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I am a 24 mother of 2, and finished having...

I am a 24 mother of 2, and finished having children. I know I seem young, but havent enjoyed myself since gaining weight and find myself avoiding pictures with my young children and hating the way that I look, especially since all of my young friends still have pre baby figures!!!!! I have thought about this surgery for almost a year now. When i checked in to have my son, age 1 1/2, i weighed 220lbs at 5'4....so hard to believe. I have since then worked out and began watching what I eat...now at 165lbs, I have been approved for the surgery and am so EXCITED (nervous). I am most nervous about now being able to care for my 3 year and 1 1/2 year old. I have so much help from my husband and mother and in-laws, but since my mother and mother in-law think its pretty silly about me having this surgery, I am worried that I will push it to recover to prove to them that I can do it. I know I deserve this and pray that they will be gracious. I have had 2 previous c-sections, and had so much help, but I seem to catch a lot of slack for doing something so materialistic....Thank you for everyone posting, I am addicted to reading about others experiences and cannot wait to share my own. What a wonderful community for people with like desires. Prayers welcome!!!! :)

Today the reality is setting in!!!!!!

In one week...i am goimg to be so sore, tired and cut up, but that is the price i am willing to pay for my sexy new self! Getting prepared is so exciting...i just want it to be here already!!! I found these shorts that i wore before my pregnancys and hope to be back into them without the excess bulge!

1 day post op! i feel amazing!

Yesterday (day of surgery) i woke up super anxious and nervous, but after praying all morning and thinking about how sexy im going to afterwards, i made it! When i arrived at the surgery center, i was greeted and checked in by the nicest people! My nurse took my measurements and weight, got me dressed and began my iv! I couldnt even express how nice and helpful everyone was! I had such a wonderrful experience! They then rolled me back to the operating room and began to strap me in a give me my sleepy m


Sleepy meds. After surgery, i was taken to recovery and rested for a couple hours! I dont remember anything while recovery except the nurses kept asking me to wake up and i was shivering from the anesthesia! The ride home was fabulous because i dont remember any of it!!! I really dont even remember getting home or walking inside! My mother and father in law walked me to my throne (the lazy boy) and the only thing i remember of the next few hours is when my father in law flipped the recliner out and i went a lot faster then he thought and it was definitely painful! I continued to rest for the next several hours without a memory of any of it!

By 7pm i woke up with my mom at my side and she waited on me hand a foot. I instantly had to go potty, and i dreaded getting up, but after walking like an old woman while leaning on my moms back, it was not so bad. I slept all through the night with minimal pain and woke up this morning sore, but over all i feel 1000x better than i even imagined! Ive had 2 c-sections but the pain from those surgerys were WAY worse than this!!! I went into this expecting it to be just as painful as a c-section but it wasnt even close! I feel really good, obviously sore and stiff but my pain is well managed i really dont hurt except where the drain tubes enter! I would do this all over again, but am most excited to see my new tummy! I will be able to take my garmet off tomorrow and cannot wait!

5 days Post OP and Drains removed!!!!! Pictures!

I went to the doctor today to have him examine his work and decide if my drains should come out or not....THANK GOD HE TOOK THEM OUT!!!!! I honestly have had little to no pain with any sutures or incisions, but the drains hurt like nothing else i had felt before. It was a weird sensation, but the removal process didnt hurt at all, once the drains were out I immediately felt no more pain. I am now only dealing with the pain from bruising from the lipo! This entire process has been so wonderful and i really do feel like a million bucks. Obviously still swollen, i cannot see total results, but am SOOOO pleased with what i have so far. I LOVED my doctor and his nurses and surgery center and would completely recommend this procedure to anyone considering it. Dr Hall was so professional and even called me the night of surgery to check on me. I cannot wait to see full results, and would definitely return to him if i ever wanted more work!

Loving my results already

Im still sore and bed bound but already feel better as a wife, mom and friend! God made us all beautiful, but Dr. Hall really made me comfortable in my own skin!!!!

2 weeks!!!!!!!

I am LOVING my results more and more everyday! It's so weird to look down and see a flat stomach. Not only do I love my looks, I love the way I feel! I really do feel more confident. The only thing that makes me feel weary is the curves where my incision is. It looks like an S curve and that I have 2 hip bones on each side! Does that go away??? Thanks for following my story, I would recommend this procedure 100%. If anyone has questions, please feel free to ask!

Feeling Sluggish, Sore and Ready to be Done with all of this!!!!!!

Ok so today marks 3 weeks and I have been MISERABLE the last few days! I honestly have done SO well for the first few weeks, but last weekend I was up a lot more helping out with a birthday party (not lifting heavy objects, but just walking a lot and doing things) and by Monday.....I was sick. I was using a lot of hydrocodone prior to Monday and was off of it by Tuesday, and began to get chills, nausea, headaches and just overall sick. So I dont know if i was sick from doing to much, or getting off of narcotics or just sick, so for 5 days now, I have had terrible insomnia, lots of uncomfortable feelings, sore and itchy and just miserable! Any advice? I have loved my new body and self, but being so uncomfortable this week has really sparked me some regrets!!!! After 2 c-sections, i thought I would be up and about in no time, this is a difficult recovery and even harder that my babies are only 2 and 1! I am missing the heck out of them since they have been with my mom and only come home every 2 days or so. I feel like they are going to forget who mommy and daddy are! How long should i be taking medicine? How long until i can sleep normally? When should the pain begin subsiding??????
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

I have really enjoyed Dr. Hall, he has answered all of my questions and addressed all of my concerns...his nurses also seem great. I cannot wait to meet the new me.

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