26 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'3 Breast Augmentation with Nipple Lift

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My surgery is scheduled for October 3rd. I am...

My surgery is scheduled for October 3rd. I am getting 450 moderate profile gel, under the muscle, with a nipped lift. I am 5'3 and currently weigh 150 pounds. I have a 9 year old and a 1 year old. I can't wait to see the results. I have been wishing for fuller perkier breasts since the birth of my oldest son!

Dr. Edds aND his staff have been wonderful. The office is immaculate. I had two consultations because I was so nervous and undecided about size. Dr. Edds was patient with me both times.

The morning of surgery

It's finally the day of my surgery. My husband and I are up and at it. We have to be at the Dr's office in 45 minutes. I am getting very nervous! Here is one last picture of my deflated saggy boobies in at 38c bra

Few hours post op

So I went in at 815 this morning. The nurses took before pictures, pregnancy test and hooked up my Iv. Then the doctor came in and did all of his markings. I then walked into the surgery room and I was places on a table with my arms strapped down. At this point I was given oxygen and the nurse said I should start getting very sleepy. The next thing I know I was in the recovery room with my husband. I have taken 2 percocet and 2 muscle relaxers since I left the office about 6 hours ago.
The pain is definitely tolerable. It's mainly tightness. I can't wait to get this strap off because it is cutting in under my arm because it is so tight.
I did experience lots of nausea and at one point at the hotel is thought I was going to vomit. Which was scary. So I took another Zofran.

I can't wait to see them tomorrow once the bandage is off.

Night 1 was okay.

Thw paid when getting up after laying down for so long was terrible. We go see the dr today for the day 1 post check, then we will be heading home. I have e a recliner at home so hopefully that makes sleeping easier. The only complaint is have is that the strap they have around me so way to tight. It's cutting into my sides and underarms

Next day check up

This morning I had my 24 hour check up. I finally got to see them without the bandages. I am satisfied so far! Hopefully it will just get better. The loosened the strap that was causing me so much discomfort and now I feel 100 times better. I got back in 1 week for my next check up aND hopefully to have the stitches removed

Redness and hot to the touch

So its my 1 day post op and I've been doing nothing but resting and sleeping. I did take a shower today and changed my dressings and applied polysporin. I now have redness on the top of my chest and it is hot to the touch. My face is also red and warm. Is this normal ? I tires to take a picture of it, not sure it it really shows

The worst part

The worst park so far iso still this wrap they put over the top so keep them and your muscles pushed down. There are time when the pain meds don't even touch the pain. I am also having some extreme bloating. I haven't been able to use the restroom since the nightime before surgery. I look and feel like I'm 6 months pregnant, that's how bloated I am.

Day 2

Today was pretty unremarkable. The bloating is still extreme. I havent been able to use the restroom since the day before surgery. I feel that they are a but lower than I wanted. I wanted then to be raised and perkier. The bubbling around the stitching is concerning to me as well

I now have a low grade fever

It's day 3. No pain meds but I have a low grade fever of 101. Still no bowell movements and generally feeling miserable. Anyone else experience fever.

Day 4

Lastnight was rough. After a mild fever and some throbbing in my right breast I called the answering service for my ps. He called me right back. He said there was nothing to be concerned about that it was too early to have a wound infection. So I took some tylenol because I was feeling overall pretty bad. I didn't sleep too well, I moved between the recliner and my bed. Which was the first time I laid on my bed fully on my back since the surgery.

But this morning I have been up and I have been the most productive since cell the surgery. My son is helping me clean the house and do laundry while my husband is at work. I actually got dressed in real clothes today!! I'm going to attempt makeup. Hopefully I can get my bowels moving soon because this is miserable.

I'm afraid my areolas are way too big.

One reason why I wanted to go with the full lift, rathere than just the nipple lift is because I wanted my areolas made smaller. I also don't see much of a raise in the position of them compared to before.

Really regretting not going with full lift

Today is day 5 and I am in little to no pain whatsoever. No more tylenol or anything. My muscles are still very tight and the left seems a lot higher than the right. And actually the right seems a lot larger in size than the left..which is weird. I am definitely regretting not going with the full lift rather than the nipple lift because of the size of the areolas. I hate them, they are way too large. And they are not as high as they would have been with the full lift. :( maybe as they heal it will change. Tomorrow is my 6 day follow up with my surgeon. I am going to express my concerns.
The bloating is so severe!! I have taken prescription linzess, stool softeners, laxatives and prunes out of the jar!!! I was 9 pounds heavier after the surgery from no bowel movements and holding fluid. I'm down 5 of those pounds so far but still super bloated. Thank god

OMG. today was a nightmare

I went in for my day 6 follow-up, and immediately and I mean immediately, (I hadn't even sat down on the lounger after taking my top off) my surgeon bEgan squeezing my left breast.

Reminder my left breast is the one that has been very high, tight and throbbing at times. Once he did this, blood began gushing everywhere. He continued squeezing, almost as if he was trying to pop a zit, it with his palms not finger tips. He said I have blood collecting in the pocket and that it has to be drained.

I have to go back in first thing tomorrow morning. They have to put me under, take out the implant and drain the blood. I can't believe this.

My mom was with me for the appointment and she fainted in the room when he squeezed all the blood out. It was so painful and I am now terrified.

Hematoma removal

Yesterday was the day I had my collection of blood removed. They prepped me just like they did for the first surgery. Cut open my incision on the left, removed the implant and cleaned out the blood. The nurses sddur me thst this procedure would be a piece of cake compared to the initial surgery. They said this is because the worst part of the first surgery is creating the pockets and mine are alreasy there. Boy werev they wrong.

When i came out of the anesthesia I was already crying. The pain sucked. And the 3 hr car ride home was miserable as well. I had stopped taking the pain pills, but I had to take them through the night last night. When I breath I had sharp pains in my left chest and breast.

I have let seem what they look like in 2 days....and I'm not sure I wanna look

Boonies blues are real

So the boobie blues are legit. I don't think I am satisfied with my results at all. The nipples don't look any higher than before, and in my opinion even look lower and even larger. I wanted the anchor lift to reduce the size of the areola and raise them significantly, the Crescent lift didn't so that. I almost like my before breasts better

3rd surgery on the left breast

I haven't updated much lately because I've been in some major pain and just trYing to cope with the fact that I had complications.

Yesterday I had to have my third surgery on the left breast to have a drain put in. After the 2nd surgery the drainage and bleeding never stopped. The amount of drainage was enough to soak through 4 ply bandages, to my bra, through the shirt I was wearing.
I called the emergency line Friday and spoke with the dr. He told me he didn't think it sounded like an infection, but to keep cleaning jt and to come to my appointment Tuesday. Well Monday morning came around and the dr actually called me. He said he has thigh about the all weekend and just wanted to see what the issue was sooner. So Monday my mm and I made the 2.5 hour drive and met with him.
He told me he honestly wasn't surethane why this was happening and that it was strange. He did A culture even though he said it didn't look like infection. I should have those results in 2 days from today.

So, we went back yesterday and had the drain tube put in. Which sucks! You can't shower withit in! I don't go back until next wednesday unless the drainage lessens to 3 tsp per day. This is no fun! I hope my results are good.

My lovely drain

Okay so I think this marks the 2.5 week from my FIRST of three surgeries. I still have the drsin, which doesn't seem to be draining any less than it has been since they put it in. From morning to bedtime I am averaging about 1.5 teaspoons a day.
I hate the drain. It's not that it's uncomfortable but it's difficult to camouflage with business attire. There have been times when I felt like it was ripping out of my nipple, which was so painful.
Now I am having some fluid seep through my stitches, which hasn't happened since the drain has been in.

There is a major size differenice because the left side still hasn't dropped! It's very high and they do not look proportionate at all.

I am regretting not getting the full lift due to the very large size of the areolas, and they aren't as lifted as I imagined from the nipple lifthe. :(

My left one won't drop :(


My left one won't drop :(


Drain removed

Yesterday I had my draunt removed. Dr. Edds said I did have some swelling and made me start wearing the strap again.

I hate this stupid strap. It's making me miserable. I am so afraid it's going to push the right one down more hands I want it.

Any who, Dr Edds removed my sutures from the left side and decided to leave the spot open where the drain was. I am to remove the steri strip in 1 week and I do not go back to the dr. For 1 month. Still not exercise for 10 days and I can only pick up my toddler if needed.

I still can't decide if I'm happy...I am feeling regretful of not going with the full lift due to the size of my areola......but I know I need to be patient and wait until both are dropped and in place. I can now wear a sports bra, but I can't wait to see whathe size I am in an actual bra.

Maybe once I can't workout and get a tan I will like them more. I really thought I would get them and just be in love....not the case.

My left nipped is ultrather sensitive!!! Every little thing irritates it and my nipple get hard so easy.

But check out the pics....please give me your input on the side, placement of the areolas. I know both breasts look completely offered to at this point....but just a general opinion on if it were your body. Before the surgery my areolas weren't centered in the middle of my breast, and are still not, but the dr told me he really couldn't fix that.

1 month post op (tomorrow)

So tomorrow will be 4 weeks post op for my right breast. I say this because I had to have 3 surgeries all together on my left breast, with the last one only being 2 weeks ago. So they are definitely healing at different rates.
I can't wait to get rid of this strap, and see the end results. My left side is starting to drop a bit (finally).
I am having quite a bit of chest acne in my cleavage area, which is annoying. But I have been making sure to wash it well and I am.been using creams on the affected areas.

Better lighting

So today at the gym I took some pictures in better lighting.
I am still hung up on the face to that I am not seeing much progress in the left breast (the one with multiple surgeries). I don't see much change, if any as in dropping and fluffing.
Also the size of my areola on the right side...I am really hung up on that. I think since it's so large it already makes the right breast look saggy.
Still holding out for the final results to make my final decisions.

Anyone had liposuction as well as breast aug?

I am considering lipo. I am just wondering how the recovery and healing process is? Have any of you had both? If so, which was worse? I'd love to hear your stories and ask you questions!

So frustrated

Okay so I am not seeing any change whatsoever in the left. My right side looks to be like two whole cup sizes larger and is lower than theleft.
I am wearing this strap 24/7 which causes discomfort under my arm pits, prevents me from being able to wear cute shirts, and just overall is making be question my decision.
I am calling today to speak with one of the nurses and discuss my concerns because my appointment isn't until the 21st. But I feel like I should let them know, in case something needs of be done surgically. I really want to be h3aled by new years eve, so that I can wear something sexy. And my brother is getting married in a few months, so I HAVE to be healed by then.

So depressed aND discouraged

If it's not 1 thing, it's another. At this point I am completely wishing I could have my old normal mom boobs Back. What I have after implants is not flattering aND I feel they look worse than my before boobs : (
I feel like the strap I'm having to wear has now pushed the right breast (the one without issues) to the side and way too far down. I have so much side booby it seems lopsided. They are still drasrically different in size.
I just want this nightmare to end

I mean to add these pictures

I thunk this is 6 weeks Maybe 6.5 weeks post op (first operation)

I can't wait to call my surgeon tomorrow

My next appointment is a week from tomorrow, November 21. But I am calling my surgeon's office tomorrow to tell them my concerns, just to see what they say. This way, even if they don't see me sooner, they know before I come that I am not satisfied. I have made a list of several things to bring up.
I wonder how my surgeon is going to take it. I like the look of them with clothes on, but I hate them with no clothes on

A bit pissed today. This can't be normal.

So there was this one spoto in my left breast, around the areola that wasnt healing. It had a constant scab, and it looked like a hole behind it. Well today it was bothering me so I decided to grab it. Out came the scabest along with some clear hard fishing line type material!! Wtf is this normal

Met with my surgeon yesterday.

So yesterday was my "1 month" check up. One month being, one month from my last surgery.
Yesterday I was able to present all of my concerns to my surgeon. Dr. Edds was patient and took the time to listen to all of my concerns, although at this point he still was not worried about addressing the minor concerns that are primarily appearance and preference based. For example, he really wasn't worried about my complaints about my areola size. Not that he did care, but because my left breast has more issues to deal with that are more important than to resolve than areola size of the breast that has healed well.
My first concert was of course the hard spots and continued tightness and high placement of the left breast. Capsule contracture is most likely setting in at this point. I was advised that even if he wanted to operate right now to remove it, the standard protocol is no operating within 12 weeks of surgery unless it is an emergency situation. So for now, I am to massage, massage, massage and continue the singular. He told me still no underwire bras, and to go braless when at home and I am able to. He said in the event that I have to go somewhere and need to wear something specific then I could wear a bra with under wire for a period of time, but not daily.
I go back in mid January. At that point he will access whether or not the singular is helping and if I will need another surgery to remove the CC.
I asked him if I can have a lift to adjust the issues I am having with the areolas. They are different sizes and in my opinion, the right is way too large and makes the left look saggy. He told me to just sit tight. He said I shouldn't compare the right to the left, since the left isn't even in its final position and may even require more surgery. Which is true, but I still think the right areola will need to be made smaller.
This is such a pain in the ass. I can't wear certain cute clothing because I can't wear good bras, one is a lot larger than the other and it is visible in certain clothing.
I just want this to be over. :( and I want to love my results. I'm not sure that I will

I hate them! Worst decision I've ever made.

Okay so I am really over these boobs. Every time I look at them I am disgusted, they are different sizes, different shapest, different positions. They are just horrible. I don't think they are attractive at all and at this point I really regret getting them. I don't even want to wait until mid January to go back to my surgeon, I want them fixed NOW. ugh.
I called another surgeon today to see about having a consultation for a second opinion, I am waiting on them to call me back.

In the mean time, while tanning today I noticed something I never noticed before. Look at the pictures, it can't be normal. When laying on my stomach, and letting my breasts hang, the incision sites are like puckering or pulling causing this very hideous shape to my boob!!! I just want to cry. I hate everything about this.

3 months post op (from first surgery)

Well here i am, approaching the 3 months mark from the date of my first surgery. I still have a lot of concerns and things I am not happy with.
1) areola size
2)obvious size difference
3) obvious difference in placement left is higher and right hangs lower
4) nipples are not level with one another
5) I have no feeling in my right nipple
6) I have huge dark veins all over my boobs now, they are disgusting.

To me they are very unattractive. I imagined full perky breasts with upper pole fullness. What I see are big, saggy breasts that are less attractive than my before boobs. :( :(

I can't wait to go back next week!!!

Next week is my 3 months post op. I am pretty much telling myself that I will be having another surgery, hopefully soon. 1 to fix the left side which is still way too high, stiff and painfully and 2 to have the lift on both to reduce the areola size (thank god).
Until then, here's a pic in a bralette I just got.

3 month post op appointment

I met with my surgeon almost two weeks ago now, in order to assess the healing process. I actually gothink great news. He as just as dissatisfied with the results as I am.
He agreed that the Crescent nipple lift did not do for me what he wanted it to do, that the right implant is still too high and most likely has some cc, the right is too low, and the areolas are too large.
I am going to be having a revision, and the best part about it, is that it will be at no cost to me. I will end up having the full lift and having any scar tissue from the cc on the he left breast removed. He will also be using some material that is supposed to prevent the cc from ever happening again!
I don't have a surgery date yet due to my work schedule. Hopefully it will be in the next month!!! I am considering asking my surgeon if I can have abdominal lipo at the same time as the revision.
ANY thoughts on that? Would you recommend for or against this? Would it be too much at once?

Why I want my belly button fixed

In an earlier post I talked about considering lipo. Here is a picture of the portion of my belly that I think would benefit, and I would also like my belly button fixed where the piercing hole stretched. I'm not concerned about the strechmarks, they don't bother me

Revision scheduled!!!!

Omg I can't wait until tuesday!!! I will finally be getting my revision and theses ugly disgusting boobs will hopefully look better.

Revision set for tomorrow!!

I am so ready for tomorrow!!! My revision is set for 7 am. Since the surgeons office is about 3 hours away from my home, my husband and I are driving there tonight and staying the night.
I am so happy that tonight is the last night with these ugly, awkward, weird looking boobs. (Hopefully) I am praying that everything goes well.
I am a bit nervous. I'm not going to lie and I hate the thought of even more scars, but I want the pretty, perky boobs that I dreamed of!

Revision done!

I am on the other side. I went in at 7 this morning for my revision. When I first went in i was a nervous wreck, more nervous than I had been with the past 2 surgeries.
Dr. Edds marked on my chest for a good 15 minutes before he decides he was done. He said they were using "cookie cutters" for the areolas so they would be the same size and more round. Which I am Glad because they were very oblong and oval looking.
The surgery took over 3.5 hours. He did the bilateral lift, removed scar tissue on the left from the cc and also placed NTPFE?? I think that's what it's called.
I had been up since 316 this morning very nervous and apparently it took me a very long time to wake up after the anesthesia.
No drains, which I'm a bit concerned because I did have the collection twice. No strap either thank goodness. I have to seen them and I assume I won't until I go for my 1 day post op tomorrow.
Pain is assume tally minimal. Hardly any on the right. The left is a bit sore and achy but that is the side with the cc. Like I said, I haven't seen them, but I feel they seem a bit smaller. I could be wrong.

I just don't know about this...

Just went in for my 24 hour check up. I just don't know abut theses boobs. I am really regretting having the surgery. I know it takes time and they are swollen and still need to drop (the left one). But they look so weird. The areolas look a lot better, but the rippling and the left one is totally pushed to the side it seems like. The amount of space between themy seems to be too big, I don't have any cleavage and it seems like they are a lot smaller.
The surgery ended up being a full in anchor lift rather than the lollipop lift. My surgeon explained that once he raised the areolas, the amount of space between the nipple and the fold was too much and it appeared that the nipple was on top of my boob, so he had to do the full lift to make that space shorter.

Very concerned about my right nipple help!!

My right nipple is very dark purple, red, I might even go as far as saying black... black might be over reacting but it's definitely a very different color than my left. Is this normal? I don't have any pain in it? I'm just concerned that my skin may need dying? Anyone have any opinions?
I've spent the last 3 hours crying over this.
They look terrifying. It's hard to picture them ever looking good. They are still different sizes, hopefully when he implant finally falls into place they will be symmetrical.
My stomach is so bloated, no bowel movements since the day of surgery.

4 days post revision

For the past 4 hours I have been stuck on the couch extremely nauseated. I have taken my Zofran that my PS prescribed for nausea and it hasn't helped. I've been keeping cold rag on my head which has seemed to help a bit. I haven't vomited or had diarrhea I just feel extremely sick!!! :(

Finally feeling better

Today I am finally feeling better, if I could have a BM I would be about 90%. No pain meds for over 24 hours, and my nausea has subsided. I really think it was the antibiotic, levaquin.
Nipple is looking better! The anchor lift did the trick, I really think I will end up with the look I was going for.

Freaked out!!

I had my stitches removed yesterday....and today I went to change my bandages and where it was stitched around my areola, it looks like it peeled back when the bandage came off!!! Ughhh Im so freaked out. I'm at work, so I can't get a picture of it. I'll have to take one tonight.
I think I may skip my shower tonight in order to keep them from getting wet. It looks like they need to dry out! Anyone experience this?

Natural, nipple lift after 3 surgeries, anchor lift 1 week post op

Top pic is natural
Middle pic is after the Crescent nipple lift with 450 mod silicone
Bottom pic is 1 week post anchor lift

I obviously still have a lot of healing to do but I thunk the anchor lift was needed to get the results I wanted


I think I may have just freaked out earlier with my nipple. It does seem a bit separated but maybe not as much as my mind led me to believe lol.

Just over 2 weeks post revision

I think once the left side finishes dropping and fluffing they will be a bit more proportionate in size. But I am already 10000 times happier with these results!

6 weeks post revision

So we are going on 6 weeks since my 4th surgery which was a revision to a full lift and to remove a very slight capsule on my left side. I feel completely healed and have for about 3 weeks! In my opinion, my scars have healed wonderfully! I haven't used any scar treatment, I've only been applying polysporin on them.

I return for whathe i assume is an 8 week check up on March 16th. At this time I am going to ask about scar treatment and have a consult about abdominal lipo.

Prior to the revision surgery, I had several issues with my left breast, all can be read above. Even after this surgery for about the first 3 weeks or so, I had this constant feeling on my left side, which is hard to describe, but if I had to, I would describe it as a hard knot feeling under my pectoral muscle, and different movements would make it feel tighter and more uncomfortable. I didn't think it was painful, just no normal, as the right side I couldn't even tell I had an implant. But now, that feeling is completely gone! Idk if the implant finally being settled into the correct position in the pocket helped or what. But I am totally happy now!

Victoria Secret 36DD fit perfectly!!!

About 3.5 months post revision

So, I am pretty sure I'm about 3.5 months post op. Post op being my 4th surgery. My last surgery was in Feb of this year.

Overall I am pleased with my results. Maybe not 100% satisfied, but that may be my own fault. Initially I said I wanted "natural" looking breasts but with upper pole fullness. I ultimately went with moderate profile. Now I am thinking I maybe should have gone with high profile. Majority of the fullness is in the bottom...if I wear a low cut short braless they just look like large books with a lot of space between them. I probably should have gone with high profile to achieve this look...

My scars are okay...very flat, but not 100% straight. One breast seems fuller and higher than the other, but I guess that's to be expected.

Has anyone had any type of bellybutton repair done? Where my bellybutton uses to be pierced it stretched during both pregnancies and looks awful. I am looking into having this corrected, as it makes me very self conscious. I am still considering Lipo, no consult yet though

10 months later

So, here I am about 10 months after my first surgery. My thought are mixed. Some days i love them and some days I hate them. To me, they have fallen some already, my areolas are different sizes and shapes, as are my breasts. I don't have any pain or discomfort so I suppose that is good news. I have gained a significant amount of weight since my surgery which has led me to be depressed and struggle with my body image.

Prior to surgery I was in shape and quite fit. I worked out twice per day and had so much enery and confidence. Since the surgery it has been extremely difficult for me to get back into a routine. It was like I had surgery, then had the emergency surgery so that set me back even longer in recovery. Then once I thought I was on the mend, what do you know, another surgery. Then I was finally healed and back to working out and being active then it was time for the revision. Since then I have not stayed consistent with anything. I have quit my job and gained about 15-18 lbs. :(
Owensboro Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Edds and all of his staff were amazing. They explained everything to me as they were doing it. Dr edds was so patient with me. I went back for a second consultation because I was getting nervous as my date approached. Last night after the surgery one of the nurses called my husband on his cell phone to check on me and see how I was doing.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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