19 Years Old. 32AA to 365cc - Oxnard, CA

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19 yrs old. Athletic build. 5'6 105lbs. I'd like...

19 yrs old. Athletic build. 5'6 105lbs. I'd like to go from 32AA to a D but I'm not sure if the 365ccs will do it. I tried on the implants in the office but the doctor completely rushed me and kept giving me two different ones and as soon as I said I liked on he was done with my consultation. He was very honest and straight forward but if I'm paying this much $ I want to be sure this is the size I want. This is my 2 week pre-op post

I got them done!

Woohoo! I have boobs! I ended up going bigger at 415 Ccs. They feel so so small though. I woke up from surgery and was completely able to put my arms over my head. I only felt pain walking to the car and walking from my car to my bed. It's only been 4 hours and I feel great !! I mean I'm sore but I thought I'd be way worse. I haven't stopped eating and I don't feel nauseous at all. Does anyone know if they will be bigger later? They're really hard and I feel they look small. Thanks in advance ????

Same day after surgery

Ok now I'm in pain. Not too bad just uncomfortable to sleep. Can someone please answer my question. I keep looking in the mirror and they don't look any different. I might just be drugged up but I'm sad. I've been depressed ever since I left the office because i can't tell a difference. Tomorrow is my post op so I can take off my bandages and see but I think I'm only a B

Well my boobs are huge

I never imagined they could fit this size in my little body! I'm in shock. I was measured at Victoria's Secret yesterday just to see and I'm a 32dd. That's a big different from 32a. I have been up and going since I left the hospital. I have pressure here and there but absolutely no pain anymore. I am so happy with them and they're not even close to being the final product

Oh a FYI to ladies getting them done!

I ended up buying a Victoria's Secret bra and it is the comfiest thing ever. I got a 32 DD because I don't think they will get too much bigger. The bra doesn't have any padding and no under wire and it's only 40$ it's called the body by Victoria. They just came out with a new style though that has adjustable straps. Even if you don't get one right away- think about it down the road! It's so soft that I could easily sleep in it

Bikini pics

Took these today!
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