Ideal Implant, 405cc, 28 Yo, 2 Kids, 5'7", 160 Lb

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I finally decided to go for a consultation in May...

I finally decided to go for a consultation in May with Dr Jon Rast and was told I'd need a lift on right beast and possibly left as well. I decided on 400cc, ideal implants, under muscle at the consultation. I feel more comfortable with saline than silicone. I'm ready to fit in bras and clothes better. I gained and lost about 50lb with both of my kids and exclusively breastfed my 2nd so they are sagging and uneven.

Day of surgery

I was up bright and early to travel to the surgery center starting at 4am to shower again and drive there. I really didn't get nervous, just stayed excited for the result. The anesthesia worked quick and i was back awake about 30 min after surgery. Dr Rast marked everything and measured several times and answered my questions mostly before I even asked. I only had pressure and maybe 2/10 pain upon waking. I took one hydrocodone 5/325 before leaving since it would take a couple hours to get home and get prescriptions filled. I took another hydro and diazepam 5mg for relaxing muscles and got sleepy quick and have slept about an hour now. They also gave me a script for nausea, but i didn't fill It since i ate a couple crackers before leaving the surgery center and got a burrito from taco bell on the way home and did just fine. Doing some arm raises as instructed every hour or more. Just feels like i did bench press and push ups and have muscle soreness. It hurts more to pull doors, etc than to push. If child proofing isn't a concern i would suggest easy open Rx Lids because i had my husband open my bottles because pushing hurt. I'm very happy with the apparent size they will end up being. 405cc in each and i only needed a right lift that was just around the areola, not the lollipop i figured i would yay! I have a high pain tolerance and icing about 15 min at a time and then moving to a different section and taking 3 IBprofen every 4 hrs to have as little swelling as possible. I know tomorrow is supposed to be the worst so I'm doing what i can to prevent. I was told to sleep elevated so I'm on the reclining couch.

Day 1

I stayed home all day on and off ice and did some housework. Raising my arms over my head every so often like I'm supposed to. I get a burning sensation like pulling when i reach too far with my right arm since that's the lifted side. Other than that I try to make slow or compensated movements. No bowel movement and I'm legitimately up 12 lbs since the morning of surgery! The diazepam makes me super sleepy but I feel better for a while after taking it. I'm also taking hydrocodone and ibuprofen every now and again maybe every 6hrs or less. I don't think i need it because it seems to just be tightness like being engorged and ice helps the best.

day 4

I'm still having swelling and tightness that is better with ice. I can feel the implants move some when i bend over which is a weird feel. But over all i think the meds are making me so tired that I'm ready to cut them out and stick with ice and ibuprofen if that's enough. And I'm going back to work tomorrow.

Day 10

Well I worked all week with little problems. My back hurt a little because i hunched over too much so i started stretching out some to prevent that. I saw my surgeon on Tuesday and he told me to start massaging to make implants fall into place and move properly. And he gave me sample scar cream and said i can start to take off soon glue using Vaseline on Friday (yesterday). I don't really have any concerns. I'm just ready to be able to wear real bras again instead of smashing the girls down on sports bras.

Day 11

I peeled off almost all of the skin glue after putting Vaseline on it and then peeling in the shower. From what i can tell i think the incisions look good. I've still been doing the massages and nothing hurts but sometimes i can feel a little pull when I'm using my right arm to wipe counters or lift something, so i just make sure not to over do anything. But I'm able to lift my 35 lb daughter and have moved a 40 lb bag of dog food a short distance, so everything is going really good.

3 weeks update

Everything is going very well. Still massaging and applying scar cream as often as I remember. No pain. I started jogging a few days ago, slowly at first and all is well. I don't have approval from my surgeon, but I feel comfortable getting back to some activity based on how I feel.

1 month

I went shopping at Victoria's secret and wear a 34 D now! I love the way everything is fitting and no more padding! Still using scar cream most days as I remember. I'm happy with my decision and things are going well.

5 months

I went back to see my PS and everything has gone well. I asked if they were too low and he said no that the top of the implants should be at the crease of the arm and shoulder. I kind of pictured having more cleavage. I also can still feel the implant on the bottom over the incisions. He said I probably have thin tissue and if it bothers me I may switch to silicone and at which time I could also change size. Some days i think i should have gone bigger, but everyone tells me no that they already look good. So I'll stick with them as long as I can. The scar from the lift has lightened up a lot in the last couple weeks and I've been massaging it. I have some extra sensitivity on right nipple from the lift and sometimes some sharp discomfort that I think is scar tissue healing. But all is well.
Kansas City Plastic Surgeon

Answered all my questions at consultation and nurse has followed up with any other questions. I've researched a lot so I think I'm an easy patient.

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