35 Yr. Old, Very Athletic Dancer/gymnast/aerialist (16 Hrs/week), No Kids, 5'4 110 Petite, Currently 32 A/AA - Pennsylvania

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I have wanted breast implants since my early...

I have wanted breast implants since my early twenties and I am finally doing it! I was constantly teased as a teen/young adult and I did go through a phase where I embraced my flat-chested body, but it has come to a point where I just don't feel feminine or confident. I work so hard on my body, and I'm basically all muscle. I want to feel good about showing it off, and I feel that a small enhancement will balance that out. I by no means want large breasts, especially since I plan on returning to the same level of physical activity after the healing process.

I decided this past August but because of dance/work conflicts, I had to schedule my surgery for November, and now my surgery date is quickly approaching! I have to say I've been so excited, but am recently starting to feel a lot of anxiety about the size. I am still trying to decide between 300cc, 325cc, or 350cc moderate profile silicone implants. My doctor as well as many others that I've talked to all say that the one biggest regret that women have post-surgery is not going bigger. I really don't want big breasts though. A SMALL C would be my maximum size and I'm concerned that they will end up bigger than that and it will interfere with my athletic abilities. Originally I was set on 350cc but after reading a lot of reviews, looking at multiple pictures, and consulting Doctors on this site, I think that I am going to go with the 325s. I have another appointment next week. My mom was not able to go with me to my original consult, so basically the appointment is to put her at ease (she is scared about something going wrong during the actual procedure). I figured that I can try on the implants again, but it is so hard to tell because my doctor said they will look smaller once they are placed under the muscle. I plan on doing the rice sizers this weekend.

I'm so glad that I found this site. I have gotten so many great tips from reading reviews, pics, and asking the doctors questions. I just finished some shopping for post-op stuff today. I picked up some great front close cotton sports bras from Walmart, Bio Oil, Cocoa Butter w/Vitamin E, CVS TheraPeas ice packs, and Mederma (doc's recommendation). I am going to get my blood work done on Monday.

I am still trying to make plans for the first few days of my post-op. This is one of the things that is causing me the most anxiety right now. I live alone and do not have a significant other. I am having my surgery locally so the nice thing is I don't have to travel. My mom will take me and pick me up for the procedure but I need to find someone to stay with me overnight. I'm hoping one of my friends can do it. I also have 3 dogs; two Schnauzers and a Yorkie. If any of you are familiar with terriers then you know why I am concerned about this. They are very high energy and like to jump/lay on top of me. Also, my Yorkie cannot go up and down the stairs or get on the bed without assistance. I am already planning on sending him to my mom's for the first four days but she can't take all of them. She has two small dogs of her own so that would be way too much for her to handle. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as meal planning?

So that is my story. I'm 25 days out. I will continue to document my experience and I will also upload some pictures. I would love comments and feedback!

Two Weeks Out

I'm exactly 14 days from my surgery date and I'm feeling pretty good. I've had some moments of extreme anxiety but for the most part I'm feeling really excited. I have a doctor's appointment on Friday and my mom is coming with me to look at my size options. I am almost 100% positive that I am gonna go with the 325cc. I did rice sizers in 350cc and they were too big for my liking. I think the 325cc will be perfect; not too big, not too small. I've got pretty much everything I need for post surgery, just a few things left to pick up like Arnica tablets, and juice to help with constipation. I also need to get some pajamas or loungewear that has front closure. I think I'm going to order these from Victoria's Secret, but I'm going to see if I can find some cheaper items at Kohl's or Target. I also want to look for a wedge pillow or something to sleep on. I've got all of my caretakers lined up, but am still a little concerned about my dogs. They are not going to be happy if they can't cuddle with me. My biggest concern right now is dance. It's casting time for our big show and normally I get called in around this time to start working big stunts. I'm just really hoping that my dance director will be understanding (I haven't told him yet, yikes!). We typically only have 2-3 private rehearsals before Christmas break. Company rehearsals don't start until the first weekend after New Year's, which is why I'm having the surgery now. So hopefully he won't give my part away to anyone else, especially since he knows I can keep up/easily catch up, but who knows, the dance world is a fickle beast. If he puts another girl with my partner of almost 8 years I will be devastated. Also, I hope I have a normal recovery and no issues so that I can return to my regular rehearsals in January otherwise I'm really screwed. I keep telling myself that if worse comes to worse I'll just take a year off from the big stuff, but that is so hard to accept, especially since I'm older and really don't know how many years I have left in me to perform this stuff. I finally have the courage to post some pre-op pics so here they are. I will update again after my appointment Friday.

Shopping and Blood Work Today

Today I found some really great button front pajama sets on sale at Macy's. One set is a super soft cotton knit that feels like silk on the skin. I like these much better than the Victoria's Secret sets. The brand is Alfani and they have really nice prints. Much cheaper than VS too since they were on sale! One top is from Nautica and it ended up only being $6. It's a short sleeve button up top; I hate sleeping in long sleeves so I was really excited about finding it. I also got Arnica today and had my blood work done. Getting close!

Two Days!

It is finally time for my surgery! I went back in to speak with my PS regarding size etc. I've decided to go with 325cc. I have heard so many mixed reviews on size and it really has caused me so much anxiety. I am going by his professional opinion and also the sizers at his office. The 325 HP implant that I tried on with a tight sports bra did not have a lot of projection, and my PS assures me that it will be even less once under the muscle. He also says that my muscle mass is probably on the thicker side from being so athletic and that will also make a difference. I've been having the strangest feelings the past few days. I feel almost like I am going to miss my flat-chested body and I'm having a lot of anxiety about such a major change. My PS asked me if I wanted to postpone but I know that I don't. I have been wanting this surgery for years. Are these feelings normal? I often have trouble dealing with major change in general so I keep trying to picture the results to try and get excited. I'm a control freak and not knowing EXACTLY what the results will be/look like I guess is what is giving me so much anxiety.

I took videos, pics, etc. of the different acrobatic things that I do, and he assured me that once healed, I will be able to continue without a problem or interference with the implant placement, so that made me feel much better. My biggest thing is just this size obsession. He knows that I want a very modest look and do not want to have "big boobs" and he assures me that the size I've chosen fits my needs and desires. I literally have no natural projection.

Anyway, last week a family member also passed away so that has just added to my anxiety. I have to travel this weekend to Pittsburgh (I won't be driving). Hopefully I will feel well enough for travel. I'm more worried about my appearance. Does anyone have tips for hiding Frankenboob under clothes? I obviously have to wear black and I would normally wear a dress but, I dunno if I will be able to pull it off.

Today specifically, I'm surprisingly calm. At this point I just want to get it over with! I am the first surgery of the day on Tuesday so I'm really happy about that. I've got everything set up; the house is clean, went grocery shopping last night, and have all of my post-op supplies. The only thing I have to do tomorrow is write notes and lesson plans for my subs at school, get spacers for my ear piercings, then go to my doctor's appointment for my markings! Oh, and then I'll have to pick up my prescriptions.

I will post tomorrow night before I go to bed. :)

I Finally have boobies!!!!

Well, the big day has finally come and gone, and boy am I happy it is over with. Monday night I went in for my markings and my last appointment with my PS. I could barely stomach food on Monday I was so nervous. I hung out with my boyfriend until about 1am then went home and tried to sleep, which definitely didn't happen. I cuddled with my pups for about two hours and before I knew it it was 530am. I showered and scrubbed the area with the special soap that my PS gave me, washed my face and then my mom picked me and the dogs up. We dropped off my babies to her place on the way to the surgery center and I said my teary goodbyes (they really are like my children lol).

My experience at the surgery center was just wonderful. I was in at 630 and being wheeled to the operating room right on time at 730. First I signed in then was taken back to the exam room where I changed. The nurse took my vitals and gave me some warm blankets to make me feel comfy as she started the IV antibiotic. The anesthesiologist came in shortly after and checked some things. Then another nurse came and gave me the Versed. My mom and I said a prayer together and I kissed her goodbye, and off I went! I got to the operating room and the nurses were so sweet, they know I have a serious back injury so they brought me a special pillow to put under my knees during surgery. Next, one put an oxygen mask on me and literally that is the last thing I remember.

Next thing I woke up in a recovery room and instantly started crying. Not because I was in pain, because I looked down and saw perfection! They are not too big at all!!! I know it is too early to tell but the size range is perfect. As for the pain, I really didn't feel that bad. Nothing like I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong, this isn't a stroll through the park. It felt/feels like there was/is an elephant sitting on my chest. The nurses came and fed me some graham crackers and pop, which made me feel better. I have to say again I was so impressed with the nursing staff. They made the experience so pleasant. My mom arrived about 20 minutes after I woke up. We got me in the car and I was pretty much wide awake. Didn't feel much pain at all going over bumps or anything like that. When I got home, two of my best friends were there waiting for me and we just sat around and ate Panera. They were shocked at how coherent I was.
Yesterday, I needed help doing all things, even going to the bathroom, my mom had to wipe me because it was too painful to twist my arm that way. My three best friends were in and out all day and we just sat on the couch and watched tv and movies together. My best friend slept over with me. I slept on the couch and I was completely comfortable and slept right through the night. I think this is because I am used to sleeping propped up on the couch a lot. I have a stress fracture in my spine as well as arthritis so it helps with that. Today, I woke up in just as much pain, more so in my left boob. My PS didn't want me using ice for the first week because he doesn't want extra moisture on the area. So I put a heating pad on top of my right breast and that seemed to help alleviate some of the pain there. I slept for most of the day today, again being supervised by my friends and mother. I decided around 5 that I felt well enough to stop over at my dance studio, so my mom drove me and I stayed for a few hours just to observe.
As far as the meds go, I've had to take them every four hours, although the last couple today I spread out to six. I go back to the PS tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully I can get out of these bandages and into a bra because they are soooo itchy. He said that my surgery was one of the easiest he's done and that there was hardly any bleeding so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth recovery. I feel great right now! And the size thing is just such a relief. Now of course I'm extremely impatient. I just can't WAIT to see the end result! I will keep everyone updated. Right now I'm just extremely comfy laying on my couch. I'm so shocked that it has been this easy so far. Thank God! My dogs come back tomorrow so that is gonna be a bit of a challenge. I will post after my PS visit tomorrow.

Here's also a couple of tips that I have found very helpful:

1. It is extremely painful trying to open pill bottles so my mom put them in ziplock snack baggies with labels for when no one is here to get them for me. Very easy to pull open on my own. I wouldn't recommend this if you have children or dogs though.

2. Get water bottles that have the kind of top that you sip/suck from. That way again, you don't have to worry about opening a bottle cap.

3. Write down the times that you've taken your meds because you will forget when you've taken what.

Talk to you tomorrow!

Pic Day 1

One Week Post-Op

Well, it has been a week since my surgery and I am doing just great. I have had absolutely no bruising and the pain really hasn't been that bad at all, although I did use all of the pain meds because I had to travel over the weekend for a funeral and was up walking around a lot rather than being able to rest.

Sleeping for me has been a breeze. Last night was the first night that I slept in my bed. I've been sleeping propped up on my couch since surgery (I have a chaise lounge hybrid couch type thing). I woke up somewhat turned to one side but it wasn't painful. I went back to work on Monday. I'm not really having pain when driving except for some turns, opening doors is still strenuous, and I can carry things but I have had other people do it for me just to be safe. My right breast has already dropped, and they have definitely softened up a lot. When I went in last Thursday for my first post-op visit, my PS told me to start lightly massaging the sides and tops so I've been doing that whenever I can and I think it has really made a difference. He also gave me the band (aka torture contraption) to help push them down. I was instructed to wear it at all times. It's not really painful at all, just annoying. I got a slight rash from it which my PS said might happen, so I used some over the counter cortisone cream (his instruction) and now I wear the band over a thin tshirt. I go tomorrow to get my sutures out and I'm hoping he tells me that I don't have to wear the band anymore lol.

The last few days my nipples have been SUPER sensitive and sore, which I guess is a good thing because that means there wasn't any nerve damage. It hasn't helped that I also got my period three days ago, ugh. Anyway, I've been putting this creamy petroleum jelly on them after I shower and put my cocoa butter on. It's called Tugaboos, I got it at Rite Aid and I think it is their generic version of Aquaphor. It was with the baby stuff. It seriously has helped! Another product I've been loving is a set of hot/cold gel packs made especially for nursing mothers so they are breast-shaped. I just stick them between my sports bra and shirt and it is so relieving (I use them cold). I got them from Amazon and they are called Lansinoh Thera Pearl 3 in 1 Breast Therapy; great product!

Although I know that my breasts aren't finished settling yet and won't be for a while, I couldn't resist doing a little bra shopping the other day. Aerie was doing 40% off of bras so I bought three. I measured as a 32C :))) Exactly where I wanted to be! I just can't say enough good things about this experience and my PS. Everyone that has seen me already says that they look so great and natural.

I guess the best advice I could give would be to really trust your PS. Mine gave me three size options 300, 325, 350. After really telling him my expectations and wants he told me not to go below a 300 or above a 350. I had sooooo many comments on here saying that even 300s were going to be way to big with too much projection. I was even getting nervous after looking at pictures but everyone is different anatomically. Trust your doctor and know that the sizers are gonna be pretty true to your actual results. I was really on the fence regarding whether to go with 325 or 350, and honestly I think I would've been happy with either because there is barely a difference. I went with the smaller size because I was concerned about being too big and I feel that I really made the right decision. So if you are on the fence, just think which you would be more upset about, being too big or being too small and then let that be the deciding factor! So my end choice was Mentor Silicone Memory Gel 325cc smooth round high profile.

I plan on posting again next week. Good luck for anyone that has an upcoming surgery, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Oops forgot these product pics

Tugaboos for sore/sensitive nipples
Lansinoh Thera Pearl hot/cold breast packs (Amazon)

So obsessed with my new girls

My sutures came out a little over a week ago, and my PS said everything looks great. They are definitely improving by the day! I'm still wearing the band but he said I only have to do it if/when it is socially acceptable for me lol, so basically I only wear it when I'm at home at night and to sleep. I started getting zingers and I got one in my right breast that lasted for three days straight, not coming and going, just constant. So that has pretty much been the most painful part of this whole process for me. It felt like half of my breast was on fire, and the other half was just numb. That feeling has slowly subsided.

The day my PS took my sutures out, he told me to put Neosporin on my incisions for a week and then I could switch to scar treatment, so I've been using the ScarAway silicone patches since Thursday. I can't believe how well they worked after just one treatment! When I don't have the patches on, I've been using the ScarAway gel.

My left breast is still riding a little high, but not too bad. I see my PS again on Monday. I'm also getting Botox and Juvaderm, which I've done before. I'm hoping he clears me in a week to go back to dance. I'm going insane not being able to do anything! I finally discussed my surgery with my dance director and he was fine with it (phew!). We are starting major rehearsals next week and he said that it is fine if I'm not cleared yet, he won't pull me from my spot and I can just "mark" it, so that was a huge relief. Pretty much all of my clothes and sports bras still fit me which is nice! I have no problem buying new bras though when it is time. I've been massaging in the shower and throughout the day with cocoa butter. I'm not really having issues sleeping on my sides now, and I get a little bit of morning boob, but nothing severe. I will post again next week.
Erie Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kang is great! He has done work on several of my friends as well and all have been pleased with the results. He really listened to my wants and needs and spent a lot of time with me. I definitely made the right choice with him!

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