26 Years Old, 2 Kids, 5'3 Breast Augmentation with Nipple Lift

My surgery is scheduled for October 3rd. I am...

My surgery is scheduled for October 3rd. I am getting 450 moderate profile gel, under the muscle, with a nipped lift. I am 5'3 and currently weigh 150 pounds. I have a 9 year old and a 1 year old. I can't wait to see the results. I have been wishing for fuller perkier breasts since the birth of my oldest son!

Dr. Edds aND his staff have been wonderful. The office is immaculate. I had two consultations because I was so nervous and undecided about size. Dr. Edds was patient with me both times.

The morning of surgery

It's finally the day of my surgery. My husband and I are up and at it. We have to be at the Dr's office in 45 minutes. I am getting very nervous! Here is one last picture of my deflated saggy boobies in at 38c bra

Few hours post op

So I went in at 815 this morning. The nurses took before pictures, pregnancy test and hooked up my Iv. Then the doctor came in and did all of his markings. I then walked into the surgery room and I was places on a table with my arms strapped down. At this point I was given oxygen and the nurse said I should start getting very sleepy. The next thing I know I was in the recovery room with my husband. I have taken 2 percocet and 2 muscle relaxers since I left the office about 6 hours ago.
The pain is definitely tolerable. It's mainly tightness. I can't wait to get this strap off because it is cutting in under my arm because it is so tight.
I did experience lots of nausea and at one point at the hotel is thought I was going to vomit. Which was scary. So I took another Zofran.

I can't wait to see them tomorrow once the bandage is off.

Night 1 was okay.

Thw paid when getting up after laying down for so long was terrible. We go see the dr today for the day 1 post check, then we will be heading home. I have e a recliner at home so hopefully that makes sleeping easier. The only complaint is have is that the strap they have around me so way to tight. It's cutting into my sides and underarms

Next day check up

This morning I had my 24 hour check up. I finally got to see them without the bandages. I am satisfied so far! Hopefully it will just get better. The loosened the strap that was causing me so much discomfort and now I feel 100 times better. I got back in 1 week for my next check up aND hopefully to have the stitches removed

Redness and hot to the touch

So its my 1 day post op and I've been doing nothing but resting and sleeping. I did take a shower today and changed my dressings and applied polysporin. I now have redness on the top of my chest and it is hot to the touch. My face is also red and warm. Is this normal ? I tires to take a picture of it, not sure it it really shows

The worst part

The worst park so far iso still this wrap they put over the top so keep them and your muscles pushed down. There are time when the pain meds don't even touch the pain. I am also having some extreme bloating. I haven't been able to use the restroom since the nightime before surgery. I look and feel like I'm 6 months pregnant, that's how bloated I am.

Day 2

Today was pretty unremarkable. The bloating is still extreme. I havent been able to use the restroom since the day before surgery. I feel that they are a but lower than I wanted. I wanted then to be raised and perkier. The bubbling around the stitching is concerning to me as well

I now have a low grade fever

It's day 3. No pain meds but I have a low grade fever of 101. Still no bowell movements and generally feeling miserable. Anyone else experience fever.

Day 4

Lastnight was rough. After a mild fever and some throbbing in my right breast I called the answering service for my ps. He called me right back. He said there was nothing to be concerned about that it was too early to have a wound infection. So I took some tylenol because I was feeling overall pretty bad. I didn't sleep too well, I moved between the recliner and my bed. Which was the first time I laid on my bed fully on my back since the surgery.

But this morning I have been up and I have been the most productive since cell the surgery. My son is helping me clean the house and do laundry while my husband is at work. I actually got dressed in real clothes today!! I'm going to attempt makeup. Hopefully I can get my bowels moving soon because this is miserable.

I'm afraid my areolas are way too big.

One reason why I wanted to go with the full lift, rathere than just the nipple lift is because I wanted my areolas made smaller. I also don't see much of a raise in the position of them compared to before.

Really regretting not going with full lift

Today is day 5 and I am in little to no pain whatsoever. No more tylenol or anything. My muscles are still very tight and the left seems a lot higher than the right. And actually the right seems a lot larger in size than the left..which is weird. I am definitely regretting not going with the full lift rather than the nipple lift because of the size of the areolas. I hate them, they are way too large. And they are not as high as they would have been with the full lift. :( maybe as they heal it will change. Tomorrow is my 6 day follow up with my surgeon. I am going to express my concerns.
The bloating is so severe!! I have taken prescription linzess, stool softeners, laxatives and prunes out of the jar!!! I was 9 pounds heavier after the surgery from no bowel movements and holding fluid. I'm down 5 of those pounds so far but still super bloated. Thank god

OMG. today was a nightmare

I went in for my day 6 follow-up, and immediately and I mean immediately, (I hadn't even sat down on the lounger after taking my top off) my surgeon bEgan squeezing my left breast.

Reminder my left breast is the one that has been very high, tight and throbbing at times. Once he did this, blood began gushing everywhere. He continued squeezing, almost as if he was trying to pop a zit, it with his palms not finger tips. He said I have blood collecting in the pocket and that it has to be drained.

I have to go back in first thing tomorrow morning. They have to put me under, take out the implant and drain the blood. I can't believe this.

My mom was with me for the appointment and she fainted in the room when he squeezed all the blood out. It was so painful and I am now terrified.

Hematoma removal

Yesterday was the day I had my collection of blood removed. They prepped me just like they did for the first surgery. Cut open my incision on the left, removed the implant and cleaned out the blood. The nurses sddur me thst this procedure would be a piece of cake compared to the initial surgery. They said this is because the worst part of the first surgery is creating the pockets and mine are alreasy there. Boy werev they wrong.

When i came out of the anesthesia I was already crying. The pain sucked. And the 3 hr car ride home was miserable as well. I had stopped taking the pain pills, but I had to take them through the night last night. When I breath I had sharp pains in my left chest and breast.

I have let seem what they look like in 2 days....and I'm not sure I wanna look

Boonies blues are real

So the boobie blues are legit. I don't think I am satisfied with my results at all. The nipples don't look any higher than before, and in my opinion even look lower and even larger. I wanted the anchor lift to reduce the size of the areola and raise them significantly, the Crescent lift didn't so that. I almost like my before breasts better

3rd surgery on the left breast

I haven't updated much lately because I've been in some major pain and just trYing to cope with the fact that I had complications.

Yesterday I had to have my third surgery on the left breast to have a drain put in. After the 2nd surgery the drainage and bleeding never stopped. The amount of drainage was enough to soak through 4 ply bandages, to my bra, through the shirt I was wearing.
I called the emergency line Friday and spoke with the dr. He told me he didn't think it sounded like an infection, but to keep cleaning jt and to come to my appointment Tuesday. Well Monday morning came around and the dr actually called me. He said he has thigh about the all weekend and just wanted to see what the issue was sooner. So Monday my mm and I made the 2.5 hour drive and met with him.
He told me he honestly wasn't surethane why this was happening and that it was strange. He did A culture even though he said it didn't look like infection. I should have those results in 2 days from today.

So, we went back yesterday and had the drain tube put in. Which sucks! You can't shower withit in! I don't go back until next wednesday unless the drainage lessens to 3 tsp per day. This is no fun! I hope my results are good.

My lovely drain

Okay so I think this marks the 2.5 week from my FIRST of three surgeries. I still have the drsin, which doesn't seem to be draining any less than it has been since they put it in. From morning to bedtime I am averaging about 1.5 teaspoons a day.
I hate the drain. It's not that it's uncomfortable but it's difficult to camouflage with business attire. There have been times when I felt like it was ripping out of my nipple, which was so painful.
Now I am having some fluid seep through my stitches, which hasn't happened since the drain has been in.

There is a major size differenice because the left side still hasn't dropped! It's very high and they do not look proportionate at all.

I am regretting not getting the full lift due to the very large size of the areolas, and they aren't as lifted as I imagined from the nipple lifthe. :(

My left one won't drop :(


My left one won't drop :(

Owensboro Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Edds and all of his staff were amazing. They explained everything to me as they were doing it. Dr edds was so patient with me. I went back for a second consultation because I was getting nervous as my date approached. Last night after the surgery one of the nurses called my husband on his cell phone to check on me and see how I was doing.

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