Necklift scheduled for April 15th, I Am 65 Years Old.. - Oxnard, CA

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I had a lifestyle/midface lift in 2010, but it...

I had a lifestyle/midface lift in 2010, but it didn't address my neck at all, and I find myself looking at my lower face and neck and noticing that it doesn't fit the rest of my face ! I read a wonderful review on this site by Laurie, who had a neck lift done last year by Dr. Gorodisky in Ventura. I live in the Palm Desert area where there are many plastic surgeons, but very overpriced and not always good surgeons. I made an appointment to go for a consult with Dr. Gorodisky last month and was very impressed with the way he patiently handled all my questions. He spent about 45 minutes answering every thing I could think of at that time and was very personable, understanding my concerns. I am very pleased with the fact that he uses twilight anaesthesia, as I am nervous about the after effects of general and also the accompanying sore throat after the surgery from the intubation. It just seems much safer to me to use twilight. I shall be keeping this updated as a sort of diary and reference point for later after the surgery.

Pics before

11 Days to go..

Time is flying and my pre-op is Thursday. I have so many questions. My PS is a good three hours away. I have only seen him once and that was for the consultation in January. I thought about it for six weeks and booked it. So when I go for my pre-op I shall need all my many questions ready. I think my biggest concern is the feeling of tightness that everyone is describing.I hate the idea that swallowing could be the slightest bit uncomfortable. I have a thin face too so need to ask him to show me more or less where and how the skin will be pulled. Wondering if I am being too vain. This is taking up all my savings.

Two days to go

Starting to feel a combination of nervousness and excitement..

Tomorrow is the big day!

Getting ready to leave for's abput a three hour drive away depending on traffic. Feeling strangely calm although my stomach was upset this morning. My younger mate is more anxious..He bought fresh pineapple to take with us and make a delicious lentil soup for after my recovery. In some ways I admit part of me wants to stay looking 'younger' for him, but I am really doing it for myself. We have been together going on ten years, and he always tells me he loves me the way I am but yet he is supportive for whatever I decide to do if it makes me happy. I am glad he is with me ...I feel fortunate to have him at my side :)


On my way in about ten minutes. Now I am beginning to feel a bit nervous, wondering if I am being too vain. Hoping to god it will turn out will be nice to read all this later on.

All done!!

Back the hotel. Was extremely nervous when I arrived.Twilight anaesthesia...was awake but relaxed.The compression feels uncomfortable, but tomorrow will be replaced by lighter one. Going to eat some scrambled eggs then to bed...I apparently have bruised a lot. Wonder why. You can see it in the photos.


I don't think I can sleep tonight, the percoset is not helping the pain (and it's painful) at all..just makes me feel dizzy. The neck sling is so tight I can hardly swallow harder to breathe . Feel like I am being strangled. I am hanging in there only because I will see the doctor tomorrow and he will replace it with a lighter sling...otherwise I would off :(

Day after...P.O bruising and swelling

Going to post a couple of photos to show bruising and swelling. Saw Dr. Gorodisky today and he said everything is normal I can take ibuprofen, since the other stuff does nothing to ease the pain.I don't expect this to be easy but am confident the end result will be worth it. Just taking it easy. Miss being able to chew on hard food :(

Photos I forgot to post!!

Horrible pleat on right side

I noticed the day after my surgery that I had a pleat on my right side at the edge of the suture..but didn't pay much attention to it. Today when I took off my compression I really noticed it. I sent photos to my doctor but he said too soon to worry but how can i not?

Seven Days Post op photos

I am starting to feel human and hopeful again!! My stitches came out today and I addressed all my concerns with my surgeon. He has assured me that everything is healing nicely and if the crease is still there in three weeks he will either 'release' it or he will just pull the skin up a little. Either way..he was not concerned about it. There is still lot's of swelling and bruising...all normal. Some people don't bruise. I do. When I had my breast implants removed three years ago they swelled up so much, and turned purple. I have never seen anything like I suppose I am just one of those thin skinned bruise easily people :(. Very pleased with my surgeon, he is so personable and so skilled. Ha...I don't have to wear my sling during the day....only at night!! So pleased about that...

Aftercare for sutures

I have been using just water, then vaseline on my suture wounds..but just started using 3% peroxide to be on the safe side..vaseline is so messy and wouldn't it delay healing? Wondering how others deal with this..

Coming along ..slowly

Well it is starting to look so much better, still I am stiff and feel limited in my neck movement. (Don't want to tear anything) I still have discolouration and soreness on my neck with lot's of swelling. I didn't really research enough to realize what I was getting myself into, Not that It would have changed anything but I would have been better prepared. I have had some moodswings, sometimes feeling so thrilled that I did it and other times scared. Reading 'Lawyers' comments and her journey is helping me through this as we both went to the same doctor. I didn't realize there were different kinds of necklifts. There is one where only skin is pulled, (doesn't usually last as long). Then there is the under chin incision necklift where the platysmal (vertical) muscle is pulled and sewn together. Some doctors only do the vertical platysmaplasty with or without liposuction. Then there is also the lateral or horizontal pulling of the muscle behind the ear. I had both the lateral and the vertical but no lipo. It is a slow journey, and my ears look a little strange.My skin is tingling and I have strange sensations in my neck and under my chin, but I imagine it is healing and nerves are trying to get back into place. The body really is it's own amazing healer. My man says I look younger. My daughter who disapproves of me getting plastic surgery says my face looks different. I feel more attractive but restricted as I am used to dancing a couple of times a week, and being much more active. It gets a bit better every day...

Out and about

No one would know...but I do!!

Still so tight

I had no idea that it would feel so tight . I talked with my surgeon and he says I need six months for this 'strangling sensation' to go away. So trying to be patient. It looks great but feels so tight on the inside, which is where the platysmal muscles were sewn together. I find myself wishing it were November..just such a strange tight feeling. I shall post photos soon..

Still tight but beginning to get used to it...

Just put on a little make up and wanted to do an update... My neck is still feeling tight but I believe it is loosening up somewhat (either that or I just resigned myself to living with it!!) I just started 'micro current therapy on my scars to speed up the healing and it seems to be helping. I still have a pinkish neck but I understand with time it will eventually diminish. My ears may need to be revised but I think my neck looks a lot better than before I had it done, so I am not sorry I did it. It IS a slow healing process and last time I will do anything to my face except maybe a little fat transfer or a little botox now and again...I am finally starting to see light at the end of the tunnel!! My doctor did a good job!!

Another photo

I think it's looking good, I took this last night and thought it was cute of both of us!! I wish it felt as good on the inside though!

Update..It's been a year now!!

I am overall happy with my results. I had to go back to see Dr, G this year to have a couple of stitches cut because it felt too tight for me. So now it does feel more comfortable than before but still feels tight. I have heard that this tightness can last two years or more and in my case it's still tight but bearable. There is a price to pay for looking good (or better) lol!! I have had two midface lifts in the past and this procedure has been the most difficult for me. I am 66 now and think I shall stay with botox ..that was my last procedure..shall update again in a few months

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