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Im 37 years old. I'm 5'5 and weigh 135lb. My Goal...

Im 37 years old.
I'm 5'5 and weigh 135lb.
My Goal weight is 125-130.
Just had brachioplasty last Wed and am having a TT, Aug. 8!
I'm ready for my ugly tummy to go bye-bye.
Although I only have one child, I have stretch marks because the largest I ever weighed is, 222. When I was 16 I weighed, 180.
When I was, 24 yrs old I got down to 101lbs.
For the last ten years my weight has shifted from 135-165 at different times.
I never had surgery before last Wed when I had the upper arm lift.
I'm just ready to go to the next stage in my life.
My daughter lives on her own and is 19, and I'm not married.
Because of my ugly tummy I always feel insecure when in a relationship because although I am a very good looking black woman who is articulate, and very stylish I feel that the men that I'm attracted to are always disappointed once my clothes come off!
I'm not having the surgery for, any man. I'm having this surgery to enjoy my youth longer. ( not sure if I explained that right)
I still have so many goals to accomplish and feel that in order for me to maximize, I need to tighten up!
Ever heard of the book or movie, "Stella got her groove back"?
Well it's something like that except.

The good and bad news...

My PS office called today to reschedule my appt for the 6th of August instead of the 2nd! Of course I'm livid because I have a trip planned to go to Alaska on the 24th of this month, New York in August, and Miami in, October.
Also, My BFF is coming back from Alaska with me for a week and I needed her to be the one who helped me! That was the whole point of waiting until next month. I would have done the TT with the branchioplasty if I had known that he was gonna not be available on that date.
I'm considering Postponing my, Alaskan trip and seeing if I can get the procedure done sooner.
The only problem is that I don't have anyone to assist me. (That's one of the challenges about being so damn independent)
After the cost of these darn trips and the surgeries I seriously doubt that I can afford to stay at the hospital that prob cost an arm and a leg! (Hahaha literally)
Sparking of arms, yea... My right arm ain't looking that much different than before. I mean seriously the left looks like a baby's arm and the right looks damaged! I'm pissed!
The good news-
I'm gonna still have the surgeries so if I have to get a reduced refund from my Alaska plane ticket and use that money for the hospital stay then that's what I'm willing to do. Alaska will still be there but me having the time, money, courage, and focus to "be repaired" may not be all available at the same time for a while!

Here's a photo of what I'm now obsessed with fixing, ASAP!

Had tummy tuck...

Had the procedure on the 6th.
It hurt something horrible.
I was only taking one pain pill the first 24 hours every four hours unlike the directions called for which is, two every four-6 hours.
I haven't looked at tummy yet.
Drains are still filling with liquid.
Follow up on Monday.
If I get drains out, I will post a photo.
Getting up is painful and def coughing.

Drains out!

My drains came out on Friday.
Thank God! Since my drains have been out I def feel so much better. I think I have a dog ear and I had a bulge on my upper ab and though I messed up my muscle repair. When I got to the doctors office I was , Evil!
I wasnt intentionally my the drains were freaking me out and the thought of possibly going through surgery was just horrifying.
Praise God, the bulge was simply swelling from the muscle repair and I did get the drains out.
I will post a photo soon.
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