I seriously wish I could skip this step as I know this is where all the pain and the longer recovery occurs. The only thing that is keeping me going forward is looking at the pictures that I posted here.

Night before surgery

Well, it is evening and I have to be at the Surgeons by 12:15. I start my antibiotics tonight. I see can't believe that I will be awake during the procedure but am not nervous about that. I have stayed busy today so that I am not constantly thinking about it. I am going to upload a couple now of me in clothes that I took today for a better comparison later.

I think I will tell the surgeon tomorrow about this site and that I am posting. I figure it couldn't hurt and might help him with his business.

I am going to my boyfriends house who is going to help me thorugh the next couple of days. Wasn't sure about doing that but he lives in a small apartment with the kitchen and bathroom right there whereas my house is multi level.

Thanks for your support and I will definitely be back to report but am dreading this next week and just want to get it behind me. I have learned so much from this site. I am older than most who share but I figured there are lots of women my age out there who are considering this procedure.

surgery yesterday

My surgery was yesterday. The doctor and staff knew I was really unsure and made me really comfortable and relaxed. They gave me a Valium and had me take it 1 hour before surgery so I an sure that helped also.

There were akwsys 3 or 4 people in the room which made me feel safer. I was given local anesthesia so naturally all the shots were not fun but also bearable. The only pain I had and it really hurt was when they had to cut 8 nerves from the c-section scar. It felt like a wire brush against an open wound. Surgery took about 3 hours.

They took out about 2600cc of fat fillimg 2 containers. My doctor also at NO additional charge gave me some fat injections in my face where I needed them the most. I was thrilled about that. At my age. The jowl lines and sagging around my mouth really bothered me.

Since the numbness wore off yesterday evening, the pain is increasing. I have been taking my pain medication every 4 hours or when needed. They make me sleep and reduce the pain. The pain is tolerable right now but the doctor told me that day 3 and 4 will be the worst.

Thanks for the good wishes and prayers. I will be certain to update in a few days. For now, another pain pill and nap.

Surgery Wednesday - Update Sunday

I wanted to update and let you know that I am doing good. The pain was hard on Day 2 and Day 3 but Saturday and Sunday have been good. I have reduced the pain pills these 2 days to just when I need them. However, I don't hesitate to take one when I need to. It is so nice when the pain just drifts away and normally I fell asleep shortly after taking the pill.

My biggest disappointment is that I got on the scale today for the first time since before my surgery and my weight was actually up 3 pounds from the day of surgery. I have certainty not been overeating and have watched my food intake so I assume it is swelling but could it be that swelling? I really expected with 2600 cc lipo out and 6 inches of skin that I would drop at least 5 pounds.

I still have my compression garment on which is annoying as it is tight and I am very itchy but I have not removed it. I will be going to the Doctors on Wednesday and will be sure to take some pictures when they take it off. Also, I know that I have to keep wearing it but wonder if I have to have in on all the time or if I take it off a hour or two will that hurt anything? Also, can I take a bath soon or does it have to be a shower?

I did some work today but am very tired and will soon lay back in bed and relax as I don't want to overdo anything. Thanks everyone!

Yesterday 1 Week after Surgery with Pictures

Yesterday, I went and saw my doctor and they said everything was looking great. I was so happy to have the drain removed as the drain incision was making it very painful to get out of bed and to bend over. It did hurt like heck when they removed it. They said there is still swelling although alot of swelling has decreased. My doctor reminded me that I did not elect to have a tummy tuck so I will never be flat but at my age, I don't care.

They did give me a new prescription for pain although now it is Hydrocodeine instead of Oxycodiene. Understandable because I am getting back to normal with much less discomfort.. I have had no energy and just want to sleep. That is not like me. I own my own business and have tons of energy so I am hoping that the old me comes back soon. So all is good. I wanted to get some pictures to you so please tell me what you think.

I will add more pictures next week.

10th Day from Surgery

This is Sunday and Day 10 and I am feeling really good and almost back to normal. Still a little sore but nothing that is interfering with my daily life. Now I can start to enjoy the benefits of the surgery. I actually wore a short waisted top to church today which was the first one in years.
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