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I am a single mother of two young children; my son...

I am a single mother of two young children; my son is 3 and my daughter is 22 months. I had just re-started Weight Watchers when I learned I was pregnant with my first child. I went from about 180lbs to 250. I got down to 200lb before I had my daughter. I was MUCH more careful and gained about 30lb with her. I currently weight about 210lbs, and I'm 5'10". I am concerned that I am not at my "ideal weight", but I am ready to shed this fat costume. I want to have a belly button!

Even at my smallest back in high school, I still had fat deposits on my tummy. Now,I look very pregnant, I have overhanging skin, and many stretch marks. I am in no way concerned about having a scar (in fact, I already have a scar from ovarian cyct removal that isn't even noticeable), but I am hoping it will be low and straight. My PS plans to cut below my current scar which is down in the hair region-that should be low enough! I often have back pain which I attribute to the big belly, but it could also be from slouching or other maneuvers I do to try to hide my stomach.

Less than 48 hours! Oh my! This is all becoming...

Less than 48 hours! Oh my! This is all becoming REAL! I talked to the pre-op nurse at the surgery center today. My surgery is scheduled for 8:00 A.M. Friday, and they want me there at 7:00 A.M. Since I am out of town, I will be leaving home around 5:30 A.M.

She reminded me not to eat/dring ANYTHING (not even water, gum, or mints) after midnight, which might be tough since I work until 2:00 A.M. I am to dress in loose, dark clothing. I asked about a bra-she said most people wear their bra in but just do without after surgery. She said a regular bra would def be easier than a sports bra. My PS has the operating room booked for three hours, and the nurse estimates about two hours in recovery. I was kind of excited to hear my PS often starts surgery ahead of schedule :)

So, about my feelings...I am mostly EXCITED!!!! I am also disappointed that I did not take this time between my consult in January and now to lose weight as I had planned. I have always thought this procedue would fix my stomach, but I fear I have a lot of internal fat, too, and maybe my results won't be what I'd hoped. Another negative thought-should I have done the BA and lift for the complete "mommy makeover"? I had a consult for that procedure, too, but I had many hesitations (scarring, sensation, lifetime of surgeries, possible interference w/mamograms, etc.). Although the procedure was REALLY expensive, I would be saving money and vacation time had I done it all at once.

I will be running around tomorrow doing last minute errands. I will be moving in with my mom for who knows how long, so I am trying to make sure I gather everything up. My kids will be at her house, as well, so we had a brilliant idea to move the recliner from my house to a bedroom at her house. That way I have a recliner in the living room and a bedroom-oh the choices for comfort :) Do you think a recliner is where I'll be most comfortable? A bed with lots of pillows does not sound appealing to me.

I'm only hours away from surgery! I don't plan on...

I'm only hours away from surgery! I don't plan on getting much sleep tonight. It is surreal that tomorrow I will have a new body. This has been something I've wanted for a VERY long time, so why am I so nervous? Am I sad to loose that blubber? Surely not. I am praying everything goes smoothly, and I'm trying to keep my mind occupied with other things. I appreciate the comments-it is great to know there are others that know what I'm experiencing!

It's about 2:40 am the night after surgery. I...

It's about 2:40 am the night after surgery. I could not stay awake more than 5min at a time today. Just went to the bathroom for the 2nd time by myself. I def see wht people are annoyed by the drains. I also have a pain pump which adds an extra cord. I am pretty comfortable in the recliner. My back hurts the worst-is it from swelling? Or bc the pain pump is only on front?

I haven't been too interested in seeing my tummy today. My binder will stay on til wed 5/23 when I go for ckup. I can see that my scar is low!!! And they removed over 4lbs of skin/fat. I'll try to figure exact # tomorrow.

Day 1 PO. I forgot to say last night that I would...

Day 1 PO. I forgot to say last night that I would get dizzy, sweaty, and nauseous every time I got up. That has gotten better. I slept pretty good last night. I wake up to take my pain meds. Don't want to wait until pain sets in. I have way more meds than I expected-pain, muscle relaxer, antibiotic, and anti-inflamitory. Also have a daily injection because my bmi is 30. The injection wasn't as bad as expected but a reminder if how I should've lost more weight.

The pain is tolerable. I had heard that back pain could be expected, but I expected sore muscle pain. This pain is more like bruising & lipo

Eveningn of Day 1 PO. Pain is still tolerable. I...

Eveningn of Day 1 PO. Pain is still tolerable. I had my mom in charge of giving me my meds and keeping track of times yesterday. Yesterday was such a blur, there's no way I could've kept up with all of that. I'm on way more meds than I had expected-Celebrex, an anti-inflamitory, Diazepam, muscle relaxer, Cephalexin, antibiotic, Hydrocodone, pain reliever, Enoxaparin, injectable blood thinner because my BMI is 30, and Benadryl, because I have itching with pain meds. I was also prescriber Prochlorperazine, a suppository for nausea/vomiting, but I don't plan to take that. I'm not sure I did the injection right, so I may call the doc tomorrow. It was so weird giving myself the injection. I weighed 209 the day of surgery, and 205 or below would have put me in a "safer" BMI range. How embarassing that I couldn't knock off a few pounds! Doc made me feel like I'd be okay w/ or w/o blood thinner, but I decided to err on the side of caution.
I was VERY impressed with the people at the surgery center. This poor lady trying to check in had to reschedule her surgery because she'd had a mint that morning! Luckily, I remembered NO food or drink after midnight, even though I wanted to snack through my late night of work. I was in surgery three hours, and they said I woke up quickly. I was in recovery two hours. I remember trying so hard to wake up so we could leave, but the nurse kept assuring me it was okay to nap. I almost got sick after standing to get dressed. Was/am not able to wear panties due to the location of the drains. I easily plopped in the car. We forgot to bring a pillow, but my mom had some towels in the car. I laid my head against them and the window and slept for the hour ride home. Yesterday was a day full of sleeping. Ate some Cheez-Its and granola bars. I feel like my sense of taste is heightened-kind of weird. Trying to drink lost of water. When I get up to pee, I try to take a lap around the house. I have peeked at my belly button. It's a nasty mess of dried up blood, but it's surrounded by less fat! I don't necessarily feel any smaller. I know it's strange, but I'm confident that I will look good when the swelling goes down, that I'm not all that nosey. I didn't die, and my scar is low. Those were my top two concerns, so I'm content :)
For the most part, I am taking care of myself. I haven't had much drainage today. I don't know if that's good or not! I will go back to the doctor Wed, which will be 5 days PO. I believe I will have my drains and pain pump removed at that appointment. This binder is itchy. I've learned that the "pain pump" is Lidocaine, so isn't it more of a "numbing pump"? Okay, I've rambled enough for now.

3 days PO. Not much to report. My pain pump is...

3 days PO. Not much to report. My pain pump is empty (was to last about 3 days), & I haven't had a pain med or muscle relaxer since yesterday. I feel pretty numb & like my hips/butt are swollen, but not much pain per se. Today my mom went back to work & the kids went to daycare. I've done fine here alone. Biggest "excitement" from today was my BM. I've been taking stool softener but I'm not sure it did any good! Hopefully I didn't pop a stitch...It was quite a traumatic experience!
I don't have any new pictures. I'm to keep the binder on until my appt Wednesday, so the pictures would all look about the same. Excited to get drains out-they're kind of sore. I'll be able to shower on Thursday! I washed my hair in the sink yesterday which was refreshing.

4 days PO. Will drive to KC tomorrow to have first...

4 days PO. Will drive to KC tomorrow to have first follow up w/PS. I'm nervous about the pain involved but excited to hopefully be drain-free. I can take a shower the next day!!! I took 2 pain pills today. I mostly feel discomfort from the drains & lipo, and then there's a lot of itching. I may ask PS tomorrow about just taking regular Tylenol. Excited to see what's beneath the binder tomorrow!!!

5 days PO. Drove to KC but did NOT get drains out...

5 days PO. Drove to KC but did NOT get drains out :( Will go back Fri for that & b button stich removal. I did get my "purse" (pain pump) removed. The office was very busy but luckily they got me in a room quickly. They were probably afraid my drains would scare away potential clients! Feeling great today. Been awake all but 1hr

9 days PO. Feel much better. It's so nice being...

9 days PO. Feel much better. It's so nice being drain-free and able to shower. I've only had Tylenol today, so I took a trip to Walmart. It was exhausting but felt good to be I dependent! Ready to be back in my bed, sleeping on my side. I should be ready for work in 3 more days as planned.

2 WEEKS PO: I'm on my third day back to work. I'm...

2 WEEKS PO: I'm on my third day back to work. I'm doing pretty good. I definately feel some pain and am hunched over severly by the end of the day. I stand up nice and straight and feel good in the mornings. I have been sleeping in my bed, on my back, with one pillow under my knees. I never knew I could fall asleep on my back! I will go see my PS Monday for a check up. I have a few stitches in my belly that still need to be removed. I think they may be infected, but I can't tell for sure. Everything else is great. I can't seem to get all the marker washed off my body from where he marked places for lipo. I'm sure it will wear off w/time.

4 1/2 weeks PO- Everything is going great! At my...

4 1/2 weeks PO- Everything is going great! At my last appointment I asked the PS how much was removed...My large piece was 5.6lbs, and he suctioned 2.5 off the sides (some of which was fluid). Although I didn't do this as a way to lose weight, I'm happily down about 10lbs. I get swollen by the end of the day, so I like to wear the binder at night. I can sleep in my normal position, which is on my side with one leg hiked up, sort of twisted around. I go back to the PS in a few days, and hopefully he'll clear me for swimming and bathing!

I am 10 weeks post-op today! I have had a few...

I am 10 weeks post-op today! I have had a few people message me about my PS, Dr. Hall. Feel free to ask me any questions--I highly recommend him!

I worked out today for only the third time since surgery. I attempted to exercise at about 6 weeks out and again at 8. I LOVE Jazzercise, but even with doing the low-impact moves (no jumping), I was still uncomfortable working out. Nothing really hurt, it was more a fear of injury followed by discomfort and swelling the next day. Today, I was able to do the high impact workout with no issues (we'll see if I'm swollen/sore tomorrow).

I am able to stand up straight and finally suck in my tummy. There are times I feel tightness, but I really have no pain. I am still careful in some ways, like I don't want to do a ton of lifting and I really hate when my kids elbow me in my hips (lipo area).

Getting dressed is no longer a nightmare. I enjoy shopping again and don't have the daunting task of finding clothes that hide my tummy. It's amazing how much longer tops are now w/o all the excess skin. I can even wear white tops without a cami underneath! Yay!!!
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