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After my beautiful daughter everyone told me "your...

After my beautiful daughter everyone told me "your young the weight will just come off" , and then "you look great" I was breast feeding and I lost 60 lbs alone. But it wasn't good enough . I feel like I looked great with clothes on but without clothes I just didn't feel like me (pre baby). I do have stretch marks everywhere but they don't bother me. It's just the excess fat on my stomach that was once flat, the rolls that grew on my bra roll, my breast and butt that decided they were going sag and droop. It's just not sexy and I knew I needed to look like myself again. So I did research and I found the Brazilian butt lift, implants with a lift, and arm lipo to be the procedures that would make me feel sexy again. I searched and searched for plastic surgeons and found this website. Which is EXTREMELY helpful. I narrowed my surgeons down to Dr. Salama and Dr. Jimmerson or j-curves. I invested time and money into both surgeons and then my mom convinced me to go to Dr.Chiaramonte because his results are not only consistent and amazing but he's 40 mins away! I was so mad at myself for not thinking of him and investing so much into these surgeons that everyone gives entirely to much credit to. So I had my consultation on Monday June 2nd. The office is amazing since it's located at the harbor, the view is beautiful, and his staff are very kind and professional. My consultation went great! And Dr.Chiaramonte is realistic and he made me feel comfortable. He took his time, answered and addressed every question and concern I had. His assistant measured my chest for proper sizing of implants. He also told me that it's possible to have a little loose skin on my stomach since I do have stretch marks. I had my daughter and boyfriend with me and he was making her smile and laugh. I just knew I was going to book my surgery with him after speaking with him. He's board certified in each surgery, down to earth, and realistic about results and expectations. I tried on silicone implants and agreed with the 650 cc. They look like a nice c cup and since I'm getting my butt done to, I will look more proportioned. After the consultation I went to a room across the hall and spoke to the patient coordinator about pricing, she is also very down to earth, professional, realistic and nice. After she let me know exactly how much I was looking at I was so excited, I asked her to show me pictures of his breast augmentations and Brazilian butt lifts. Every result wasn't perfect but every person had in common the fact that they looked better than before and they looked great. She asked me when was I looking to have the work done and I told her ASAP. She told me she had an opening for the following Thursday in the morning. I said that works! And that was that. I gave her my $500 deposit and It was official. June 12 is my life changing date! She scheduled me to come in later in the week I believe it was Thursday just to take my pictures, sign all the paperwork and pay off my surgery. I can't get over how professional and kind everyone is. I just felt so comfortable and excited.

Day Before Surgeries (Breast, Butt,arms)

Prescriptions filled..... Check!

Dial soap... Check!

Ice packs.... Check!

Boppy..... Check!

Caretakers for each day... Check!

I think the last time I was this excited was the day before I went into labor when I didn't feel pain lol

I was given a book with a copy of everything I signed, and instructions;;
I think I have read the book about 20 times lol
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Board certified, down to earth, realistic, kind and professional couldn't ask for a better surgeon.

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