5'10", 151 lbs, 475cc High Profile Mentor Silicone, under the muscle.

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I'm so excited! I finally set my surgery date! ...

I'm so excited! I finally set my surgery date! I'm going in on October 9th for my breast augmentation~! I'm 5' 11", 152 lbs, and currently a 36C in VS. Recently, I lost a little bit of weight and I just feel like I can tell my boobs have changed. I had thought about breast augmentation before but never really thought I would do it. Well things have changed! I just got engaged last week and made my breast augmentation appt. this week! Wooo hooo!!
I go in for my pre-op appt. on Sept. 24th, at that time I'll decide size. I already know I'll be doing silicone, under the muscle, just unsure of CC's at this point.
I'll post some "before" pictures as soon as I can. :)

Before Pictures

The anticipation is killing me!

I'm still 29 days away from my Pre-Op appt. (when I get to decide what size I'm getting) and 44 days away from surgery! I wish it would hurry! I can't keep my mind off of it! Ugh!

Getting Closer!

13 days until my pre-op appointment and 28 days until surgery!

Wish Pics

Eeeekkk!!! :D

Only 7 days until I get to decide my size, and 22 days until new boobies!!! Ahhhh!! I'm so excited! Make time go faster! My cousin has volunteered to take care of me my first couple days after my surgery while my soon to be husband is out hunting. She's the greatest! And she also has Netflix...yessss!!

Perfect Wish Pick <3

Size Decision Made!

I went in for my pre-op appointment today and chose my size! 450cc high profile silicone! I'm so excited! Two more weeks until surgery!

Changed my size!

Well, I called the office and changed. I'm doing 475cc high profile mentor silicone implants! I think at my height and weight, it will get closer to the result I want. I don't want to be overly large, but I don't want to be unhappy about the size when I'm done. After looking at lots of review of women with my same stats, I think 475cc will be perfect! I even wanted to go to 500cc, but I haven't had kids yet and I'm afraid to go too large for fear of stretch marks!

Counting the days...

Ughhh...hurry up! Surgery one week from tomorrow!

2 Days Away!

Oh boy! I'm starting to get nervous! I'm so so so excited, but a little nervous! Luckily, my mom is taking me in to surgery and hanging out with me afterwards. Everything is so much better when your mom is there... :)
And my fiance is flying back in from Alaska today! He's been gone working for a month and I can't wait to see him!
I thought I would list my stats one more time since I see that I forgot my age in my first post...

Age: 26
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 151 lbs.
Implant Size & Type: 475cc Mentor high profile silicone
No kids yet...but probably in two years give or take.


Well surgery is tomorrow! I have to make sure I wash all of my bedding tonight, and wash with my special soap tonight and tomorrow morning. Surgery is supposed to be at 6am unless some other emergency comes up at the hospital and then I'll be moved around. Excited to get the surgery part over with and start on recovery!

Made it out..

Made it through surgery! Just lounging around and trying to stay ahead on my pain meds. I'll try to post more later..

Morning after

Well Ive almost made it through the first night...I say almost because it's 5am in the morning.. ;). But so far the pain hasn't been terrible, just sore and achy. I've been trying to keep up with my pain killers and muscle relaxers so it doesn't get too out of hand. I'm definitely a little more sore in the morning, I guess from not having any pain killers all night, but it's really not that bad. I don't have any trouble getting out of bed, but you definitely only want to use your abdominal muscles to get up.
I go in at 10am today for my first post op appt and to get my gauze changed..maybe I'll be able to get a pic with no bra. I haven't even seen them at all yet, so I'm pretty excited! Even though I know they're going to look super high and square.. :)
Let me know if there's any questions you have that I didn't cover...and thank you ladies for all your support! ;)

Day 3

Feeling pretty good today.. I could tell that I over did it yesterday because it made me sore. I haven't even taken my bra off..or even seenthem naked yet. As soon as I do, I'll snap a picture.. ;)
But so far I love them...I can't wait to be able to put my arms over my head so I can try stuff on!

Feeling great!

Feel like a million dollars today! Still quite sore in the mornings but that's it!

5 days post op


Sorry guys..I'm having problems getting the photos to upload.. :P



Same photo I've been trying upload..

First day back to work!

Well today is my first day back to work and so far so good! The only thing I notice is the amount of back pain I have! I've been having it pretty much all the time, hopefully it goes away soon. I'm not sure if its because I'm slouching because they're still so tight and heavy, or if my muscles are just tired from having to support the extra 2 lbs.. :P
I can't wait until they drop into place and I can see and feel how they will actually look so I decide if I love them or not. Right now, I'm loving how big they are, but just wish I was more comfortable. But hey, I guess I'm only a little over a week post op... ;)

Updated photos...

Here are some photos...if they upload.. :)

18 days post op

Hi ladies! Quick update...I'm feeling great! Nipple sensitivity is starting to subside, thank goodness! My chest doesn't feel super tight anymore, it feels normal. Now I'm just hoping they'll drop and fluff and the glue holding my incisions together will wear off!


I realize I'm not the most patient person in the world, but this whole drop and fluff thing takes forever! LOL I'm so ready for the them to be perfect and beautiful.

Three weeks post op today

Tried on a bathing suit...love it! :)

Feeling discouraged..

Almost four weeks post op and I don't feel like my boobs have dropped really at all. It seems like most people see some kind of improvement by now...

One month post op today!

It's been one month today since my surgery! My 6 week follow up appt is in two weeks and I'll be cleared to start exercising again and start my massages!

Please drop!

Coming up on 5 weeks...still no dropping that I can see. It's killing me! :P I'll try to upload some pictures tonight... :)

Photo I took for my fiancé.. ;)

5 weeks post op

Here are some pictures at 5 weeks out..

6 week appt today

I'm going in for my 6 week follow up appointment today. Im excited! I should be cleared to start massages and working out again!

More photos

More photos that didn't upload..

6 Week Appt.

Well my 6 week post op appointment went great! However, I didn't realize that the "massage" consisted of constant hard pressure on the implant. Yikes! When my PS first showed me how to do it, I thought the implant was going to pop! But I'm supposed to apply constant hard pressure up, down, and towards my sternum on each implant for 1 minute at a time in each position. He also instructed me to start taking 400 units of vitamin E daily for at least a year. The vitamin E is supposed to help keep the capsule soft as well.
I have no more physical restrictions, yay! I'm excited to start running, lifting, etc. I'm down to 147 lbs, so I'm assuming I've lost some muscle during the last 6 weeks... :/
Hopefully my weekly update photos will start to show more progress in the drop and fluff category since I'm starting "massages." :)

7 weeks post

Hi ladies. Been doing massages for about a week now. Still haven't seen any big changes, but I'm hoping slowly but surely we'll get there.. :)

8 weeks post op

Starting to drop a little I think. Still have a little ways to go.

New Bras??

I've been noticing that so many women go bra shopping at 2 months post op, and I don't think I can yet! I would love to get out of the sports bras and actually wear a normal bra, but I feel like my boobs still sit too high. My bra sits in a completely different spot than my boobs are right now. If I wore a bra right now it would just be for decoration because the boobies still seem to be supporting themselves! Grrrr!

9 weeks post op

Updated photos.. :)

10 weeks post op

I sure wish the left side would catch up! Other than that, I'm loving them! I'm completely back to normal with exception to some exercises make my arms a little sore, but they're getting better!


Hi ladies! Sorry it's been a while! The holidays are so busy! Just a quick question, has anyone tried wearing a regular for the first time since surgery and find it super uncomfortable?! I bought one VS bra and it ended up being a 34DDD! Well I guess they don't have a lot of variety for that size in the store, so I ended up with one of the more fuller coverage push up ones. Well its like super uncomfortable once I've been wearing it for a while. I can't tell if it's because the band is too tight, or if I'm just not used to having such a full coverage regular bra on........
I'll try to post updated pictures tonight! :)

3 months post op

My left is still higher/smaller than my right. I did have some assymetry before hand, so I'm wondering if it will stay that way..


The confidence boost that comes along with these is the best! I feel much sexier when I send my fiancé pictures while he's at work!

Just an update :)

4 months post op today!

I just love them! :)

They were expensive, but totally worth it! All of my clothes look better, I feel sexier in lingerie for my hubby, and bathing suits are definitely fun to try on! Come on summer! :)

Boudoir Photos!!

I love my boobies!! I feel like they made my boudoir photos! So excited to give these to my hubby!!

6 month Post Op Appt!

Just had my last check up from the doc last week and he said the girls look beautiful! They're super soft! :). I'm so happy with my decision to have a breast augmentation!! I'm getting married July 18th and my fiancé is ready for babies now! So I'll try to keep you updated on the results after babies! ;)
Coeur d'Alene Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Owsley did a great job! Not only do I love my result, he was also super easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable through the whole process. He's been doing this for quite a long time and it shows. :)

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