Bbl butt Implants and hips;) cnt wait

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I've been looking for a doctor I'm 5'3 ish and...

I've been looking for a doctor I'm 5'3 ish and about 111 lbs I've always been skinny and I want to get butt implants just to fit in my clothes better and have more confidence in my own skin . So please let me know if you have any recommendations ...........................................,,,...........

So I called dr jimmersons office

They told me that butt implants would be about 10,000 dollars if I pay cash. I'm paying 50 dollar for my consultation on Wednesday but my my consultation will be some time In December via phone via email.o yea they also said I can make payments until my procedure but my payments have to be paid in full before procedure wich gives me alot of time because they're booked until January 2015 . They said the earlier I pay in full for my procedure the earlier I can get it done and probably be on a list before January 2015 because I'm payin in cash I would get priority like before people paying with credit or before people who were scheduled before me but didn't pay in full yet.


And there is a 500 deposit fee after I pay 50 dollars for my consultation it will be deducted leaving 450 more to pay wich will be deducted out of my procedure cost.

Bad and good

I've seen alot of good reviews for dr j and some bad review for him too majority was the bbl procedure I haven't seen implants yet I would like to see some real implant reviews from rs


I'm new to rs if I look at alot of doctors and I think if someone writes a 5 star review no pics and only one post it's fake as sht

Wish pic

Wish pic

Wish pic

Wish pic

Wish pic

I like this butt dr j did

Wish pic

Wish pic


Today I will be watching my required webinar for dr j at 2:00 I wonder if I can do this via iphone ???

Consultation fee

I'm kinda excited because I'm really taking steps small steps but progress towards my procedure I paid 50 dollars today for my consultation via phone and I think my patient coridinator is Shelly I have to send her pics of a couple angles of my body my aunt will prolli take those pics today or Thursday I will post them here too

One question

My photos look zoomed in from my point of view I wonder if they look like that to y'all???


Phone consultation

So my phone consultation is on Thursday nov 8 I can't wait a step closer....

Can't wait

I want a butt so bad

After consultation

I had my phone consultation got my quote and I will need to get hips done too and I have to gain about 15 to 20 lbs o and pay my deposit


My boyfriend doesn't want me to get this procedure but unlimited doin it anyway I need to feel more secure with my body and overall self
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