35 years old, mom of 4 trying to put things back where they go.

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After having two children in my twenties and then...

After having two children in my twenties and then two more in my thirties there isn't enough exercise or time to get my body back even close to what it once was. I came close when my husband and I got married. Our sons were 5 and 11. Fast forward a year and a half later...pregnant with daughter number 1.She did a number on my body. I had never weighed so much in my life. I lost all but 10-15 pounds of the baby weight and BAM! pregnant with daughter number two. She is now 8 months old and my body is still super fluffy and not going back no matter what diet or exercise I do. I am happy with my weight, but my fluffy midsection HAS to go. I went to three consultations. The first was great. Bedside manner was okay and he seemed very skilled. My husband wanted me to see a couple more for comparison. Second consultation seemed rushed and wanted get me in and out of the consultation and the surgery as fast as he could. Surgeon number three was AMAZING! He seems to be just as skilled as the first, has great bedside manner, and his prices were just slightly lower than the first surgeon due to lower anesthesia and facility fees. After spending this much money $1000 doesn't really make a huge difference. Now I am 4 weeks away from my surgery date and to say that I am nervous as hell would be a gross understatement.

The dreaded "before" pictures

I really contemplated on posting photos, but I couldn't find someone who has had the procedure done whose body resembled mine closely, so I figured why not, maybe it will help someone else. I am 5'2" and weigh about 155. This is the heaviest I have ever been in my life without being pregnant. I am hoping to drop 10 pounds or so before my surgery, but we will see. I haven't been successful at losing weight since the last baby. The weight doesn't bother me near as much as my protruding tummy and lack of ta-tas. I haven't been this flat-chested since middle school, but breastfeeding the last two babies sucked out any meat I had left. Now my tummy sticks out further than my breasts, and....well....we can't be having that.

All Paid Up!

I had a little bit of a panic the other day when I wrote the check to pay for the surgery. I am excited about the results, but I am dreading recovery. For a moment I doubted my decision and had an "Oh crap" feeling. It was just a couple of seconds and then I remembered how resilient I am and it went away. Three weeks and counting! EEEEK!

The Night Before

So, here I am 11 hours before surgery, completely sh#tting myself...figuratively of course. :) So many things going through my head. I consider myself a pretty tough girl, but will I be able to handle the pain? If I can handle the pain fine, can my family handle the burden? Having two small children to tend to will leave me leaning on my husband and older kids a lot. And of course, there is the "what if I am the small percentage that has a freak complication and I die in the OR?" I think the only thing that I am NOT concerned about at this point is my surgeon's ability. I know I chose wisely. Ah! The nerves! I don't think I will sleep at all tonight!


I had my surgery yesterday. I'd have to say that the pain was built up in my much worse than it actually is. I am defiantly uncomfortable, but with the meds, nothing terrible! I am tight all over and can't stand for long. I cousins say if it is worth it or not as I am still all wrapped up and haven't seen anything yet.

Happy healing everyone!

Still no terrible pain to speak of.

Someday when I am not lazy I will update pictures. Maybe tomorrow. I seem to have more and more energy every day. Small tasks do drain me, but at least I am up to small tasks. The pain is more annoying than anything else, but I don't dare miss a dose of meds. ;) Dr. Young told me what to expect with recovery and even took the time to check in on me the day after to make sure I didn't have any questions and I was healing at home well.

10 days post op pics

Please excuse the angles. It is really difficult to do selfies hunched over and stuff. The first week is really a blur because the husband was really good about having me keep up on the pain meds.
I do remember that my breast really only hurt for a couple of days and just like I had over-worked my chest muscles....and the pressure was there but not overbearing at all.
The tummy tuck hurt like hell on the other hand. The incisions from excising the "mom flap" are nothing compared to the pull in you and from being fixed in my opinion.
I am ecstatic that my surgeon was able to have such a low, straight incision. One of my fears was not having it low enough or straight and he succeeded in both areas!

Have hit the discouraging time.

So I am about 5 weeks out of surgery. I still cannot wear my "before" clothes. If it isn't stretchy, it isn't fitting. I am discouraged that I just spent more than half our savings so I could feel better about how I look, but I don't really. I absolutely love my new breasts and I think I look OK when I'm not swollen, which is rare. I am sick of being tired and sore all of the time and it feels like it was all for naught. Getting breast implants was not very painful and I had a fantastic result. I don't doubt that decision for a second. My doubts are on my tummy tuck. While I am the most realistic person ever, I thought it would look better. My stretch marks that were above my belly button are now below. I knew that would be the case, but I thought it would at least be tight. So far it isn't. I keep being told that it is swelling however, on good days when I am not swollen my tummy still isn't tight and flat. I pray that things flatten out on their own or if not the doc fixes it on his dime. I would have to say...if I have to get a revision I don't know that the tummy tuck was worth it. Time will tell.....it is still early. Sigh....here's to hoping.

And the photos that catapult the discouraging.

Already did my update, but I wanted to add the photos. I am not always this swollen, but all week long I have been. I try to keep in mind that I am getting ready to start my period and that is likely contributing to the bloat, but I still hate looking at myself in the mirror and feel unchanged in the appearance of my abdomen. I honestly could care less about the stretch marks. I just want to have a flat stomach. I want to look good with clothes on and I feel like I just haven't accomplished that yet.

6 week check-up

It really is amazing what just a couple of days do to your recovery. My greatest advice is to be prepared for a roller coaster. Not everyone comes out of surgery completely happy with the results from the get go. While I am currently not satisfied as an "end result" I need to keep reminding myself that I still have so much recovering to do and to be patient. If the areas I feel need addressed now still need addressed at my 6 month check-up, then we talk revision.
I am still super satisfied with my choice in surgeon. He and his staff really are amazing. I know I probably ask the same tired questions everyone else does and I tend to get frantic when I am really sore and swollen thinking it's unusual. They never respond my questions with anything less than warmth.
So... Happy healing ladies. Today it is feeling pretty damn worth it.
Overland Park Plastic Surgeon

I had went to see a total of three surgeons upon my husband's request. I thought I would be going to the first one, as I know someone who had used them. Dr. Young was my final consultation and I couldn't be thankful enough to have found him. His staff has been amazing and super helpful. Dr. Young was warm and welcoming. The awkward body assessment was much less awkward and he talked to me as long as I wanted and did not rush me out the door as fast as he could, which is what I ran into with a previous consultation. I feel confident Dr. Young will have me looking great in no time!

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