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I had the Lifestyle lift + Chin implant + Laser. ...

I had the Lifestyle lift + Chin implant + Laser. I did a lot of research to determine what I wanted to have done and read many reviews here about the procedures and different doctors. In the end I decided my desire to change my chin area outweighed my fear of the risk. I am not sold on the salesy approach of Lifestyle lift, but I did like some of the people and the doctor's demeanor so moved forward. It is 15 days post procedure and I am happy so far. I am numb, swollen, bruised and stiff but I can tell if everything continues to heal well I will like my new profile.

Closer view of side before and after

Added 1 week before/after sorry for the bad quality but want to have the progression here

Week 3 Age 54

Week 3: I am still numb and swollen in my chin and neck, but I believe that is mostly due to the chin implant resolving itself. I have some weird lumpiness on the left side of my chin and neck that I don't like but am still hopeful it will continue to smooth out. My skin texture is actually kind of wonderful but I have one pigment spot that did not lighten as much as I would have liked. I posted a silly muscle pose on Facebook and got a lot of compliments, my 31 year old daughter said I looked more like her sister than her mother- I posted it here for your amusement. I wished the healing process was shorter but you know I had a lot done. If the lumpiness doesn't go down- I may need to ask for a revision of some type- but will still wait and see.

Day 32: Still happy but wish this bruising and lump would go away

This is day 32, and I need to be patient. In addition to the LSL, I got a chin implant and laser on my whole face. I still have bruising and swelling especially on my left side chin and neck. I have a picture. Since it is obviously still healing I need to be more patient and continue with the massaging etc. It is hard to be patient. I have also added a new before and after: which cracks me up. I really tried to get the same angle etc. This before shot really put me over the edge to get this done. I visited my regular doctor yesterday for something else, and she thought my plastic surgeon had done an excellent job and said I look great. Hey, another vote in the positive category.

I forgot to show my before/after front view @ 1 week

For 9136: If you look at these front views you can tell the opening of the eyes (especially my right eye) from the laser. I know the difference is just slight- but it is enough for me and very complimentary to the other work I had done- now that I can move my face more naturally. I hope this helps.

Day 42 Ultra sound on my lumpiness and more mug shots

I went to the Dr. yesterday for my 6 week follow up and showed the technician the lumpiness on my left side. She checked with the Dr. and did 10 minutes of ultra sound on my lumpiness. It is supposed to agitate the area and cause it to remember/and re-jump start the healing process in that area again. So far it looks like it is working, the lumps are less hard and I can feel a little warmness and irritation in there. They also reminded me that I am still healing, I look good and making great progress, and that the women in the video were 1 year post surgery. Also, if my lumpiness doesn't subside to my satisfaction in 2-4 weeks to come back for more ultra sound. Anyway, will keep you updated.

Taking my look for a test drive next week

I am going to go visit family and friends all week next week. To this point, regarding people that really matter to me I have only had my husband and 1 daughter see me in person. Yes I lead a sheltered life (lol) - I telecommute. I am a bit apprehensive as many were very concerned I was going to have anything done to my face. Although I mostly care what "I" think and feel, I am still a little bit nervous. I am hopeful they will think it looks as good as I think it does, but will let you know how it goes.

Day 45

Here is an updated photo

Result of my Test Drive

As you may recall, last week I visited family members and friends for the first time since my lower face re-do (I had the LSL, chin implant and full face laser). My family knew but didn't support my decision to get the work done on my face. Most my friends did not know, some knew I had something done but they didn't know what because I had alluded to something on Facebook. All my family members thought I look very youthful, that my personality seem to be even more uplifting (I am kind of a positive person anyway but they thought I was beaming), my family members are very strong supporters now of the work I had done. Although they stick to their guns about saying beforehand I didn't need to have any work done. Lol, I just think they didn't see what I did about my own face. My friends at the convention, most I have know for 30 years, basically couldn't believe it. I had many people that just kept looking at me as they couldn't figure out how I am staying so fit and young. I had some people ask me of course but others said something like " I think you look better than you did when we first met, you are definitely aging well. " I even had one guy tell me that he would hate to be my husband because he would look like a cradle robber. I don't know how I feel about that, but definitely feel like the work that I had done is worthwhile and I feel very much like I have a refreshed look. One guy at the convention took the photo I added in the sunlight while I have no makeup on- I don't think I would have posted the same scenario before having this work done for the world to see. BTW, I am still healing and massaging my neck area: also I wear less makeup than I did prior to the surgery.

Almost 3 months now

I am updating photos - next Monday will be 12 weeks. I wanted to show the spot to amelia girl on my face that the laser did not totally remove but it is lighter. However, I am still satisfied.

Ok, It has been 3 months...

It now has been 3 months and I am still happy with my result although I have a bit under my left part of my chin I am not totally happy with, but all-in-all I feel more attractive than I did prior to the LSL, Chin implant and laser treatment. My husband said it was the best investment of last year, not because he thought I needed anything but because it turned out well and I seem to be more myself. Funny how that works out seems counter intuitive. However, I had felt that last 3 years I had aged 10 years. I feel I look young for my age at 54 (I feel like I look like I did when I was in my 40's) but I don't have the desire to look any younger. At this point, as long as everything holds, I feel pretty good about my appearance. As far as doctors, the only thing I might consider is botox in the forehead for a while and possibly laser again in a few years. I will report back if anything of significance happens. I do plan on more ultra sound to see if I can get the one place remaining on the left part of my chin to look better but the Dr. says that will eventually go away.

4 months Still happy with results but not perfect

I am still very happy with my results but I had more than the LSL- I also had the chin implant and laser done. My left side jawline still sticks out a bit in a way that I don't like and underneath my chin it is not very smooth, however I am happy with the overall effect. Having said this, I recommend that you think long and hard about having plastic surgery. I would not do it if I was happy with my looks and just want a tweak here and there. To me, it would be a lot of pain and risk for that. I was VERY unhappy with my appearance and aging and I am happy with my results but I would not do a full procedure like this again. On this site, I have read of many unhappy people with unsatisfactory results and I would hate for my review to prompt anyone to get PS unless they were as unhappy with their appearance as I was. Anyway, I do love my new face. I enjoy some silliness with it, I went to a convention and wore a wig and many of my close friends did not recognize me. I posted a photo for you to have a laugh.

Well it has been 6 months

Six months and I am still happy with my result. I still have numbness around my ears and under my chin although I have a lot of feeling that is coming back. I still have mottled skin especially around my neck but nothing too bad. I use Bio oil on my face/neck twice a day and this seems to work pretty well for my dry skin. All-in-all still very satisfied. Here is a photo of my current look

1 year, and still so glad I did this

As a reminder, I got the lifestyle lift, a chin implant, and laser on my face. After a year, numbness from the chin implant almost gone but still a bit under my chin and around my ears. A little pain still in the implant if I press on it but not uncomfortable. Neck skin redness almost gone. My skin on my face still looks tighter than before, the texture of my skin is still good. I don't see any sagging yet. I know I look significantly better than I would have had I not gotten the surgery.

A year and a half later still happy

a year and a half later

Explicit - Click to view

A quick update video, thought I would try this out although I have always looked funny when I speak, my mom would always tell me to "Move your upper lip" but it never took. :) anyway- maybe I will win an iphone 6. lol

Almost 2 years, still seeing improvements in chin implant

I am still very happy with my results! My neck continues to improve still yet, I had the chin implant and still have some discoloration and bumpiness under my neck but still improving. I still have numbness around my surgical areas but getting better. So be patient. I should probably mention I do take a lot of care of my skin, everyday essential oils, skin creams, sun skin looks the best when I switch up my routines frequently. I have stopped coloring my hair as I feel I look young enough - even with the white hair. :)

Still going well

I still take care of my skin, I consider it an investment. I think my skin is still getting better.

Still happy

Hi All,
I know LSL is defunct but I still like my results from that procedure. However. I do upkeep to keep youthful such as botox (forehead and a bit in depressor muscles) and I had some filler in cheeks. I also have a skin regimen and I use dermaroller. I no longer color my hair though as I think the work on my face is enough for me.
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