34 Year Old with Three Kids All Cesarean - Overland Park, KS

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On 2/16/17 I will being have the procedure...

On 2/16/17 I will being have the procedure SmartLipo on my upper and lower abs and my love handles. Dr. Chambon will perform the procedure. The staff was very nice and put me at ease. I am a little anxious about the numbing part of the procedure. I have heard that it is a bit painful. I am also very concerned with the bruising. Hopefully I will recover quickly.

When I went in the office for my consultation the staff was very nice. I met with Dr. Chambon and he explained the procedure and exam me. He showed me the before and after pictures of african-american women so that I would know what the results looked like with someone of my race.

I scheduled the procedure and came in for a pre-op appointment. Jennie explained the prep and procedure with me and put me to ease at first...then she said the next day after the surgery I would feel like I had been hit by a MAC truck. She also said that it is a little more painful and tough to perform the procedure if you have a lot of scar tissue. That sent up a red flag in my mind because I have had three cesareans. I left the office concerned that maybe I had the wrong decision and I might need to go through the traditional Lipo route. This procedure may be a little to painful.

I read reviews and watch videos but no one could tell me anything to ease my mind. On the ride home the next day I was listening to XM radio and the doctor show came on with the focus of plastic surgery. I was able to call in and tell them my concerns. One doctor had done countless smart lipo procedures and reassured me that if I had a gentle physician that I would be ok. He also told me that it was best for me to do Smart Lipo vs traditional because if there is something wrong going on in my abdomen then I can tell them instead of finding out after I have woken up from the procedure.

In my pre-op I was told to take Arnicare a week out from surgery. This is a homeopathic medication that is supposed to decrease bruising and swelling after the procedure. Jennie told me that she can definitely tell who has taken the medication by the amount of bruising during the procedure. The medication made me light headed the first day but I feel better now with my second day dosage.

Excited and nervous about the procedure. I will post pictures and status after the procedure.

Today was the day

I had my procedure done today and it went well. I was extremely nervous but it was not that bad. The shot to numb you for the ports was probably the most painful. I am vey sore and the compression Garmets are so tight it's hard to breathe. The procedure is not painful but if you have a low pain tolerance I would not suggest this procedure. There is some tugging and pressure but no real pain. Its uncomfortable when they go over the same the same spot. Overall it's not bad at all.

Almost 3 weeks post

So tomorrow I will be 3 weeks post surgery and I am very happy with the results. I still have a little swelling in my lower abdomen but I feel great. The stiffness is almost gone. I feel like myself again.
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