34 Yrs Old, Mom of 2 Plus a Step, Nursed for 4.5 Yrs, Doing Something for Myself Finally

I've finally stopped nursing my youngest and have...

I've finally stopped nursing my youngest and have decided it's time to get things back to where they used to be. Actually better. I've always been a little thick around the tummy and flanks. Years ago I was a size 2 and pants fit every where but the tummy. Pretty straight body with broad shoulders. Smaller boobs (small B) from years of competitive gymnastics. Then I had two 10 pound babies and nursed a long time. Now it's time to have a more woman-like figure.

First consult was a very reputable surgeon but he said he didn't want to do the TT with the implants and flank lipo. It would every difficult for me with my job to be off twice. And I just don't want to. I found Dr. Young by happen stance and felt very comfortable with him during the consult. I'm planning to get a full tummy tuck with lipo to the flanks and implants. My goal is to fit my body well in a natural or slightly larger than natural look. He's suggested 350-400cc which he says will put me at a large C/small D depending on brands. I can't even grasp what boobs and a waistline will look like on me.

No going back now.

Deposit is paid and I played around with the implants. I thought I'd better decide what size and now I'm probably more confused. I thought I wanted very natural and I do but part of me tends to think natural plus a little bit more. Anyway, his staff was great and let me stop by and answered a bunch of questions. I've ended up thinking anywhere from 365cc to 415cc and leave it in his discretion. I also pretty much only wear loose shirts now and with larger boobs I'm probably going to look big in those. Guess I'm going to have to get some new shirts too :)

Now I'm trying to get prepared and buy stuff I might need. Got a couple large sports bras which felt odd since I have very little breast tissue right now. Kind of crazy to think how different I will look.

His nurse also showed me where the TT scar will be and I feel ok about that. The next 5 weeks are going to drag.

It's almost here

Tomorrow night is the last night I go to bed with the body God gave me untouched. Part of me feels vein for not accepting it the way it is. But the other part of me says it's not something to feel guilty about.

I'm nervous about the ups and downs of the healing process. I'm nervous the months of swelling will make me look worse during that time. I'm nervous of how I will be able to interact with my kids during that time. I'm nervous that my husband will be mean about my choice to do this. In general he's not that nice and I'm sure he will have something bad to say about the feel of the implant or the appearance of the scar. I don't really care what he thinks but if I'm struggling with the healing process I don't want to deal with that too.

I just keep telling myself this isn't that big of a deal. I can do this. And, I can.

Made it!

I made it. Dr. Young was amazing before surgery. It hurts but is bearable. Will add more tomorrow.


It's 4:00 am on my first morning after and it definitely stings. But it's bearable. I've only been taking one of my meds at a dose than two. I wish I stayed awake more than 30 min-1 hour at med time. But it's the first day.

He ended up doing 450 cc which was on the high end of what I was consider. But peeking down my bra they don't look huge. I shower tomorrow so I will see more.

I think he was going to use glue instead of steri strips because during pre OP I was turning pink anywhere they put tape for my IV. I also reacted where the tame was on my eyes for anesthesia.

Overall it's not easy but bearable. My husband has been helpful which is really nice. I've not really had an appetite but I've had a handful of saltines with my meds and a small bowl of egg drop soup. I haven't felt nauseous yet.

PO day 2

Off rx pain meds all day and feeling ok. Just feel pretty tired after doing much. LOVE the location of my incision and cannot wait to see it heal. I hadn't really planned to go as high as 450 but that's what he used and I definitely wouldn't have gone any smaller. I can't wait to see what they look like in a real bra.

Pain really only comes when I move much and then it's more discomfort. I only had one drain (said I was small enough not to need two). It's not too difficult to keep up with.

I can't get over how easy going Dr. young was in the pre OP meeting and very calmly showed me as he was marking. Anyway, so far so good. Back is tender from lipo.

First day out

I got tired and didn't make it long but I got out of the house. It was tiring. I'm. It in much pain until I try to talk around. Standing up is a struggle.

Also tried a bralette on I'd gotten from Vic's to see how big there were. In my surgical bra they didn't seem big. I love them. Ow. In the bra they looked much bigger. My stomach doesn't seem flat. The muscles seemed smooshed together in the middle but I'm sit it will look better with time.

First Post Op Visit 6DPO

It went great! He took out my only drain and stitches from the lipo. Said I'm doing great and can wear other compression garments and sports bras as long as though there is no wire. They gave me massages to do every day. I go back I five weeks.
Overland Park Plastic Surgeon

So far they have been good. Only a consult and he was pretty easy to feel comfortable with. His office staff seems nice. Feels a little odd there is no pre-op appt but I'm sure it's not necessary. Might just ease my anxiety about the process some. I'm still about 5 weeks away so I'm sure I will hear from them soon enough.

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