47 And Feeling 27 !

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In my early adult years I was thin, fit, healthy...

In my early adult years I was thin, fit, healthy and happy. Life happens and all that disappeared. Now at 47 I am finally taking control and becoming what and who I was at 27. The past 20 years have been up and down on the scale, each attempt at losing weight lasted only short periods of time. January 2014, at 246 pounds I had enough and web searched for a local bariatric center. I went to the seminar, listened, learned, and requested insurance approval. 2 days later I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found out my surgery would be covered by my insurance following all of the requirements. 6 months of individual and group nutritional meetings, endoscope, psych exam, mandatory weight loss, pedometer tracking, family doctor records, EKG, bloodwork, Xrays, support group attendance, blah, blah, blah. Fast forward to December 2014, at 206 pounds I had my sleeve. I lost 30 pounds before surgery with good nutritional guidelines, the foundation for my future. Today, February 27, I am 180 pounds...for a total of 66 pounds lost. I still have a ways to go, but I feel good and that's what is important. I would never have been able to get this far without the sleeve.

Surgery Experience

Surgery day arrived 11 months after I started the long process, and it was so worth it. I remember waking up in the recovery room in pain thinking "What have I done?! I chose to have this surgery, I chose this pain!" The pain wasn't severe, I was just feeling sorry for myself. General anesthesia doesn't agree with me, I spent 3 days in the hospital with the barf bowl under my chin. I never threw up, I just had dry heaves and lots of drool...like a baby. That sensation came every time the morphine was put through my I.V. I am not always the smartest, it took until my last morning to figure it out and ask for pain pills instead (no nausea for the drive home...yay).
My first evening in the hospital was just plain uncomfortable, I had a catheter, couldn't possibly pull myself out of bed, nothing to drink, and of course the nausea. Oh, and the gas pain! My left shoulder felt like an elephant was sitting on it, that was where the gas settled, did I mention the pain.
The next morning I had to do a leak test, my first bit of liquids came in the form of barium...yum. The X-ray watching me drink went well, I didn't leak. Or should I say, the doctor did a fabulous job.
Back in the room I was permitted water, 48 ounces in a 24 hour period was my requirement. I could do that, and I did with no difficulty. Lunch arrived with a tray full of dietary approved clear liquids and a small protein syrup (yuck, but I sipped on it). Hot broth and tea didn't feel good going down, but small bites of jello and italian ice were better.
Here comes the morphine again, and the baby drool.
I was able to sit in the chair for some time, boy did that feel like a huge accomplishment.
Back into bed with my puke bucket. Dinner went well, hots were bad, colds were good.
Finally some time in the middle of the night I was able to get out of bed, kinda. I had a major foot surgery 4 weeks prior and had a leg cast on this entire time (bad timing), and was mobile only with the help of a knee walker/scooter since I was non-weight baring for 7 weeks. Hey, it was the end of the year, my deductible was met, and both surgeries were 100% paid for by my insurance. Financially planned out well, but not the easiest on my recovery.
I was sent home on day 3 after they pulled the drain out. I had 5 small incisions that were stitched internally and glued on the surface. Thank goodness for a well prepared bed with lots and lots of pillows to prop myself up on, laying down was uncomfortable, trying to get back up would have been impossible. I never took many pain pills once I was home, mainly tylenol.
Now the hard work begins...trying to get in all my liquids and protein. That was a full time job. Every day I was able to get more and more in. Keeping a small tablet near me to write down times, ounces, and the running total was helpful. I felt like I had homework. My well stocked kitchen of approved clear liquids was almost heaven, a sugar-free popsickle was my favorite. Powerade Zero was my hero, kept any possibility of dehydration away and tasted better than plain water. I loved my protein shakes, no problem with that.
My nutritionist called to check up on my liquids and protein. I was cleared for the puree stage and also to start taking my supplements. One at a time for a few days, then add the next, repeat, continue with the next one. Now I really had a journal going...liquids, protein, vitamins, etc. Timing is everything, it was a struggle to get my schedule but I did it. Pureeing food went well, my kitchen was stocked and I was well prepared to whip up breakfast, lunch and dinner. Vitamix and Ninja are strong enough to do everything. Measuring food was interesting, 2 tablespoons here, 2 tablespoons there. I enjoyed this stage, everything tasted so good and I never had a problem. I advanced to the soft food stage.
Week 2, doctor visit went well. She was pleased. I hobbled back home. Thank goodness I was already off from work, there was no way I could have gone back to work at this point. Maybe after week 4, but definitely not after week 2.
Week 6 was another visit to the doctor and nutritionist, all good. I was advancing to another food stage, stewed meats, tender meats, crockpot meats, etc. Meat, meat, meat. Of course I also had my share dairy, fruits and veggies. I was now allowed toast! Oh the simple joys in life.
I am waiting for week 12 to arrive. Raw veggies and fruit will be allowed. Nuts too. Salad sounds so good, it is almost in reach and I know exactly where I am going to get a grilled chicken salad.
To be continued...


Went to a baby shower yesterday, they served salad and I couldn't resist eating some. My official day to eat salad is wednesday, so a few days before wasn't too far ahead of schedule. I had a few bites with my chicken and it was so good...life has now begun! I didn't get to have that special salad that I have been waiting for, but it was a start. Life is all about compromise, and those few bites of lettuce at that baby shower was a small step towards enjoying that grilled chicken salad I have been wanting. My next treat will be nuts...

3 Month Post-op Visit

Saw the surgeon and nutritionist today. Went well. Doctor thinks I am losing weight on the higher of a sleeve patient. Not that she thinks it's bad, it's just a bit more than average for having a sleeve.

Nutritionist was pleased with my food variety and healthy choices at meals. Seem to be hitting all of my food group goals. Discussed the beginning of my hair starting to shed. She thinks it won't be too bad since I kept up with my protein and supplements from the start. Time will tell. I bought some protein based shampoo and conditioner today, hoping for the best. Not coming out in clumps, just falling softly onto my shirts.

Salad and nuts!!!!! Yay, the best part of my day is when I eat raw anything. No problems transitioning with these foods. I don't eat a "Clean" diet, but I try to eat as natural as possible. "God Food" is what I call it, no processed or packaged foods.

New Clothes

I finally had to go shopping today. In a real store, not out of the closet upstairs that held so many of my smaller size clothes that I had been holding on to for years and years. Oh heck, maybe over a decade.

So at the top of my obesity 12 months ago I wore a size 22/24 pant and a 3X/4X top. Today I bought 4 pair of jeans. 2 were a size 10, and the other 2 were a size 8 !!!!! I haven't seen an 8 unless there was a 1 in front of it (18) for so long. LOL.

Today also meant bra shopping, I was a 44 DDD minimizer, today I bought a 36 DDD. Going down in body size, but these darn boobs aren't shrinking much. Ugh. My hubby doesn't mind, but I wish they would deflate a bit.

I also had half of a slice of stuffed crust pizza from Pizza Hut last night at my mom's. My sisters were in and that's what they wanted. Not my choice for dinner, but I ate slowly and chewed thoroughly. It was fine but not as enjoyable as months ago. Next time I need to bring a protein loaded salad when we all visit. When I got home and plugged it into myfitnesspal I was horrified. That put me way over my limits. Live and lean I guess.

Size 22 to Size 8

22 to 8

Pics. 22 to 8

Sorry so late with pictures, but here they are. The tags are from what I am actually wearing in the pictures. I had 24's but couldn't find them...not sure I even wanted a reminder of those days. I still have a lot of work to do and all the time in the world to get to my goal. From 246 to today at 166.


Today is going to be challenging. Going to my sister's for the big Easter feast. There is food before the food before the meal, dessert, then food after the meal after the food, and dessert again. If you don't understand how Italians do things, then try to picture nonstop food...good food. Oh my! I ate a high protein breakfast, I am taking a protein bar for the 1 & 1/2 hr road trip, and a travel mug of hot herbal tea with me. Hope I am full before I get there, and won't cave to the indulgence.

Yesterday my other sister hosted the Holy Saturday luncheon. I was good, ate my protein first, had a small bite of Gooey Butter Cake that I made...shame on me for offering to bring it. Other than that, I stayed away from the bad foods. Today will be harder since it is a formal sit down dinner. But I am committed to this, and have put a strategy in place. LOL.

Happy Easter to all.

Cookies and Easter Candy

So, the darn Easter Basket is looking at me. It isn't mine, it belongs to my 21 year old son. But it is there every time I walk into the kitchen. Grrrr. My hubby decided to buy me something for Easter this year...a chocolate bunny. Not grocery store chocolate, really tempting good chocolate. He has never bought me junk food or candy EVER. But the caring supportive hubby that he is, decided since I am sleeved, I need a bunny. I hate that bunny! Why would I need a bunny? A bunny...really. I caved and ate his ear. Now I hate that bunny AND my hubby (just joking). This type of junk is what got me fat in the first place.

Well, to make my day even more tempting, I am baking cookies for my niece's wedding. We will be making 5,000 in total. I did 500+ today, and will do about the same tomorrow. I can report that I did not try any of them, didn't even lick the spoons. LOL.

But that bunny is still looking at me...with one ear. He needs to just hop away somewhere. I thought about putting him in the freezer (the bunny, not the hubby), but who doesn't love frozen chocolate!!?? Oh I just can't win, maybe it should just go into the garbage.

Peppermint Tea

I am home today from work with some kind of stomach bug. Glad to not be working, but would rather feel better. Spent my entire morning in the bathroom, everything going straight through me. Better the basement than the chimney I guess. LOL. My tummy is just doing flip flops. So, on the advice of so many, I am sipping some delicious hot peppermint tea. It feels good, let's hope it settles my tummy.

I have so many things that I should be doing instead of sitting around. Hopefully I can get some sewing done today. I am making a quilt for my family reunion, we do a chinese auction to raise money for the next reunion.

Oh, and the wedding cookies have gotten done quickly. Between my sisters and I, we are over 5,000 cookies. Glad I was able to do it.


This week I was back and forth between 158-159, but 158 wins! My goal was 150 when I began over a year ago, doctor's goal 130. Since I am inching closer to my original goal, I have decided to change it to 135. I never thought I would actually get as far as I have already. It is amazing how quickly the weight is dropping off since this surgery. I try really hard to stay within the guidelines, exercise some (could be more), stay positive, and drinks lots of water. I don't know if these are the reasons, but it is all working.
Best of all is looking in the mirror...dressed of course.
Hubby says he can't find me when I turn sideways.


Well, today I got my first bad comment. This morning I weighed in at 156#, a 90# total loss (50# since surgery Dec 18). I rarely throw it in friends faces about my weight loss, but today I was excited. I told my very best friend at work this morning that I have hit the 90# mark, and that I knew she didn't believe that I had over 100# to lose. She turned to me and said that I look BAD! Cancer patient BAD. And that I am going to look like heroin addict BAD. With a strong emphasis on that word BAD. REALLY!? I was speechless and got teary. I just couldn't believe that someone could be that mean. I am not sick looking or dragging around, I have good color and high energy. This person isn't even overweight to be jealous. This is the reason I chose not to tell anyone about the surgery until months after I had it done. I didn't/and don't want to be the subject of everyone's conversation.
Enough of my venting...

Becoming a Shopaholic

Got out of work early and went shopping. I am now able to fit into a size 6 jeans and be able to sit down without cutting off my circulation. Amazing. I also bought new yoga pants in size Medium. I have to give credit to spandex and lycra. Shopping has been the best. I can't stop.

I got rid of my clothes over the weekend, 4 closets full plus all of my coats and jackets. I have to start filling those 4 closets back up again. Shhhhh, don't tell my hubby.

New pictures coming this week.

153 from 246

I am in my size medium yoga outfit in the first set of pictures. Jeans are a size 6 from Old Navy, top is a small from Lands End. And of course my baby! This is the only bare wall in my house, I figured it would be a good place to take pictures with no distractions in the background.

Positive Comment

Funny how opposite things happen. Getting over that one negative comment from earlier this week just got easier.
My husband's brother came in last night to go hunting this morning. He hasn't seen me since the day after Thanksgiving, when I was stuck on a recliner after foot surgery. Last time he saw me upright was Labor Day. He told my hubby that I look 20 years younger and he couldn't believe the change. So nice to hear from a man that doesn't notice many things. (haha! Just a man's nature I guess).
When I titled my review all of those months ago, I did feel 20 yrs younger. Never thinking that I would one day look 20 yrs younger.
Today is a good day.

Revealing Surgery to Strangers

I just came back from a Pampered Chef party. Got to talking weight loss and my friend told everyone I just lost 94#. Of course there was excitement and the question on how I did it. When I said "Oh I had surgery"...crickets. Not a word, sigh, hmmm, aha, wow, oh my...nothing. It was so uncomfortable. I wish I would have just said hard work and self control, but I didn't. I felt like I revealed that I had the Plague or Ebola. Interesting non-response. I guess the subject is still taboo in social settings. Lesson learned, my truth = my secret.

Products I Use

Nothing new to report. I promised some pictures of what I use for my skin and hair. Bonus pics of my morning view.

Wedding Cookies

Just a glimpse of the cookie table at my niece's wedding. Sorry it's sideways.
I didn't have the glass of wine that I wanted...barely ate my dinner, it was way too much food for me...had two bites of cake...nibbled on a few cookies...had a beautiful day.

48 And Feeling 28

Had breakfast with my best friend, enjoyed catching up.

My husband and I went up to the mountains and rented bikes for the afternoon. I haven't been on a bike since elementary school, never mastered it. I rented the granny bike with 3 wheels and a big basket...LOL. Hey I didn't fall off of it. What I did learn after 10 miles is to never wear underwear while riding a bike. EVER. The seams on my undies dug into my rear, there are still indentations in my skin from them. Ouch, still hurting. Saw a rattlesnake and helped it to safely cross the trail before someone ran over it and ended up getting bit and life flighted out of there. My good deed for the day-saved a snake and potentially saved a life. Had gorgeous views all day, but I was just wanting to sneak behind a tree and take off those darn undies.

Stopped to eat at a favorite place in the mountains, nibbled on the pork nachos and had a few bites of the peppers. The rest came home for tomorrow. So if anyone thinks that they will never eat their favorite foods again, wrong. You will, just tiny amounts and still be satisfied.

Happy weekend everyone.


I caved to a craving that had been torturing me for 2 & 1/2 weeks...tator tots. Weird to crave such a thing, but I did. I grilled some chicken, fresh green beans, fresh corn, and a few of those tasty little puffs. I babied them on the grill and got them browned just perfectly with garlic and pepper. I couldn't wait to fulfill my craving and savor the moment. Nope, nothing like I remembered. On the good side, I had room for a bit more chicken since I didn't have the tots. All good I guess. So to all sleevers out there- has anyone else had a craving, went for it, and was let down?

Stage 1 - Liquids

Since I am a creature of habit, most of my daily tracking was similar. So instead of pics, I'm just listing sample days. Surgery was 12-18. This is my first week of liquids and shakes. Know that I didn't count the almond milk for shakes as clear liquids. I hope this shows the way I am planning, I am not much of a typist and this could be a jumbled up mess...be kind. LOL. Next post will be Stage 2 Pureed Foods/ Soft Foods.

12 - 21
Liquids (slash marks = cup/8ounce)
water II
diluted juice .5
SF jello .5
SF Italian ice .5
decaf tea II

Protein Shake
noon 15 gram/4ounce

12 - 22
water II
diluted juice .5
SF jello .25
PoweradeZero II
SF popsickle .25
broth I

8:00am 15 gr/4oz
5:15pm 15 gr/4oz

12 - 23
water IIII
diluted juice .5
SF popsickle I
SF jello .5
FF SF cocoa I

5:00am 22gr/6oz
1:00pm 15gr/4oz
8:00pm 15gr/4oz

12 -24
SF popsickle .5
SF jello I
diluted juice I
water II
decaf tea II

6:00am 10gr/4oz
2:30pm 15gr/6oz
8:00pm 15gr/6oz


After a 2 &1/2 week stall at 148, I am finally down to 146 and holding. Making it a total of 100#. I was wanting to be there by my 6 month visit which is soon approaching. I can finally say it...100#. I lost an entire human being. LOL.

100 Pounds Gone Gone Gone

This is the dress I bought yesterday, size medium. Jeans size 6, T-shirt medium.


I always knew the importance of measuring food. In the beginning it was tablespoons, then 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 cups, then by weight. I was using a basic scale that I already had. However, it just wasn't accurate enough for my needs. I highly recommend a digital nutritional scale, many to choose from in all price ranges. Amazon - Kitrics Digital Nutrition Scale is what is pictured above. Amazon's prices fluctuate, check often for best prices. Mine was $35.00, today it is $48.00..big price difference.

What I Wish I Would Have Known

This was in my book from class. It didn't seem important when I began my journey, but reading it now I see so many true statements. I hope this is clear and big enough to read, if not I will try another way to post it.

6 Month Check-Up

I had my 6 month visit this morning with the surgeon and later in the day with the nutritionist.

Surgeon - All is good.

Nutritionist - I have lost 40% of my body weight since I began 1 & 1/2 years ago. If I lose 10 pounds in the next month, then I have to go back. She thinks I need to slow down my weight loss. I have to try to up my calories, my "snacks" need to be 150-200 calories. I wasn't anywhere near that, she gave me a few helpful hints. My "meals" are fine.

I now weigh 144.


I didn't think that I had anything new to report, but I do.
I had a beer today, and one last weekend.
At 6 months out, I was told that I could have an occasional drink.
It was only one each time, and no issues to report.

Still holding at 144#. Adding more food and calories is working. Thank goodness, because my nutritionist gave me strict orders to not lose so much weight this month.

Oh, and I had to buy size 4 jeans today. Not 14, not 24, just plain single digit 4. And a few size small tops.



As embarrassing this is for me to do, I am posting my batwings. Ugh.
I am doing this for the good of all mankind. LOL.
Now you can see why I will be looking into having my wings clipped.
With 100# plus lost, this was to be expected. My arms were always my worst area.
So there you have it. My worst kept secret.
Oh, today's weigh-in was 143#. 1# loss in 2 weeks, yay. No nazi-tritionist visit next month.

Fat vs Fantastic

Today a girl stopped me at work asking what I was doing to lose all this weight. I was honest and told her about having "fat surgery". She was sincerely asking for info for herself, I was happy to let my guard down and help. What stood out was her saying how fantastic I look, how fat she is, and that she wants to look fantastic like me. We talked about the requirements, health issues, physical ailments, nutrition, and the superficial appearance after surgery...and so much more. She was so impressed and I was excited to guide her in the path I took. Fingers crossed for her taking the steps toward better health.
Her approach was about how she can better herself, not being all up in my business. That was why I was comfortable revealing my surgery. I am learning to get a feel for those with good intent and those with maliciousness.
I am still receiving negative comments, but they are not worth my energy. I am just responding with "Wow, that isn't very nice to say." while I walk away. Ugh...people. Ugh...rude people.

The Odd Things

I've been thinking about this update for a while now. What do I write about? Nothing new is happening. Then it hit me... The Odd Things since having sleeve surgery. Good and Bad. In no particular order.

- Regular size hangers for tops, no more extra wide hangers.
- Regular pant hangers, no more heavy duty.
- More clothes fit in the washer, lower water bill...yay
- Doggy paddle in the bathtub, my thighs don't hit the sides, I can splash around. (higher water bill) ugh.
- Thigh gap, no more rubbing.
- No more sweating like a farm animal.
- Only having to put on deodorant once, no reapply throughout the day.
- Bracelets fit.
- Need a smaller wedding band. NEW not re-sized. LOL.
- Fit into a chair.
- Get out of a chair.
- Crossing legs, and even tucking my foot behind. Kinda like a twisted cross.
- Better sex.
- Lots of sex.
- No granny panties.
- Walking upstairs without needing to hold onto the railing.
- Not getting winded.
- Eating off of a smaller plate, less dishes to wash.
- Clear complexion.
- Have to floss more, less chewing somehow equals the need.
- Migraines have diminished for some reason. Halleluiah.

I hope this was entertaining and enlightening. A few silly things that I have noticed along the way. I am sure more odd things will pop up. Until then...thanks for reading.

7 Month Pictures

Here are my most recent pictures.

As everyone knows from a previous post, I have horrible arms. I won't be in public with only a tank, these pics are only for reference.

I weighed in at 138# this morning. Down a total of 108#. My original goal was 150#, then 135#. I hope to stay near where I am now. My focus needs to be to tighten up A LOT. I actually bought a few bikinis (oh yes I did!). My vacation is coming up and I want a little tan before I leave, so yesterday I spent sunbathing way down at the bottom of my yard out of sight. LOL. Then my hubby decided to climb into the hammock with me and flipped us over. Luckily I landed on him.

Oh...there will not be any bikini shots. It's not pretty.

My family reunion is coming up next weekend, 4 days of gathering and eating. My plan is to wear the absolute tightest clothes possible so I can not eat. LOL.

Vacation Pictures

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

113# Gone

Not much new, just giving a quick update.

Highest Weight----246 Jan 2014
Surgery Weight----206 Dec 2014
Current Weight----133 Aug 2015
Total Lost------------113
I am in a size 2 jeans, size S or XS top.

I feel good, not having cravings. I always keep good food/snack choices around. I think that keeps any kind of cravings at bay. Eating every 3 hours is my best advice.

Fall Fashion Show

My husband calls me "Skinky". A combo word for skinny and skanky. LOL. He is just joking. All pics are of me in either a Small, Extra Small, or Size 2. I am so loving this new version of me. I was this thinner person all along, but in a waaayyyy larger frame. Sleeve life is good. BTW I am 130#, down from 246#. YAY !!!!!

I Hit The Insurance Jackpot !

Well, my time has come to start looking into cosmetic procedures and gathering information. I called my insurance to see what is covered. I also made sure that 2016 will fall under the same rules as 2015...YES. There will be no change for what I am seeking.
What I found out is that 18 months after sleeve surgery I am able to have any/all of the following and my insurance will cover it: Yippee
Basically anywhere there is excess skin!!! It can all be removed. Of course my deductible has to be met. Luckily at work we have 6 options to choose. High or low premiums. High or low deductibles. And depending on which I pick, my employer will pay $1,000.00 towards my deductible. My ducks are about to be in a row for 2016. It's never too early to plan and prepare.

Now, the boobs are a different story. At any given time I can have them reduced/lifted as long as I have 1 year of problematic history (deep shoulder grooves, confined activity, etc). The surgeon has to be able to remove a percentage of skin and tissue according to their specific scale. 22+%. So it's kind of like meeting a BMI of 40+ for sleeve surgery.

Hopefully my hubby will get new boobs for Christmas.

It's Pumpkin Season - Puree Friendly Recipe

I found this on Pinterest and thought about everyone in the puree stage. Looks damn good. I used to make a lot of pumpkin pie protein shakes after my sleeve. And this is pumpkin everything everywhere season.

PER SERVING (1 piece, 1/9th of recipe): 65 calories,

Grrrrr... Pumpkin Recipe... again

15 oz canned pumpkin
12 oz can fat-free evaporated milk
1/2 cup fat-free liquid egg substitute (Egg Beaters)
3/4 cup granulated Splenda
2 tsp pumpkin spice (I would use more)

350 degrees, mix all, pour into sprayed 8x8, bake 45 minutes.
Serve warm or cold. Refrigerate any leftovers.

1/9th piece =
5 grams protein
65 calories
12 grams carbs
1 gram fiber

New Photos

I found this protein packed peanut butter at my tiny Walmart today. I haven't tried it, but it has whey protein isolate in it. Don't see why we can't mix any protein powder with a natural or low-fat peanut butter. This will be my snack later today on a celery stalk and I will give my thumbs up or down later.

I have been very busy shopping for new fall and winter clothes. I am now a size 0 in pants and jeans. XSmall or Small in tops.
My starting weight was 246#, now 125#. 2 more pounds and I will have lost exactly half of my body weight. And I am probably only 1/4 in size of where I began...meaning I take up less space. A lot of less space. I even had to scoot up my car's seat since my butt doesn't take up all of the room. haha. It's the small things in life that make the most impact.

Really Negative Comments

I thought I was over all of this. That I could rise above it. Ignore it. Remove myself from it. To not be hurt by it. But, it continues on daily...from men and women.

My new favorites:
1. You are getting waaayyy too skinny.
2. She weighs 80# and doesn't eat.
3. Enough's enough with this weight loss.
4. Your glasses are too big now for your tiny head.
5. I can see your bones.
6. What does your husband think about this?
7. Wow are you skinny, are you on the same diet as (another girl who had weight loss surgery)?
8. Your hair looks bad since you lost all that weight.
9. Your husband's going to leave you, I give it a year.
10. Don't lose any more weight, you don't want your face to be sunken in.
11. You lost your butt, I like a butt on a woman.
12. I'm so embarrassed to walk with you, I look fat by you.
13. Eat a sandwich.

None of them top the cancer patient comment months ago. LOL.

Oh I am sure there are many many more that I have forgotten or blocked out. I always try to not react, but it is very hard. I am almost 11 months out, this is what I still have to deal with.

But on the other hand, a few women at work have started the process of their weight loss journey after conversations we had. Yay for them.

My 1 Year Sleeve Anniversary - Chicken Crust Pizza

127# today. My low was 124#. Now is the time to put all of my knowledge to test and maintain.

Yesterday on The Top Ten Tips we got a recipe for Chicken Crust Pizza from XYZ. I just had to make it. I took pics as I prepared it. I didn't have parchment paper, so I used a silicone mat. I think parchment would make it crispier. There is room for improvement. My husband loved it, he hates bread. My judgement is still out, I need to make it again and tweak it for my liking.

Snow, Snow, Snow

Well, it's finally stopped snowing.

Staying warm while the boys clean up.

Hair Loss / Regrowth

Hair loss...yep, I had it.

Regrowth...yep, I got it.

I always had longer hair and kept cutting it shorter in the year before my sleeve to prepare for the inevitable. I took Biotin for many months prior to surgery in hopes it would ease the loss...not. I followed the guidelines with protein after surgery to help...nope. I used Hair Fall products to help...egh. Thickening Hair products to fake it...ok.

Anesthesia does a number on our hair. I had my sleeve 12.18.14, it didn't help me much that I also had surgery 11.21.14. Double whammy, I was doomed. My hair dresser wasn't worried, she thought it wasn't awfully bad. I noticed it, I was critical of myself of course. Only 1 person came out and told me how bad my hair was looking. Can't blame her. I was holding onto every strand for dear life instead of just going more shorter. Hind site: should have wacked it off.

Fast forward to almost 14 months after my sleeve. It's coming back nicely! The top and front is the worst because that is the area with the longer hair, the back is full since it is all new growth. Pictures tell the story. LOL.

Sugar Free Gummies

Thank you Carol for the recipe. I couldn't wait until Super Bowl to make these. I made peach and raspberry, they are just like Jello Jigglers. Tasty little things, super easy to make.

Little Beauties (pictures)

Real Self is all messed up today. Pictures should be in above post.


Hope the pics upload.

? Sandwich ?

My friend brought these little sandwiches to our Super Bowl party this evening. He is always the creative one in the bunch. So good, no bread.
Cuke slices
LF cream cheese
Thin ham or turkey
Fresh dill
Season with pepper
Top with olive

They had it all: crunchy, creamy, protein, a touch salty...YUM.

Grain Free Bread

Hmmmmm, bread w/o carbs. (well almost, 1T honey).
This was easy to put together. Not sure that I would use it for a sandwich, but toasted with peanut butter or SF preserves would be yummy. I tasted a small piece that stuck to the pan, it was chewy and had texture from the almond flour (more like ground nuts than silky flour).


Low Carb Pancakes

What could be more comforting on a freezing Sunday morning for breakfast?
I haven't eaten pancakes for months and months since I had Denny's whole wheat pancakes (delicious). After searching Pinterest for the perfect pancake, I focused on these using coconut flour. I was skeptical of course, but I gave it a try. The batter was rather gritty and I was worried, but they were fluffy and ooohhh so good. I halved the recipe and made 1 huge pancake with SF syrup to share. My husband DOES NOT eat pancakes but said he would give it a try. Well...he ate 2/3 of it. This is a thumbs up recipe.


Almond Flour Pizza Crust

Skeptical? I was. Even as I was making the crust I thought this isn't going to be good. Would it taste like a nut roll? Well..... it was awesome. I needed to use this bag of almond flour for something, pizza crust it was. It was easy to pick up, was crispy, and filling. A keeper!
I also made coconut flour cookies today. Had a bag of that flour too.



14 Month Visit

I had my 1 yr post-op visit today, 14 months due to my surgeon's maternity leave. All tests were perfect, my supplements are right on. She was happy with everything, said she expects me to stay between 130# - 135#. I weighed 128 at home, 130 at the visit with clothes on. I took off everything I could before stepping on that scale. My weight has been between 128-132 lately due to being home for 2 months. I am not getting in my 16,000-20,000 steps, another week or two and I'll be back on track. I prefer to be under 130#, but 135 is way better than 246 any day.
My surgeon is leaving at the end of the year, I am to follow up with my PCP yearly for regular blood work.
She showed me my pics before surgery, WOW, and they were after I had already lost 30#. Unbelievable!

Before Pics & Some Re-Posts

I have to thank Carol and Choripan for their bravery to post before pics of themselves. You two beautiful ladies have given my the strength to dig out my few before pics. It's been a long time coming....plus I have re-posted what I deleted when I had a bad day.

18 Months

Nothing new to report. Holding steady with hard work. Sharing current pics!


Hi all, it's been a long time since my last update. Nothing much new to report, just holding steady. I keep between 130-135 pounds. It's a mental game, my low was 124 and I'm up from that, which is a bit depressing. Oh well, better than 246 POUNDS. I am wearing a size 2 jean, which is up from the 0 that I was in...grrrrr. Still in an XS top.
My hair has all grown back and I'm actually having people notice how great my hair is looking these days. Yay, took long enough. I'm really not sure if I need to keep taking Biotin for my hair at this point. I see the nutritionist in Dec and will have to ask her.

2 Year Review

Hi everyone. I am 2 years out.
HW 246
LW 124
CW 130-135
Getting through the holidays was challenging, but I made it. No secret, just kept to my schedule and paid attention to what foods were available at the holiday tables. Wise choices kept me full and that left less room for junk.
My weight fluctuates between 130-135, although I prefer 130 because my jeans are more comfortable. I used to wear a size 0 at my lowest, currently I wear a size 2 and I'm good with that.
I had my 2 yr visit with my nutritionist yesterday. Everything is great, actually better than great. My blood work is superior and I am able to adjust my supplements. Biotin is eliminated (if I notice hair loss, continue taking). Calcium is down to 1 supplement from 2 due to my daily intake from my diet. Iron is weekdays only. B-12 can be eliminated (unless I notice lack of energy). Still taking 2 chew-able multi's which contain most of what I need. My good cholesterol has risen, bad went down over the years. Overwhelmed with the good visit. Scheduled for next year (3yr).

More good news: My surgeon and her partner had left the area leaving us without a bariatric surgeon. The hospital had kept the program, but sent patients far away for surgery. Now they are getting a new surgeon who has agreed to take on all previous patients. I am so thrilled to have continued bariatric care. There is only so much that my PCP can do with little to no knowledge of weight loss patients. Having an experienced bariatric doctor to go to for help eases my mind. He/she will know exactly what type of blood work I need yearly and can closely monitor any changes.

Happy New Year Everyone.
Dr. Ivanesa Pardo Lameda

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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