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Greetings fellow cleavage seekers! I am 22, 5'4...

Greetings fellow cleavage seekers!
I am 22, 5'4 (a generous measurement) and usually around 120 lbs. I've been wearing a 32 A size bra for 6 years and have finally given up on hopes of growing my own set of boobies. I've actually been considering the procedure for about 5 years now but now that I have the funds, the courage, and have grown tired of wearing bras so padded they could take a bullet I am ready!

Because I have been researching for years I have become very familiar with all the different terms, options and so forth yet I still can't manage to make my mind up on a size. I had my consultation last week and felt very confident and comfortable when speaking to the doctor so I said , "How soon can we do this?" and low and behold they had a cancellation so I am scheduled for 9 days from now! I need some serious girl talk right now because as excited and anxious that I am, a little support from someone other than my boyfriend would be dandy.

During my consultation I decided on a periaerolear incision , round smooth saline implants, with an under the muscle placement. I told the doctor I was leaning towards a full C end result, but there is so much discrepancy between sizes in bras that I didn't want to be too vague. I know that my doctor has done hundreds of augmentations and he seemed to have the same vision as me. Since I have been "faking it" for so long with my add 2 cups sizes bras I am quite used to the size that they give me. But the more I think about it I think that a little bigger would be the way to go. I'm tired of maneuvering and jacking them up only to see them disappear when I'm naked.

I would love some feedback on your ideas of CC size or if you think I should bring pictures or what not for him to see. Truly anything would be appreciated.

Hello everyone! I have been getting so much great...

Hello everyone!
I have been getting so much great feedback and am so grateful to have found this site!!
T minus 2 days until surgery! My hospital called me yesterday to get everything in order. I'm to arrive at 12:30 and should have my boobies by 2:00! Pretty unbelievable to think after all this time I can feel 100% confident in my body. I know it will only push me harder to stay in shape. I've slightly revised what I want and hope to communicate to my doctor that I want as large as will look good. I feel like my boobs are big already since I've been wearing this 2 inch think bra for so long. I am ready for a BIG change if you know what I mean. Anyways, the pre-op nurse also told me that Dr. Hall will put me in an ACE bandage for the 1st 24 hours but then wants me to go braless. Ummmm...yikes. I'm contemplating buying a loose fitting front clasp silk bra and hoping he says its alright because I can't image going to class and work freestyle. If any one would like to shine a light on their personal experience with this I would be grateful. The only other thing I'm nervous about is being nauseous. I've been drinking a TON of water this past week but have such a sensitive stomach especially to medication. Buh.. Oh well I'm hoping the excitement will be greater than the pain. Can't wait to show you all my new babies. Thanks again for all the kind encouragement and keep it com in' :)

Ok all today is the BIG day! Hospital just called...

Ok all today is the BIG day! Hospital just called and said my doc is running early so I'm going at noon. Thanks for all your help can't wait to show pics. I'm nervous but definitely more excited...wish me luck! :)

The pain isn't unbearable I'm on Valium to...

The pain isn't unbearable I'm on Valium to discourage muscle spasms, Celebrex for anti inflammatory and Oxy for pain. The process was a breeze and I felt very comfortable the entire time! The thing that really messed me up was the anesthesia I couldn't function I was so tired! Now I just ate and am feeling much better. Aaaaned they look fabulous! Will post pics when I can take my ACE wrap off! Yay! I have officially resigned from the Itty bitty titty committee :D

Posted some day after pics with no wrap, what do...

Posted some day after pics with no wrap, what do ya think?!

I know I'm only one day post op but I am already...

I know I'm only one day post op but I am already sick of laying around doing nothing! As soon as a I take a dose of pain meds I am out like a rock which isn't bad but I stared at my glass of water on the side table for about 45 minutes because it hurt too bad to reach for it lol. Whining aside I cannot believe how big they look without a bra and am so excited to go shopping when I feel better and they drop. I wish all of us lived closer together so we could go on a bit of a spree! I'm definitely curious about the dropping and fluffing aspect of all of this because these suckers are up to my neck! Happy healing love bugs keep me posted!

Hey gals! Sorry I've neglected to post I've been...

Hey gals!
Sorry I've neglected to post I've been taking it easy and enjoying my couch potato time. My pain isn't too bad I've been walking around, the first couple days I was actually holding my breasts as I walked because they were so heavy and kind of burned at my crease. After talking to my PS I now know that it's to be expected because it is the pocket that he created in my muscle for the implant to settle into. So now I've began my massaging exercises to help coax the implants to settle and I am SO impatient. I don't know if I'm doing it hard enough or too aggressively or what. I know it's only been 6 days since surgery but they are still so full up top. During the day they don't bother me too much but just a dull ache and lots of tightness. I love them already though and I tried on one of my old bikini tops and busted out laughing. I am going to be smokin' once these suckers drop. Well I suppose I'll try and massage them again... mostly me fumbling around and wincing. Oh well. Talk to you all later!

Okay 1 week down! I have no complaints here, I get...

Okay 1 week down! I have no complaints here, I get a few zingers in my right breast but very sporadically. It feels like a sharp sting and then it stops. I was going crazy because my PS told me NO BRAS. Well call me crazy but my nipples felt like they were going to rub off under all of my shirts. Especially at work, (I bartend at night) where it's so much upper body movement. So today I went to Target and found a nursing bra with no underwire. I bought a 38 C I think I'll eventually fill it out but since my boobs are still so high bras don't fit quite right. But this thing is heavenly. I'm usually a 34 so it's a bit loose and I don't think it will obstruct them dropping at all, and my nipples are SO relieved. I've been doing some massage, pretty much hate everything about that. I don't know why. I've also been going to the gym and riding the bike and the elliptical and getting my blood pumping and my body warmed up really makes the girls soften up. I'm definitely ready for the Drop & Fluff to come because I used to be able to fake some pretty great cleavage but these babies are way too tight to squish together haha. Other than that everyday seems way better than the last. Just a waiting game now I suppose. I posted some pics of my 6th day. Let me know what you think :)

Happy March guys! I thought today would be good...

Happy March guys!
I thought today would be good for an update being that my steri strips came off and its been about 17 days since surgery. First and foremost I am so impressed with the incision already. My dissolvable stitches did wonders. Lefty has a little scabbing that outlines where the scar will be but my right breast is already looking so good! I can barley see the scar already. So impressed with that. In other news I've noticed some slight dropping especially on the sides, they sit much farther out than they used to. They are still very tight and pointy but every day it gets better. I'm still doing my massage exercises so hopefully that will help. My nipples have so much pressure on them and are still protruding and very sensitive. I believe my swelling to be completely gone and have relatively no pain just slight discomfort from the stretching process. I've been using Palmer's stretch mark lotion after my massage as well. I looked into silicone scar sheets and was wondering if anyone who has had peri aerolear incision had any wise words for me. I'm still very happy with my size but am more than ready for them to soften up so I can have some fun and dress them up. Right now they are so obviously fake that I keep them hidden. Which is hard considering all my clothes worked to enhance my small boobies. Im adding some new pics to show my progression, let me know what you think!

You guys, Apologies for my negligence but since...

You guys,
Apologies for my negligence but since I've had zero complaints or worries I haven't looked to the site for guidance. But...I am back now to give you an update in order to express my excitement. I am just over 6 weeks post op and just as I was told, my breasts have dropped and softened immensely. They bounce, my nipples are back to their normal sensitivity and I have absolutely no pain. I got measured at Victoria's Secret at ...drum roll please...a 32DDD. I responded to that with a laugh and a look of disbelief. I think they are a great size for my body and I certainly describe them as triple D's. I think Victoria's secret is that she measures boobs really generously. I put some new pictures up and am looking forward to finding a swimsuit for this season, I just have no idea what size to order lol. Anyways I certainly LOVE my boobs now and I feel like they are really mine. Hope all is well with you, let me know what you think and if you have any questions!
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