32a with 400cc Moderate Plus Memory Gel Implants. Owensboro, KY

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I have been anxiously awaiting to get breasts...

I have been anxiously awaiting to get breasts since all my friends did when they hit puberty in middle school/high school. Even when I hit puberty and my breasts "developed" I still only reached an A cup. My mom told me that she didn't develop until after she had children so I figured I would wait until after I had kids and re-assess at that point whether or not to have a cosmetic treatment. I had my son 6 days before my 29th birthday and the milk came in and I was so excited to actually have more than an ant hill, lol. Even at my fullest, I was only a B at absolute most. I was ok with that, seeming as I at least didn't look the same on my front side as I did on my back side. I nursed him for 11 months and once I quit, they disappeared. They didn't droop, sag, or anything like that, they just literally sucked back in to my little ole 32A. I got pregnant again a year and a half after that and went through the same thing. Got to a B while nursing and disappeared after I quit nursing.

So once my youngest was 3, I decided it was time to see about an augmentation. I reviewed a bunch of before and after photos for surgeons in my area and talked with people I knew who had the procedure done. Once I decided on the surgeon that I felt had the best results based on the photos on his website and from the people I spoke with that went to him, I scheduled a consultation. The consultation took about an hour and a half. I watched an hour long video of what to expect and to familiarize myself with the terms and any possible complications. The video was very informative and I felt it answered more questions than I would have even thought to ask. After the video, I met the doctor and a nurse in a consultation room where we discussed my expectations and what I wanted to achieve from the surgery. He took measurements all over my chest (width and height of nipples, distance of nipples, base of breasts, and a lot more that I can't even remember). Once he was finished measuring, they had me put on a non padded bra and a tight fitting tank top and placed sizers inside the bra. He said with my frame, his suggestion would be to go with a 350cc implant. My first reaction was "???????????? these things look huge!" So we decided to go with a 325cc instead. He said due to my hip width, he wouldn't suggest going any smaller than 325cc to give me a more balanced appearance. I asked him to take pictures of me with the sizers in so I could remember it and he of course said he would.

I scheduled my surgery and they sent me on my way with all sorts of information to read over and prepare me for my surgery. So over the course of the next couple days, I kept looking at the pics he took of me with the 350cc sizers and the more I looked at them, the more they looked "average". I think it was just the initial shock of literally having no breasts for 34 years and then seeing a c cup on me that made me think they looked huge but in actuality, they were very normal. Now I'm not saying I wanted ginormous breasts, but I figured if I was going to spend the money, I may as well go a little bigger. So I called the office back and decided I wanted to come in for a second consultation. The whole time I was there I kept apologizing but they said it wasn't a problem at all, that people do it all the time. The problem with the sizers is they only come in 100cc increments so he put 450cc sizers in and immediately I knew those were too big. He put the 350s back in and they looked fine, but I knew I wanted bigger. After looking at my measurements he had written down, he said he would be willing to go with 400cc, but anything more, I would need to find a different surgeon. This immediately reaffirmed to me that I made the right decision with my doctor. He knew his work reflected on him and wants his patients happy, but at the same time maintain his integrity to do great work! So we settled on 400cc. They gave me my prescriptions (an antibiotic, a pain med, a muscle relaxer, and an anti-nausea med), a website to order my post op bras, and told me to buy some hibicleanse.

Fast forward to the day before surgery...that day I was supposed to start my antibiotic. I was supposed to take one pill a day for five days and also wash from my chin to my hips with hibiclense. I did as directed, but had never used hibicleanse before. I thought it was supposed to be like a normal soap so I put some in my hand and applied it to my chest and kept rubbing expecting it to lather up. It didn't lather so I added more...and more...and more. Finally I resized it wasn't going to lather and was more like an iodine type substance. I was also instructed not to eat or drink anything past midnight.

I didn't sleep that well the that night. I think it was the nerves of everything that was going to happen. I thought about backing out more than once but since I had already paid for it and would loose $500 if I backed out, I decided to go through with it. I was so scared of the pain I was going to be feeling over the next few weeks!

I was supposed to be at his office at 7am for the surgery. He has everything in his office and my payment covered everything except for the prescriptions and the post op bras. I really liked the fact that I wouldn't be getting any additional bills for anesthesia or operating room bills or anything else. The $5095 covered the entire cost of the surgery. So I woke up and had to take another shower and use the hibicleanse again that morning. My friend took me to the doctors office that morning. Once there, they weighed me and took some before pictures. I changed into the surgical gown and was given a medication to calm my nerves a bit. A nurse came in and hooked up an IV and got another antibiotic going and after that was in, they put me on a normal saline solution. Soon after that, the anesthesiologist came in and explained to me what she would do and that the surgery should only last about an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. After she left, the doctor came in and we confirmed once again that we were going to go with the 400cc mentor memory gel implants. He also had me stand up in front of him and did some drawing on my chest area.

Around 8:15, they took me over to the operating room and hooked up a oxygen monitor on one finger, a blood pressure monitor on the other arm and put my legs in these things that were supposed to help with circulation. They felt like blood pressure cuffs for my legs and would inflate and then relax. The only thing I kept thinking about them is how much I would have paid to have them while I was pregnant and had all the swelling in my legs, lol. They put an oxygen masks on me and told me to take deep breaths. After about 2 minutes, they told me they were going to start the anesthesia and when I woke up, I would be in recovery. That's the last thing I remember until I woke up.

I remember asking the nurse when I came to if I could look them and she said I could. I lifted the sheet and seen that for the first time in my life I had boobs. I literally high fived the nurse, which if you know me, that's of course what I would do, lol. They put the post op bra on and a band across the top of my breast to help push them into their pockets and helped me get dressed. Once that was done, they put me in a wheel chair and took me out to my friends car and told me to be back the next day for my one day follow up. Even though I am typing these all out on same day, I'm going to try to break them down into each day up until the current day so they don't get confused as to what day the pics were taken.

So yesterday was the big day! After I left the...

So yesterday was the big day! After I left the office, I wasn't sure how I would feel, so I planned on making it a just veg out in the recliner day, but honestly, I felt fantastic. I had zero pain, a little soreness, obviously some tightness in my chest from the skin stretching, but over all, felt fantastic. I ended up going and getting a pedicure but I made sure the massage chair was turned off because I didn't want all the jiggling and shaking that happens in those. My friend coaches cross country for a local middle school and was having a pizza party so I went to that. If you would have seen me, you would have never known I had surgery that day! I took my pain meds and muscle relaxers as indicated every four hours but honestly thought it was a waste because everything from my collar bone to my navel was numb anyhow. The night of surgery I propped up in a recliner and slept rather well. I woke up 2-3 times, but that is typical for me so I didn't think it was out of the norm.

The next day, I decided since I couldn't feel any pain, I wasn't going to take them as prescribed and only take them when I started to actually feel like I needed them. I ended up taking them about every 7 hours, but I wasn't taking them together. I would take either the muscle relaxer or the pain med and about 3-3 1/2 hours later, I would take the other. 

My one day follow up wasn't until 4:45 in the afternoon so I had some time that morning to do some things. Of course being anxious to know how "big" I was now, I went to the store and held up some bras to my new addditions outside of my clothes. I was easily filling out a 34C. They didn't have 32D at the store I was at so I wasn't able to see if I was that size or not. I was super happy considering though! 

That day for my follow up was the first time I was able to see them without the bra and band and I was nervous and excited at the same time! The follow up took all of about 10 minutes. The nurse came in and removed the band and the bra and then removed some sort of bandage that was placed over top of the steri-strips and I waited for the doctor to come in. I didn't realize how high they were on my chest until I had my friend take some pictures. All in all, I am still 100% satisfied with how everything is going. I am obviously anxious to see them once they have dropped. The doctor told me I would have a good idea of how they will look around 6 weeks post-op, and I told him I figured I would give it 3 months because I am realistic and know that things take time to heal and settle. I asked him if it was ok that I am not taking my meds every 3-4 hours and taking them less often because I don't feel like I need them. He assured me that it was perfectly fine to do that and that I could very well have a high threshold for pain. I just said I didn't think it was necessary to take pain meds if I'm not in pain. 

I was told my implants are still very high and was instructed to keep wearing my post op bra and band 24/7 except for when I am showering for the next four weeks. 

I am still a little sore but it feels like I just went to the gym and did a bunch of bench presses for hours on end. Other than soreness in the muscles and some tightness, I would say the band across the chest is the most uncomfortable thing because it is so tight. Not much pain though (which is funny because that is the thing I was most concerned about) 

The left breast is sitting higher than the right but I know from doing way to mush research that this is normal and they typically drop at different rates, so I am not concerned in the slightest.

It's been two days since surgery and I am...

It's been two days since surgery and I am currently needing to take the pain meds about every 6 hours. The majority of the numbness has wore off but I'm still feeling really good. I was scheduked to take three days off from work but since I felt ok, I decided to go to work for a half day today. I think the right breast is starting to have a little settling but that may just be wishful thinking. The left breast is still sitting very high but I am keeping my band on all the time except for when I shower and making it as tight as I possibly can and as high as I can so that I'm not pressing them flat at the top but more so down.

I am feeling very swollen and uncomfortable under my left arm pit and discovered why today when I went to take a shower and look at them. I have a very large bruise on the left side and I have bruising forming in the creases on both breasts. Other than the soreness, not too much pain today either.

It's now been three days and although I was warned...

It's now been three days and although I was warned that the medication would constipate me, I am not regular to begin with (like every 2-3 days is my norm). It has been since Saturday since I went so I decided to take an exlax this morning. Pain meds are being taken about every 8 hours. I still hadn't "went" by the time I left work today so I went to the store and got some miralax and apple juice and took some of that around 4. Still nothing so I took another miralax/apple juice cocktail before bed. My belly is rumbling but still nothing yet. If you are reading this before you have surgery it is my suggestion that you start taking some sort of stool softener the night of surgery to speed things along. They are still pretty high and a little sore but I'm feeling really good!

I am now only taking a half of a muscle relaxer...

I am now only taking a half of a muscle relaxer and half of a pain pill every 6 hours. I know it is ok to take the pain pills less often than prescribed but I'm going to ask my doctor about the muscle relaxer because although I am not having muscle spasms, I don't want to inhibit them dropping if the muscle relaxers will allow them to drop more easily.

I finally "went" today although for not going for 6 days, I figured there would be more to come out that what happened. But anything is better than nothing I guess. I am continuing on my apple juice/miralax cocktails until I get to a more regular schedule.

The thing I am finding most difficult is finding shirts that will cover the band across my chest. I wear it very high to push them down and most normal shirts do not have a collar that comes that high. Also, due to the band pushing them down, they have a very odd look to them with clothes on.  

I discovered something odd today as well. I noticed a circle the dr had drawn on my left breast near my under arm and it had a bruise on it. I honestly thought maybe that had to make a small incision to coax the implant into the right place or something but didn't think much more about it. So when I was in the shower, I lifted my arm to shave my armpit. First off, that was a very odd thing for me because I have never had breasts that gave me any fullness on the sides so it has always been flat and easy to shave. Now there is some roundness and that was a new and unique thing for me deal with. Second, I've always had a small mole near my armpit that I waohkd always make sure to avoid when I was shaving so I wouldn't accidentally cut it. I don't know if any of you have accidently cut a mole before but them suckers bleed a LOT if cut so I was always conscientious to avoid it when shaving. So I looked down to make sure I didn't cut it and then was like "wait, what?!? Where did it go??" Then I realized that must be what the circle and bruise was on that side. The doctor must have cut it off while I was under, lol. Just one less thing for me to worry about when shaving I guess, and since all costs are where covered in my $5095, it didn't cost me a dime more to have it removed, so I'm perfectly fine with it.  

I don't see much change in the size, shape, or dropping yet, but it's only been five days, so I'm really not expecting it yet.

It's been five days and there's not much change...

It's been five days and there's not much change but I decided to take a funny picture today. I know they are obviously much bigger than when I went in so I decided to put the bra I wore in to the doctors office on (not fully and closed, just placed over my breast) to see the drastic change. I still laugh when I see it.

Nothing really new to share. Still on my apple...

Nothing really new to share. Still on my apple juice/miralax cocktail and have only went the one time which was 4 days post op. I know I need to keep pushing this waste out of my body but apparently it doesn't want to go.

I have stopped taking my pain meds because I don't feel any pain. I am mainly a little sore but nothing bad at all. The most uncomfortable thing is still the band which I make as tight as possible. I have my one week post op follow up tomorrow and will see what he has to say about if I should continue to take my muscle relaxers. That is the only thing I am concerned about not taking because I want them to drop and if that will help them drop, then I will start taking them again.

1 Week Post Op and Office Visit Today

Today I had my one week follow up with my surgeon. They removed the steri-strips from the incisions and told me to start doing my breast massages today. To do them, I am supposed to place my hands on the outer sides of my breasts and push them together twice (think making cleavage) then put my hand on the inner side of my breasts and push them apart from each other twice (anti cleavage lol), place my hands on the bottom of my breasts and push them up twice, then the top of my breasts and push down twice. Once they have been pushed in all four directions, I'm supposed to place both hands on one breast (your hands should be shaped like c's and encompass as much of the breast as possible) and squeeze twice. Do the other breast the same way. After that, do full handed pinching at the top of breast to squeeze them and soften that area to help allow them to drop. I was told to this a minimum of ten times a day.

Since I no longer have the steri-strips in place, they gave me some gauze pads and told me to place them over the incision sites so that that bra isn't rubbing on it and causing any pain or discomfort. They said if I don't have more gauze pads at home, I can use a light days pantiliner cut into small pieces and place that between the incision site and the bra. As of today, the doctor said I am healing very well and as long as I do my massages, they should fall into their pockets nicely. Since they are both still pretty high, he wants me to continue to wear the compression band over the top for a few more weeks to aid the dropping. On a side note and a follow up to a previous post about the pain meds causing constipation... ever since I finally was able to "go" I have been feeling very awkward and uncomfortable in that region. I finally decided to take a mirror and look last night after I took a shower and have discovered I have a small hemorrhoid. So that's rather embarrassing, but it reinforces my suggestion to start a mild laxative/stool softener as soon as you have surgery. I had been cutting back on both the pain meds and the muscle relaxers because I didn't feel as if I needed them any longer (literally have 22 of the 40 pain pills and 14 of the 30 muscle relaxers left) but wanted to verify with the doctor that by not taking the muscle relaxers that it would not possibly interfere with them dropping. (In my mind it was "relaxing the muscle" so it may be allowing them to drop more easily). They said that is not the case and the muscle relaxers are to help with muscle spasms and whether I continue to take them or stop taking them, there will be no slowing/speeding of them dropping into their pockets. I have another follow up appointment three weeks from today for my four week post op exam. I will try to continue to post daily pics or at least a weekly post with photos every day that has passed and label them.

12 Days Post Op

I find it funny now that when I went in for my original consult, I thought 350cc were too big so we decided to go with 325. A week later I decided the 350cc pics they took with the inserts looked too "average" so I went back for another consult and decided to go with 400cc instead. Here it is 12 days post op and now after having them for almost two weeks, I wonder if I went too big, lol. Let me start by saying I am 5'3" and weight about 115 on average. I wear a xs or s shirt normally and around a size 2 in jeans. I am very petite and started with a 32A cup. I just wonder if once all the dropping and fluffing is done if they won't look obviously unproportional. Either way, I'm not going to go back in to have them reduced, I'll just learn to live with it, but still chuckle at myself for wanting to go as big as I could go.

On the up side, I am seeing some settling, although they are still pretty high. I know it's going to take weeks-months before they "meet their final resting place" ???? but any progress to me is great. I am healing nicely and not much pain at all. The left one (which always seemed a big bigger and higher from day one post op pics) is doing amazing but the incision site on the right one is a little achy. I'm sure it's just the healing process. My bruising is almost completely gone now and I am massaging the crap out of them it seems like to help them settle. I know massage is a controversial thing amongst PS's but I figure even if there isn't scientific proof that it prevents capsular contracture, it can't hurt. 

I also discovered that although the nurse at the office said to wear my chest band "high in the front and low in the back," she didn't tell me exactly how high. After doing a ton of reading and searching on how to get these bad boys to settle better, I realized I had not been wearing it high enough. It needs to be above the implant as much as possible to push it down and not just be "flattening" the top which is essentially what I was doing for a week. I have corrected the way I wear it and think I am seeing some changes. Also I attach safety pins to the top of the band and pin it to my bra to prevent it from sliding down through the day. The main thing I have noticed is in the pic taken at the one day follow up, you could see the incision site when you were looking straight on at them. As of today, they are starting to be more hidden as the settling is taking place. So glad I did my research on that. Also no more bloated feeling. I am back down to my pre-surgical weight and look a lot less bloated. I mean, I'm a mom, and have never had a perfectly flat tummy, but I feel now that I am back to where things were before.

Hypersensitive boobs

So I'm two weeks post op today and noticed that for the past two days, my new additions are hyper sensitive. I don't mean like getting hard nipples, as that has yet to happen at all since the surgery, but it's like I feel everything more than normal. Like my shirt brushing against my bra or brushing up against something accidentally with them. They feel tingly (like when your foot is falling asleep) but it's not terrible. Tolerable but annoying.

Also when I was getting in the shower last night, I noticed a small drop of blood on the gauze that I wear between my bra and the incision site to prevent it from rubbing. I didn't pay attention to which breast the gauze had come from so I took a mirror and looked at both in icons and neither of them looked like they had bled. Very weird. Since they don't hurt I'm chalking it up to maybe a spot of blood had just been caught in there and finally came out and I didn't do anything to cause them the bleed. Given that it's been two weeks, I think it would take quite some force to require me to rupture the incision site, but you never know.

Also have noticed a deep throbby pain on the right side of my right breast directly in front of my under arm. It isn't as painful once I apply pressure to it, but it is the first "pain" I have experienced. Mostly everything has been just tightness, soreness, or mild discomfort but not actual "pain".

Black and nude compression band

Just wanted to add that I just purchased two new compression bands since mine are still high and my white one they gave me at the ps office is looking shoddy. Granted I am supposed to wear it 24/7 except wen showering, so that is to be expected. I wanted to find ones other than white that way it won't look like I'm wearing the same tank top under my shirt (it appears to be a tank top when worn under a shirt with a lower neck line, so that is why I'm referring to it that way, although it is just a stretchy band with Velcro on one end). I was able to get a black one and a nude one from Leonisa. com and they were $15 each and free shipping. I figure I am going to most likely be wearing this torture device for a while since a) they are so high and anything that aids in dropping them is needed and b) I went as large as the surgeon would allow me too so they are going to require a bit more time to fully drop. (If you have read all my posts, you will see that I thought I wanted smaller, then decided I wanted bigger, and now after the surgery is over, I think they are a bit too big for my frame, but I am going to rock it anyhow)

Sternum pain

For the past few days I have noticed a pain on my sternum that feels like it's bruised but it's visually not bruised. Also the pain goes away when I apply pressure to the region. The only way I can describe the pain is like it almost feels as though the skin is pulling away from the sternum. I wondered if it's because I have been wearing the top compression band constantly and it's pushing the breasts down to drop in the pockets and therefore stretching the skin away from the sternum. The discomfort is constant but more so when I take deep breaths. I called the PS office and they suggested taking more ibuprofen to reduce the pain I am feeling but didn't advise against discontinuing the band as it is what is needed to push them down since they are so high. They said otc ibuprofen is 200mg per tablet and I can take up to 800mg every six hours. I decided 800 was quite a bit so I took 600 instead. I'm about to take this bra off, put my compression strap back on, and place small throw pillow on my sternum to relieve the discomfort until the pain meds kick in. Anyone else had this pain before??

16 day post op

I'm sure that I am like everyone else and being so impatient for these big girls to d&f. In the mean time, I can't seem to stay off of this website and now I think I have worried myself sick about capsular contracture. From day one post op, I could visually tell that my left breast a bit higher and a bit larger. I'm sure it's not obviously noticeable to anyone else and we all know our bodies the best, but I could tell, lol. I wasn't worried that it would be a drastic size difference once everything was healed, because I was so small before that by putting in 400cc in both, even if I had asymmetry before hand, it was so slight that it wouldn't be amplified with implants. So what I have been doing since my one week follow up when I was instructed to start massaging was I was focusing more on the left breast because I wanted it settle to look equal to the right. Each day that goes by, I notice they feel a slight bit softer with each passing day, but I would focus more on the left breast. I've been massaging for 9 days now and as I was massaging today, I am noticing that the right breast isn't as soft as the left. I also don't see any considerable changes in size or shape since the first week but I think that was just swelling. They are still really high and I'm afraid that by focusing so much on the left due to it being higher and bigger that I have neglected the right and with it not being as soft as the left, I am worried about cc. I keep telling myself this is normal and they will each heal, drop, fluff, and soften at different rates, but I can't help but wonder if I haven't hindered my profession on softening the right one.

I also have been experiencing a weird burning throbbing ache in my right breast directly in line with where my underarm is. I have attached a picture and circled the area because it's hard to describe the location. It is an internal ache but when I touch it, I don't feel any tightness that would signify the start of cc. It really ached when I got in the shower this evening and the hot water hit it. Natural reaction to this was to turn my right side out of the path of the shower and put my left side more in the path of the water and at that exact time, the same discomfort happened to the left. I am not sure if this is just a muscle spasm because honestly I don't know what a true muscle spasm is. When I think muscle spasm I imagine something like when your eyelid twitches or something. Can someone tell me if that is what it could be?

On the up side all bruising is gone and I feel the incisions are healing nicely.

Keeping track of massaging

My PS has told me that I need to massage my breasts 10 times a day. It's not intense massage but just pushing up, down, in, out, and a full breast squeeze twice. I'm sorry, but I can't seem to ever keep track of how many I've done. Am I at 6, 7, was that one after lunch today or was that yesterday? I've decided to do the hair tie method. I put 10 hair ties on my right arm and each time I massage them, I will move one from the right side to the left. As you can see, I've only done it once this morning right after I woke up, lol. It may seem silly seeing me with this many hair ties, but it's the only way I can keep track. Does anyone else use some sort of tracking system?

Slight d&f on day 17

I post these not only for others to see my journey and to know what to expect but also so that later on I can come back and see the changes that are made. This was taken right before I showered...and yes I have all those silly hair ties on my arm but that's how I keep track of how many times I have massaged or need to massage before the end of the day. Hope everyone is healing nicely.

On a side note....if you're a perv and pm'ing me, I won't respond. Regardless if you think your intention is just to tell me that they look great or whatever. They look good comments can be posted here and don't need to be done via PM. If you're a dude, I can only think of one valid reason you should be looking at all these posts and that only reason was not once mentioned in the message.

3 week update

My ba was three weeks ago and not much has changed since my last post. My bestie's husband is a chiropractor and she was telling him about the pain I have been having near my under arms. I went by their house tonight after work and had him feel around to see if he thought it was muscular or my lymph nodes. In his medical opinion since it is more external and does not feel like it is more internal with the pain near the ribs, he believes it is just my lymph nodes and the reason I can feel them is the implant has moved them closer to the surface and as I heal, they should decrease. I am still going to talk with my ps about it next Monday for my four week post op follow up.

I tried on one of her Victoria secret bras that she had that was a 32d and I was literally falling out if it. Granted it was a push-up bra, but lord they looks ginormous!! I know as the remainder of the swelling subsides and they drop into place there is a possibility of the size still changing but as of now, it looks as if I'm a 32DD if not larger. I hate these ugly post op bras that I need to wear, but it looks like I will continue to wear them for a while until I think I have dropped enough to go get properly fitted. It just is kind of disheartening that I am going to have to pay big bucks for my bras from now on. What was once "itty bitty booby problems" has turned into "big booby problems" so that is going to take some getting used to. The 32 D bras I ordered from Macy's should be here Thursday and I'm hoping I won't have to send them back or run to the mall and exchange them. All I know is I'm happy I had the surgery in the fall so it has time to fully drop by next summer because as of now, these things look completely fake and porn star-ish when I wear anything other than the surgical bra. With clothes on, they just look normal though, so at least I don't look ridiculous at work.

They have dropped enough that I no longer have "shelf" boobs and I don't have the obvious protruding curve at the upper pole, I do still have a lot of upper pole fullness and obvious cleavage lines. But it's only been three weeks so I'm not too concerned. My incisions are starting to itch which I know Is a sign of healing. My nipples are still very sore but I have feeling in them, so I'm just trying to figure out how long it will be until my nipples will get hard again, if ever. I haven't had morning boob in a few days which is amazing! I would have taken pics of the bras I tried on earlier at her house, but they literally made me look like a porn star. I will post pics tomorrow of the dropping I have had, but it's not much if any compared to the 17 days post op pic i posted.

On a side note, I don't think my boyfriend is the biggest fan of my new additions. He is an ass man anyhow, so boobs are just whatever to him. He doesn't seem to have anything to say about them other than about how big they are. I keep telling him my ass is just as nice now as it was three weeks ago before I got boobs, so that hasn't changed, but I'm hoping as time goes by, and I get used to them, he will learn to enjoy them as well.

3 week pics

These were taken last night before I got in the shower...like I said, I don't see much change from the 17 day pics. The right one has started to drop more and so now my nipples are facing directions, but I know each one heals different so I am not concerned. I'll keep massaging and wearing my band and hope they keep dropping bc these things are high and huge lol.

Bra pics...yuck!

So I ran to the store today after work and tried on a few bras. I know they are still settling but I've seen so many people posting after pics in bras that look good. This is a 34c because the store I was at didn't carry 32D. You can see I still have shelf boob on the left but the right one isn't as bad. I still look porn star-ish IMO because they are protruding at the top so much. I'm just gonna tell myself it takes time and they will look normal in a few months lol.

Review of new bandeau I got and how they have helped d&f

I've attached pics of how I transform this bandeau into something that pushes the implants down.

I bought a black and a nude bandeau from Leonisa.com. They were $15 each and free shipping.
Things I don't like:
1) the width (they are 4" wide) because worn in full 4" mode, they don't work as a catalyst for proper d&f.
2) the size options...m or xl. I am petite and would be a small.
3) the amount of moleskin that is on the band that the Velcro sticks to. I like mine tight and I couldn't make this as tight as I would normally wear the white one from the PS office.
What I like:
1) colors other than white!!!!
2) the softness...its silky!
3) it doesn't look like gauze! The one from the PS office was looking worn out from the Velcro.

Trick to make it help with d&f
1) put it on as tight as you like it normally, but around your waist.
2) turn it inside out (the Velcro will be facing away from you and you will have a tail hanging at the loose end)
3) fold it in half all the way around...this will hide the hanging tail because it will be folded with it. This also makes it a bit tighter
4) keep it low in back and pull the front around your boobs and put ABOVE the implant and as high to your collar bone as possible.

By placing it this high, you are pushing the breast down and into the pocket created. When you wear it too low you are actually forcing the implant to be flat at the top and not drop down fully.

Hope this helps. ????

4 week follow up

Before I write about my follow up appointment, I think it's only fair to address an update to a post I made a week ago where I had a bra on. Since then, I started wearing the bandeau differently (as described in the previous post) and that one week of wearing it differently has made a world of change! I don't have shelf boob anymore and they look good in a bra now. I ordered 3 32D bras from Macy's and tried them on this past weekend. They fit amazingly and look so good! I now feel like I have the boobs I paid for!
So I just left my four week follow up and Dr. Edds says I look amazing. His word, and I quote only because I am still cracking up was, "those are blue ribbon boobs!" He took a look at the firmness and also assessed the scars which are healing wonderfully. He said I'm still a little higher on the left than the right but I have great nipple symmetry and loves the progress I've made in the past four weeks. I am no longer required to wear the bandeau during the day and am to let gravity do its thing but I can wear it at night to keep them pushed down if I want. Also he told me to go braless when I'm at home and this will help them d&f but no underwire yet. I have had a bit of chest acne but I think it's because I massage them so much and don't wash my hands every time before doing so. I asked him about that odd pain in my underarms and he said it's just muscle spasms and they will go away. Also, I opted to pay the additional $200 to get the "premium" warranty from Mentor which covers implant and surgical costs related to bakers 3 or 4 capsular contracture for 10 years. They automatically come with a 3 year cc warranty but I figure $200 to cover an additional 7 years was worth it. Lastly, he told me that he definitely wants to use my b&a pics on his website. I love that he is so pleased with the results that he wants to publicly display them! I know doctors try to put their best work on their websites so the fact that he wants to use mine is a very high compliment! I have another follow up in six weeks and I think that's when the after pics will be taken. I guess this Halloween has given me a "treat" and not a trick, lol.
Pic attached was taken yesterday. I will post pics of my new bras later tonight or tomorrow.

Bras...I finally think they look good on me!

Here are a few bras I bought from Macy's. They are 32D, which is a drastic change from the 32A I came from. I really like them and think they fit well. I have a slight bit of top bulge still but I have more d&f to do so I'm sure it will go away. Since my dr told me to wear a bra as little as possible now, I have been wearing tighter cami's under my shirts. The one I had on today had the "built in" bra or whatever. I'm spilling out of it which is cracking me up since I never had that problem before.

4 week collage

Seeing the progress with each passing week

Bralettes and progress

I just got my new bralettes I ordered from kohls in the mail today. I ordered small because of my ribcage, but the cups feel a bit small. I'm still going to keep them because I know things will continue to change. My right boob has lost all of its upper pole fullness and is perfectly straight lined down to my nipple. The left still has some upper pole fullness which you can see in the pics. I guess when they say black is slimming, they didn't lie, because to me, the black bralette makes them look small from straight on, but I know they aren't. All in all, I'm 100000000% satisfied with my boobs and would recommend it in a heartbeat!

6 week update

Things are progressing nicely. Still a little more d&f to do, but overall, I'm still completely satisfied with my results. I still think they look a bit smaller in clothes than I wanted but when I get undressed and look at them, I always think to myself "you have huge boobs!" So it is what it is. I unfortunately can not stay off the app Wish. I keep finding the cutest lingerie for a couple dollars. Like literally $1-3!! I ordered about 15 items from them already and have already received a few. I'm obsessed with my new boobs and love to dress them up, even if it's just for myself (my boyfriend and I broke up the other day so literally dressing up for myself). And my nipples got hard again for the first time since surgery over the weekend. It was odd because i used to be able to feel when they got hard but I just happened to be looking at them as I was drying them off after my shower and lo and behold, they were hard! I totally did the happy dance, haha. Anyhow I just wanted to give a quick update. Hope everyone is healing well and enjoying their journey!
Owensboro Facial Plastic Surgeon

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