Smart Lipo 2 1/2 Areas: Love Handles, Lower Abs and Partial Upper Abs - Overland Park, KS

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I had a kid 6 years ago and gained 100 pounds...

I had a kid 6 years ago and gained 100 pounds during my pregnancy. I went from 130 to 233 and I am now 165 it has taken me a while to maintain this body weight so I'm moving forward. My body is so different and I just want a little piece of it back. I have scheduled my treatment the day before mothers day :) present to self.

I am having my love handles, lower abs, and partial upper abs done. The doctor follows up with zerona treatments and he's the only person in the area that does so that was the biggest reason I decided on this place. I like that it is non invasive but I'm nervous about being awake but happy I don't have to pay to have someone knock me out. This just seems like the most cost effective thing to do so I hope I have good results. I will post before and after pictures soon

On my way to get er done another update by...

On my way to get er done another update by tomorrow. I'm supposed to be there at 7:30 am and they have me scheduled until 2

Okay so the place I've gone too is pretty awesome....

Okay so the place I've gone too is pretty awesome. Dr. Chambon is the person who did the procedure, his wife which is a nurse assisted, and his daughter who is a nurse also assisted. Given that they were a family I think it made me feel way more comfortable. The dr would get done with one area and he would tell his daughter go get your mom and she would come in there and tell him if she thought it looked good. Sometimes she would tell him to do some more in certain areas. It was nice to have a second pair of eyes who wasn't afraid to tell the dr what she thought. It was very cool. After the procedure his wife gave me her cell number and told me if I needed anything to call her. The first night was the WORST. After the procedure I was still feeling pretty good so I told my sister to stop at Subway and I got a veggie delight and brought it home and ate it. I went to sleep after my sister left. When I woke up I felt sick and ended up throwing up. I didn't know if that was normal so I called Jenny (the doctor’s wife) and she let me speak with the dr he told me that was normal as long as it was only once and it was. He told me not to eat anything to just drink water. I also thought I had a lot of drainage but he said and I agreed he had to use extra numbing on me I soaked like 3 pads but only drained that first night. THANK GOODNESS I have one of those mattress pads that doesn't allow liquid to get on the bed and most the blood did come out of the mattress pad. It was nice being able to call the doctor or his wife when I was nervous. okay so the 2nd day was mother’s day. I got up and took a shower but many times I had to sit down in the bathtub as I was getting the bandages off because I would get a little light headed. After I got out my mom help me put my garment back on after I put band aids on all my incisions with antibiotic ointment. After that I did go out to eat with my son and mom. The third day I went to my son's field day which would require a little walking but for the most part I sat down and took pictures. That night I took my garment off and there was so much tape that I couldn't get off from the day before it was awful. I just had to rub the tape off. Then I went and took a shower. On the 4th day I slept and relaxed most of the day and went grocery shopping but took it pretty easy. Today is the 5th day. I had cellulite really bad in my tummy from it stretching a million miles when I was pregnant and I can tell all of that is gone it is a little poochy but is smooth which is what I wanted. The biggest difference I can tell right now is my love handles, they look really good. I go in in 2 days for a follow up. So far so good. The biggest thing that has bothered me is this dang garment I have to ware which as of yesterday I can get on by myself now. Will give some photo's soon.

It has been 13 days since surgery. I should get my...

It has been 13 days since surgery. I should get my before pictures from the doctor emailed to me by next week so I can post them since they are better. I have lost 2 inches around my waist. The love handles are awesome. I would like my belly to look a little better but overall I am really happy.

It has been 15 days so I have stopped waring my...

It has been 15 days so I have stopped waring my garment at night. While I have it on I don't really notice how tender and lumpy I am. Doctor says the lumpy helps with tightening. I have done 2 zerona treatments. I guess I was supposed to be doing 3 a week and one of the people scheduled me for once a week I think there was a miscommunication about the days I work but they gave me extra treatments for the inconvience and I am scheduled for 3 a week this week and next. I'm excited that I am dropping pant sizes. One of my sides feels like it has more of a curve than the other but I could be overanalyzing.. I regardless am very happy and will continue with results!

I went to wof an amusement park yesterday.. not...

I went to wof an amusement park yesterday.. not the best idea or at least I should have stayed away from some of the rollercoasters today I am very swollen. Staff said to drink plenty of water so I'm taking it easy today and drinking lots of water.

I've been meaning to update this.. I am a size...

I've been meaning to update this.. I am a size 8!!! I can't believe it. .this is the smallest I've been since I got pregnant over 6 years ago... sure my body isn't perfect or even close to the way it was but I feel good about it and it's been a long time since I could say that.. I was a size 12 before surgery.. I have lost a little over 5 lbs I had lost 40 before the surgery.. I'm still tender in areas but my doctor lets me continue with the zerona treatments and they're real good at seeing me through my progress..

Okay so I have the pictures from the doctor that I...

Okay so I have the pictures from the doctor that I am uploading

13 months later

Still the best choice I ever made. It doesn't look as tight as when I first did it but for the first time in 7 years I've kept the weight off for a year. I love what I did for myself :)
Overland Park Family Physician

My explanations is really in my update. I went through Pioneer medical loans it was quick and easy the doctors office took care of everything. Doctors wife gave me cell number for after the procedure in case I had any questions which was very comforting and I ended up calling once. I went in in the morning and they were ready and waiting for me. It is a family business which has great extra staff.

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