Had Preop for Branchioplasty Yesterday. - Oyster Point, VA

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Had Preop yesterday. I'm very excited and nervous...

Had Preop yesterday. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time.
During the Preop I was told things that weren't told to me when I had my consultation.
I am very nervous but I will stay positive.
My arms are saggy from weight lost and I do believe that even with the scar, I will feel better after my procedure.
The main concern I have is the pain. That's what concerns me.

Had procedure today

Had procedure today.
Went in to operating room about 1250.

Day two.

As far as arm pain, so far so good.
I have a tingling in my foot so I'm gonna find out what that's about.
I received liposuction with my branchioplasty so I'm eager to see what my arms look like after the bandages come off.
Once they are off, I will post both, before and after photo.

Day Four

The pain is minimal. I am not having ALOT of fluid draining so I will be going Monday to have the drain removed.
It is very early to tell but it seems like my arms aren't as tight as I thought they'd be.
I was under the impression that with both the lipo and the branchioplasty that my arms would look smaller and toned.
Instead I still see movement and they actually seem bigger!

5th day.

I walked today for 25 min.
I haven't slept because I'm wanting the 2nd to hurry and get here to have my tummy tuck.
Next week I'm going to, Alaska for a week so I'm going to be very careful to not over indulge.
I'm still wanting to lose about seven pounds before my tummy tuck but I need to find out if the weight lost will affect the, arm lift.

Not even

Left arm looks freaking, Awesome but the right looks ALMOST the exact same as before surgery except with freaking bruises that are as big as large apples on my arm.

The drains

Ok. Last night was rough!
I was so exhausted from pain I dint wake up until, 11am today.
When I awoke my arms were hurting and I felt hateful!
Although, originally they wanted me to take out my drains the day after surgery, I never did it.
I kept putting it off( prob because of the med tricking me thinking that this proceedure was painless)
Anyway, at 330 I went and finally took the drains out.
Lord have mercy, Jesus!
It hurt! Who ever claims didn't doesn't is a straight up, warrior!
I cried like a two year old, no kidding
Anyway, supposedly my right arm is sagging only because of fluid and swelling.
Well, time will tell.
Friday have the initial follow up with the actual doctor and afterwards, the Preop for the tummy tuck procedure.
I'm ready to fast forward and start living on the flat and tight side.

Tape came off

So I had my follow up for my arms today. My tape came off. The stitching looks great. As far as the sagging I mentioned he said that it was because of inflammation and if for some reason I wasn't pleased that the revision will be no additional costs. It has only been nine days since my procedure so I will, calm down.
I will post a photo later tonight of the stiches without tape.




Arms looking good. Very little pain at this point. Going on the third week I did have swelling in my forearms though.

Over a month later

I like my arms.
My scar looks awesome! The left scar is looking pretty nonexistent but the right arm...smh...
The right arm isn't as sight as left arm STILL!
Obviously it looks awesome compared to before but the scar isn't healing as well either. Please don't be confused. The scar looks completely closed and is only raised under my armpit BUT its just not as perfect as the left. It MUST be because I had to use it more while it was healing. Either way, so far I'm 80% happy.
I will post a photo soon.

Photos of my RIGHT ARM

The right arm is my least fav. Scar is thicker and its not as tight as left.
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