Nervous but Looking Forward. Oxnard, CA

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I have been thinking about getting these boobs out...

I have been thinking about getting these boobs out for a couple of years. I had assumed I needed to get a lift as well and wasn't prepared for a lengthy recovery and large expense. But after seeing the results of everyone on this site that had an explanation without a lift, I have decided to move forward. My ps says I may have enough breast tissue for a b cup.... We shall see. Before my BA I had a 36 A. So maybe I grew some over the last 15 years ;). The procedure is scheduled with local, fully awake, won't need any time off work and I will see what they look like after 6 months or so to see if I am reasonably satisfied with the end product. If they are exceptionally droopy, then intend to get a lift. When I had them places I was droopy and flat, felt less womanly, everyone in my circle was getting them... So I thought I NEEded them. Too funny. I did enjoy them for a few years, but I am so over them now. 99 percent of the people in my life think I am crazy. It's hard to explain to them why I would remove " perfectly good implants". I mean they do still look good, no problems etc. I just feel like they are cumbersome, clothes don't fit right, and they make me feel over weight. I am scared that I will regret it. That I will feel less womanly. But I guess the discomfort of the large boobies is taking precedence over my fear. I will update after surgery.

D day

It was easy, I mean I was nervous, but they gave me a little Ativan to take the edge off. Under local no pain, just shifts and pressure. And pouf flat as a pancake! But they already they look perfect. Fantastic. Just really flat.

Worth it

Pictures with a shirt on.... Two choices with big boobs, porn star or matronly.

Post op day 1

Physically I feel great. Tiny bit of discomfort at the incision site I went bra shopping. Spent around 250 on new bras (eeeek) lol. I love love love the little bras I got. So cute. But OMG my boobs look horrible. I will post a picture later when I go to take a shower. Makes me want to kick myself for getting implants in the first place. My husband is sweet and says "that's what I remember you looking like 20 years ago :)" I know it's gunna take a year before I have a full result, but right now I am thinking I need a lift or fat transfer. They are saggy and drippy, faint stretch marks. embarrasing

Day 1 post op pics

Wow, eeeeek, kinda scary. I hope I get some
Skin retraction and some fluffing. The only breast tissue I have is skin. If the don't perk up I will need a lift.

Post op day 2

Little depression setting in. Not sure if I made the right choice. I'm sure that the feelings are normal. Also I know I have to give it a full year to see the end result. Bra try on was depressing somewhat. I still have cleavage ???? But it's all skin, and I have way more side boob than front boob. I'm trying to keep my chin up, but it's hard.

Day 9

Dr Gordeski

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